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Slashed to Ribbons

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IMG_3968 The South African bush is generally pretty rugged, pretty much every single bush, shrub, tree and weed has thorns all over it.

The picture the the left is my legs today after getting a little too adventurous trying to find single track on our mountain bike ride yesterday.

Zett faired a little better by not plunging down into the “valley of thorns” that I did.

The track must have been a mountain Zebra track or something, it certainly wasn’t much fun on a mountain bike.

Poker Night

6:25 pm Filed under: Fun

Poker Night

The weekend before last we hosted a Texas holdem poker night, Kiwi and I tracked down a reasonably cheap set of clay chips and some felt from a material shop to make it all authentic.

Entry into the game cost R50 (a bit less than $10 Aussie), the last man standing takes the lot.

Unfortunately I was having too much fun and was a bit late on taking the photo, WP and Celeste had occupied the empty chairs in the pic but got knocked out first.

We struck a few funny situations, which highlight cultural differences… I’m still undecided whether these are actual Australia vs South Africa or just cause I’m a bit feral compared to the other people.

One situation in particular (keep in mind I was pretty fired up and had been sipping away all arvo) I started banging on to Herman about how touching another man’s chips was like touching his balls!… Kiwi laughed….

Anyhow it was a top night, with Luke eventually taking the pot at about 2am.

Culinary Art

6:05 pm Filed under: Fun

Besides working out, my role in this house husband/kept man gig is to make sure my wife is well fed. Over the past couple of months I’ve managed to pull of a couple of particularly good culinary delights.

The following were so visually arresting that we just had to take photos, unfortunately you will only be able to enjoy them visually, believe me they tasted as good as they look!

Chicken pie
Chicken Pie, complete with farm scene.


Meat balls-2
Meat balls.


Steak and mushroom
Steak and mushroom pie, with authentic African Bushveld scene.

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