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Beck and Moorey’s Pre Wedding Party

5:26 pm Filed under: General

Still sorting out some old photos, these ones of the pre-party we had in our cabin the night before the wedding turned out great.

Rav Rick Duggy

I didn’t think it was that loose a party.. then again we did nearly get booted out of the park, cancelling the wedding… it might have been because we setting up the PA system for the wedding in our kitchen and our paper thin wall cabin was right in the middle next to the camp quality kids with cancer.

Bad Chimp Poop Rav Rabbit

Or the 50+ people in the one cabin.

Johno Bad Mitchell

Oh it could also have been Moorey relaying his disappointment at the park party organisation by coined his new catch phrase “I’m going to smack the fuck out of someone soon!” with his face about 10cm from the park manager.

Chimp Moorey

Who knows? The pics are good!

New Ute/Bakkie

9:44 pm Filed under: General

We’ve had it for a few months now, but this is our newish ute. 2005 4×4 Dual Cab Toyota Hilux 4D (3 litre turbo diesel) with 70,000km on the clock when we got it.

New Hilux Ute

So far I’m very impressed with it, the ride is incomparable to the old “red caboose” no more rattling of the kidneys, it’s got heaps more grunt. We hit a pretty rocky 4×4 track on the weekend (no photos as I forgot the camera.. douh) and had it in low range 4×4 (Auto locking hubs are cool), it cruised up.

The best feature of the whole car is the cooling vents at the front blow straight across where the cup holders are, when coupled with a stubbie holder your beer stays nice and cold right to the end… perfect for game driving!

Hilux drink cooler

The only thing I’ll say against it is that the standard diff ratio is set for top speed (I presume around 180km/h) making 1st gear a bit boggy at the lights, if we get bigger tyres for it I think I’ll look in to changing it.

We’re looking for a canopy first up, then we’ll try and find a descent aluminum bull bar to replace plastic at the front, I don’t want any of that springer bar BS, I want something that will stop a descent sized buck… if you’ve seen an Kudu or Eland you’ll know they grow them big around here.

Pilanesberg – Mid April

6:12 am Filed under: General

I’ve been sitting on these ones for a while, things have been a little hectic around here with a trip back to Aus and a house move as soon as I got back.

Pilanesberg is an awesome game reserve just next to Sun City, we’ve not been disappointed by a visit there, this trip we still saw pleanty of game even though it was the worst time of the year for spotting (the grass grows very tall in summer).

Angry Zebra
Angry Zelbra

Black face monkey
The good ole Black Face Monkey (may not be it’s real name)

Mountain Climbing Elephant

Female Kudu
Female Kudu


Stripy Zebra

Blue Bird
Blue something or other bird

Albino Giraffe
Weird albino giraffe, with normal giraffe for comparison

Little Zebra
My little Zebra

Wounded Giraffe with bone
If you have a close look at this one the giraffe is munching away on a rib bone, if you look even closer it’s got a big wound on it’s neck, looks like it’s eating itself!

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