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Reitvlei Dam

9:06 pm Filed under: Travel

Last weekend being the last we’ll spend together for a month Zett and I spent some quality time together.

The quality time consisted of a couple of loops around our favourite mountain bike spot “the Kloof”, dinner out at a dodgie restaurant (which was slightly ruined by some drunk poof banging on his recent breakup), Sunday morning lay-in with home made breakfast, loop around our local single track where we found a tortoise (which we almost kept as a pet).

As a grand finale we packed an eski, popped the top off the jeep and headed to Reitvlei Dam, a nature reserve about 20 minutes down the road, we had a great afternoon sipping on a beer in the open air spotting animals, even managed to snap a couple of decent picks with the old Fuji (Euan’s got me thinking about upgrading to a full SLR, maybe for Christmas).


The Veld

Eland on the run

Eland and Blessbok

Mumma and child Rhino

Big daddy Rhino

Ostridge (aka “Rats of the Reitvlei”)


More Zebra

Back to the bubble

5:11 pm Filed under: General

BubbleYesterday I booked a flight back to Corowa, I land the 12th and am hanging out in Melbourne for that weekend, Rick Duggy and Jess are hosting a BBQ Saturday arvo if anyone’s about.

Then back on Sunday ready to start work on Monday.

I’m back for just under 4 weeks to total, flying out on the 12th of October that gives me almost 3 weeks to get things up and running at work and another week to deal with issues once we’ve gone live.

Couple that with catching up with everyone I think it’s going to be a busy month.

Wild Strawberries

8:59 pm Filed under: General

Wild StrawberriesOne of the benefits of living here in South Africa is the general cost of living is low not sure how it compares to the rest of the world but compared to Australia it’s cheap.

First thing you probably think is if it’s cheap then it’s probably crappy, not so, check out this big tub of monster strawberries we had the other day, I’ve never see one like it.

How much did I pay? about R30 which according to google is 4.62 Aussie dollars (did you know you can type "30 rands to australian dollars" into google and it’ll show you the conversion, it also works for almost any other conversion you want, gallons to litres etc)

There were no dodgie green or half rotten ones hiding underneath either, they were all huge and sweet.

It’s not just food that’s cheap beer is also very reasonable, I picked up slabs of Amstel last week for R110, that’s just under $17, if you want expensive imported beer like Becks that’ll set you back around R140 or $21. One could easily afford to be an alcoholic here!

Of course you’re not supposed to count things in Aussie dollars when you live here because you generally earn less, the minimum wage here is around R1,600 a month, which by anyone’s terms is SFA. Thank fully that doesn’t apply to us and I’m still on the Aussie dollar, so for now beer is cheap and life is good.

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