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Amazing, Baby Grows 4cm in 5 Days

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Max with stove pipes and volleys

Went for Max’s first checkup yesterday, he got a clean bill of health.

He’s already back up to his birth weight (4.3 kg) and somehow he grew an extra 4cm in height (55cm), either our rack sessions are paying off or he wasn’t measured correctly initially.

We’re all doing well, Max’s been up a lot today so lets hope that means more sleep tonight!

Here’s a quick pic of him with his stove pipes and volleys on.

Parenthood Day Six

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Max John Leahy

We’ve been home a few days now and we’re all learning off each other, Max has been a bit more awake between sleeps checking us out.

We’ve been compensating for the broken sleeps by laying in a lot later than usual, that’s fine for Zett but I’ve gotta start work again tomorrow so I’ll have to work out a new routine.

Not much else to report all’s going well so far.

IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2256 IMG_2262
These are some pics of the really nice flowers Zett got in hospital.

Home Sweet Home

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We just got home from the hospital, Max was up most of the night having little feeds and little sleeps, he has finally crashed out. he seems to have developed a bit of a routine where he has a 4 hour sleep from 10-11am to 2-3pm, Ev’s recons he’s on Aussie time.

You eyeballin me mister IMG_2197

The last couple of days were pretty uneventful, Zett seems to be getting the feeding under control, apparently this quick feed/sleep cycle should sort itself out as the milk comes in properly.

He was a bit more away at stages so we could have a bit of a mini play, it’s nice to see his eyes open a bit… one is a little gunky so he usually eyeballs people with the one.

IMG_2203 Thumbs up for home

She’s a bit chilly here today so we rugged him up nicely for the trip home in this awesome fur suit that Celeste gave us.

Maternaty Ward

The pic above is the central corridor at the hospital, it’s got these great garden beds with the nurses station in the middle, it’s kind of in the way but gives the place a nice calm atmosphere. I can’t fault the hospital, if you’re going to have a baby in Pretoria, I’d definitely beheading to Pretoria East.

Home sweet home

Here he is home safe and sound, slept the whole way.  He just woke up… he’s here helping me hit the publish button.

Parenthood Day One

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Day 1 was pretty uneventful, Max slept most of the day, Zett got the drips and so forth out so she was up and about, which was good for her sanity.

Max sleeping

After a good feed in the late morning (11ish) Max slept till 4 or so, Zett and I had a couple of naps, read magazines and watched some crap movies while we waited. By four o’clock we were both bored and waiting for our new toy to wake up and do something.

 bored parents

Once he did stir a bit we hatched a plan to take him down to the baby room for a bath, after wheeling him down there we were promptly told to piss off as our child has already been bathed today… so we headed back to the room.

 Trip to the baby room

Once back at the room we took on our first nappy change, which turned out to be the biggest event of our day.

First was the axel grease consistency greeny black poop smeared all over his poor little bum, Zett grabbed the legs as I took to the mess with a barrage of wet wipes… at this point Max let fly with a HUGE pee and hosed down us, himself and the bed.

So after a pile of wet wipes, fresh outfit, towel and sheets we got the first nappy change out of the way… too easy!

Max’s Birthday… Extended Edition

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Here’s a pictorial expose of Max’s birthday, first we rock up right on time (10 minutes late!), check in, then get shuffled into the admission room to go through the paperwork.

The nurse was really cool once she took Zett’s readings… she could tell we were more keen than anxious seeing Zett was running at cool calm 60 BPM. That’s Zett playing Tetris on the DS to pass the time with the baby heart rate monitor on.

Waiting in adminsion

After Admission we headed back to our room for some more waiting, someone had to have an emergency caesar so we all got pushed back an hour… more Tetris for Zett and I had a nap. Below is me testing the camera settings… Zett is obviously ready for the match ahead!

 More waiting

They prepped Zett then wheeled her up the hall to the labor ward, then changed me into some “doctor” cloths.

Scrubbed up and waiting Scrubbed up

This is me trying to comfort Zett whilst hiding behind the “shield”.. somehow I imagined it would be a little bigger, I’m sure it worked fine for Zett but for me sitting on a stool I had a front row seat to all the “action”!

I made a strategic decision to cower behind said shield until “the moment”, which is an experience not really possible to put into words, you know what is going to happen but to see it and in the context of you and your partner is something else.

Hiding on the happy side of the shield

I skipped the gory shots, there are some great ones but I’ll wait to share those in person if anyone is interested.

This is after the pediatrician got him started properly with a bit of oxygen, he let out a few yelps to let us know he was here.

 Fists of fury Weigh in Snug

Then he was back to Zett for a quick meet and greet, then I got him for a bit at they finished off fixing up Zett.

 Our First Family Photo Mum getting patched up

After that I got changed back into my civi’s and we all headed back to the room, where Max was promptly given to Mum for a feed and some bonding.

Bonding with Mum

After that he went back to the Baby Room into a humidi-crib to get some heat before his first bath, it took quite some time due to the backlog of baby’s, there must have been a dozen or so there that day.

The first bath was my first job, admittedly I didn’t really do anything but run back and forth from the room to fetch stuff we forgot and an outfit that would actually fit… we packed all the smallest stuff we had and the nurse poo pooed the 0000 I had initially set aside.

Finally after the bath we got a good look at him and decided on Max as his name, then we all chilled out for a bit and I got a little bonding time as he slept on me for a couple of hours.

Oma i Max Max and Dad Max and Mum

Oma and Opa both visited that afternoon for some kind words and a hold. It’s a bit hard to sum up and day like that… one of the most memorable that’s for sure.

Max John Leahy

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I’m too knackered to write anything much, it all went really well, here are some pics to tide everyone over till I can get the time to fill in the details (the new flash was worth every cent!).

Sorry to anyone who missed out on an SMS or MMS, we had a bit of a balls up with a few numbers which failed a few messages, we’re not really sure who ended up with what.

Fists of fury Our First Family Photo i Max Max and Dad Max and Mum

Vital statistics: Born July 21st 2009 at 11:18am, 4.3kg, 51cm

Are We Ready For Parenthood…. I Guess So?

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Cruising around the house tonight making sure we’ve got everything ready… here’s the check list in photo form.

Baby roomSomething to take the peanut home in… check!

Baby room Somewhere for the peanut to sleep when it gets home…. check!

Baby room decorationsSomething for the peanut to stare at from the cot that may influence their future choice of hobby…. check!

Bag for MumSome stuff for Zett to wear at the hospital… check!

Oven with bun in Most importantly wife with peanut in oven… check!

Poopy’s Pies

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That’s right, look out Fred Parker I’ve been at it again, this time it was delicious Beef Garlic and Red wine pie.

Poopys Pies

Gauteng Provincial XC #5

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Had another cross-country race on the weekend, this one was over at the MTN park (Jo’burg). We’ve ridden it a hand full of times over the past year, it’s an alright track but not my favorite… at least it’s mostly single track.

Start Finish Line Henry Grinding out another lap in Elite Me finally getting my legs working

For some reason my lungs just didn’t want to play the game on the first two laps, I was coughing and snorting all the way around. Finally on the 3rd lap they let some air in and I was able to put in some respectable lap times for the rest of the race (and fend off the guy passed me on the second lap and whom I passed on the third lap wallowing in the bottom of a ravine with his bike on top of him).

I managed a 6th place, not bad seeing a few more fit looking blokes turned up this time.

Poor Henry busted his MTB XC cherry by getting throw straight in with the elites who had to do 8 laps… he managed to do despicable 5 before the leader finished.

Hein rewarding himself for the 2 laps he attemted Kiwi making excuses for his piss poor performance Zett supporting

Zett did her usual awesome job as support crew, cheering me on every time I finished a lap.. I bloody needed it the first two laps. 

Apparently Hein and Kiwi were there to race, I’m still not convinced though, with both of them pull out after just two laps… one with a “mechanical” and the other with a “bowel” failure.

We’ve got a 70km race the weekend after next, I hope to see some better efforts from the lads then.

Update: You can check the official results here, check the Sub-vets A

Farshas Day

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IMG_1784 The weekend before last was fathers day here in South Africa so we took Neels to the Kloof for a lekker braai (nice BBQ).

IMG_1785 We/I was a little hung over from the night before, but we still managed to drag WP out for his first bike ride in 11 years.  He did bloody well, he was pretty lippy the night before, saying how he was going to “smash the Kloof” so we didn’t exactly take the easy route.

After the Braai (BBQ) Neels, Zett and I took the yellow jeep around the 4×4 track, I’ve ridden plenty of it on my MTB but never driven it. The Jeep made a mockery of the track passing everything with ease.  It was nice to finally get it proper off road.


Oh and we took a photo of an ostridge.

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