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Phase 5.5 – Langebaan

9:10 pm Filed under: Travel

LangebaanThis was a huge day, starting with lunch at this seaside restaurant about an hour north of Cape Town.

LangebaanWhen I said “sea side” restaurant I meant literally right by the ocean, not fancy roof or doors here just a bit of webbing to keep the sun off.

LangebaanThis was the bar, which we frequented a lot.

LangebaanOne of the ornaments laying around. 

LangebaanNo fancy cutlery either, just a paper plate and a muscle shell.

LangebaanOne of the 7 courses we had.


LangebaanLittle mini damper like bread things.


LangebaanAs we ate it.

LangebaanEating sea food and drinking wine in the sun, tough living.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALamby about to get assaulted by an angry mob of sea gulls.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is where things started to get a bit loose, after our great seafood feast and many bottles of wine we grabbed some roadies and headed back towards town. On the way we decided we needed to find a nice spot on the beach to watch the sunset.

This is the girls horsing around near the water.

Milnerton BeachThis is the girls after Sambo crash tackled Zett into the ocean.

Milnerton BeachThis is the sunset the girls missed while they were getting changed into dry cloths.

Milnerton BeachAbout this time hordes of people started turning up with huge boxes of fireworks, it was guy fox night and we’d happened to stubble upon the beach where everyone comes to let off their bangers.
Milnerton BeachWe managed to smuggle a few beers out of a bar not far from the beach and were treated to the largest un-choreographed fireworks display I’ve ever seen, it looked like the d-day landings!

It seemed anyone on the beach trying to light a large firework was fare game for anyone with bungas, I still don’t know how no-one got hurt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe odd one of these failed to launch, exploding where it lay showering the crowd with sparks, it was LOOSE!

Phase 5 – Cape Town

8:38 pm Filed under: Travel

Cape Town Docks Despite everyone being hung over and having had bugger all sleep we still managed to arrive safely in Cape Town and have a bit of a look around.

We stayed at this awesome hotel called "Daddy Long Legs" were each room has been designed by a different local artist. Ours was called photo booth and had the walls covered with hundreds of black and white photos that combined to make a larger portrait.

Sam and Lamby’s had wallpaper made from photos of sunsets and mirrors on the roof.

This was the first time I’d had a good look around Cape Town, Long Street where we stayed reminded me a lot of Melbourne’s Chapel Street, with a mix of drugos, weirdo’s, artists and places to go out. Something I haven’t found in Pretoria as of yet.

Daddy Long LegsOur photo booth room.

Daddy Long LegsA close-up of the individual photos, must have taken ages to lay it all out.

Daddy Long LegsSam and Lamby’s sunset room, this pic doesn’t really do it justice.

Cape Town ShantiesWe were fascinated with the wooden shanties in the outskirts of town, they sort of look like they’re half built on top of each other. Much nicer than the crappy tin sheds you see most other places.

Phase Intermission

11:58 pm Filed under: Travel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As we approached Pretoria at the end of our road trip from Balito we realised that we weren’t that far from WP and Celeste’s place in V-Town (Vereniging), so instead of heading home we stayed at their place for a quick catch up.

A catch up that turned into quite a little party.

I was sensible and pulled the pin around 1am seeing I was driving the next day, we had to be up drive to the airport by 5am. When I did get up and stumbled into the bar area half asleep I was greeted by a very drink Sam and Celeste who had not yet been to bed.

Sambo had a tough day ahead of her.


Phase 4 – Blotto in Balito

11:42 pm Filed under: Travel

The call went out early that we weren’t going to do much in Balito other than have a few drinks and take it easy, and that’s pretty much how it went. Balito was the last stop for the first half of the holiday, two nights of taking it easy, then the big drive home via Durban.

Blotto in BalitoBoogying to a pretty bad DJ that dressed a bit like a pirate.

Blotto in BalitoGetting Blotto in Balito.

Lighning at Balito

On night there was a pretty good lightning storm out over the ocean in front of our apartment, Sambo took a heap of shots and eventually snagged some great ones.

Whale watching at BalitoLamby pretending to see a whale from our prime whale spotting position in a restaurant/bar right next to the ocean.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe whale spotting was a brilliant fluke we happened upon, they were breaching and tail wagging all arvo.

Whale watching Jager Bomb

We went there for brunch and didn’t leave till after dinner, suffice to say many Jager bombs and bottles of wine went down that arvo.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhale watching, Balito style.

Phase 3 – Hluhluwe/iMfolozi

11:15 pm Filed under: Travel

After a few days spent underwater we headed to Hluhluwe (pronounced shoo-shloo-ey)/iMfolozi game reserve to dry out a bit. I say dry out but game driving (spotting animals from your own car) always involves an eski full of beers and plenty of dried meat products.

Not much point saying too much else the pictures say it all.

BuffaloWe took this about 30 seconds after we got in the gate, I’d not see such a big herd of Buffalo before, as we were to find out Hluhluwe/iMfolozi is known as the Buffalo and Rhino park, for obvious reasons.

One of the “big 5″ down in the first minute.


Buffalo-66Here’s a buffalo up nice and close, they’re not just an ordinary cow.


KuduFemale Kudu, these are quite common at the parks we normally go to, but here they were very scarce.


iMfolozi campThis was our first nights accommodation in iMfolozi, technically it’s a tent but with proper toilet, shower and kitchenette it’s hardly roughing it.

Normally where you stay the whole camp area is enclosed in a game fence (8 foot high and electric), these tents weren’t and as we found out later a lot of different animals come past in the night.

Initially we saw a couple of big bush-pig (which we only found out later can be pretty dangerous) while we were playing cards and having a night cap, as I was brushing my teeth later on I saw a leopard scoot past Lamby and Sam’s tent, suffice to say we made sure the tent was properly zipped up before we slept.


Leopard PrintHere’s leopard print we found out the front of our tent the next morning, there was quite a big thunder storm during the night and the rain washed away all the earlier prints, we obviously had more that one visit during the night.


Vervet Monkey-2These little bastards are what happens when tourists start their own rogue domestication projects (as mentioned in the last post), this “raiding party” came and terrorised us while we were having breakfast. The bread they’re eating was only half a loaf of white bread we had left… we were forced the eat Sam’s “arse scorcher” bread from then on.

It took many rocks to eventually shoot them away, well away from our camp to someone elses, little pricks!

Prior to that Zett and Sam had a face-off we a similar group of monkeys on their morning walk, lucky Zett was there to face them, Sam hadn’t quite learnt the golden rule when being attacked by animals “DON’T RUN!” as she hightailed it out of there.


Male NyalaThis is a Male Nyala, probably not that noteworthy but I hadn’t seen them before.


Hill Top Camp HluhluweThis is us roughing it at the restaurant in the second camp back up in Hluhluwe, we’d had a few solid days game driving in the car so just sat back with a few bottles of wine enjoyed the view and birds of prey that were all around.

Once again silly tourists were start their own rogue domestication projects putting out bits of their lunch on the lawn and watching the birds swoop down and catch it. It was all fun and games will one woman had here toasted sandwich snatched out of hand by a yellow billed kite as she went to take a bite.


Elephant HluhluweWhile we were hanging about an elephant came up beside the restaurant and started having a mud bath.

It’s pretty cool to think this is a wild animal, and you’re standing about 10 metres away at a restaurant!


Game drive HluhluweThis is us heading out on a night drive, you have to be in you accommodation’s camp by sun down in all these game reserves, so if you want to see the nocturnal animals (leopard and lion included) you have to go on an organised game drive with a ranger.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much luck on ours, so we didn’t see anything very noteworthy… we did almost hit a rhino with the troopy though.


Elephant HluhluweUsually elephant are quite abundant but this was the only other one we saw.


Red buck-2These are Red Buck/Impala or as we refer to them “Rats of the Bushveld”, your see them everywhere.


Rhino-4This was one of the best shots I got the whole trip, that horn was almost a metre long. Apparently the females tend to have the long horns as the males sharpen theirs for fighting buy rubbing them down.


WarningThis was a warning sign at a designated spot where you’re allowed to get out of your car, still not all that safe apparently.


Zebra-2Last but not lease the humble Zebra, you see them everywhere and they’re just a dressed up donkey but I still recon they’re pretty cool.

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