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Logwood – Single Track Wonderland

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Last Sunday Zett and I headed to a new mountain bike location that she found on the Internet.

Their web site doesn’t do the place justice, it was a kick arse… every trail is a twisty tight single track dotted with jumps, drops, burms and bridges. In the centre of it’s easy to get lost in the sea of single track.. not a bad place to be lost on mountain bike.

These photos don’t do the place justice either, you can see some of the insane North Shore stuff they’ve got setup in the first pick, that track was closed thankfully.

There’s a race there in a months time, I’m thinking I’ll have to get back there for a couple of training runs before hand and give it a shot.

Made north shore MTB stuff This is steeper than it looks sea of single track Zett's starting to get some air on this new bike bridge over green manky water

Wednesday the 14th – the new unluckiest day of the year

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Didn’t have the greatest day on Wednesday, first up I had a tooth ache.

My front right hand side tooth had been a little sensitive for week, didn’t think too much of it till Tuesday when it started aching, by Tuesday night is was bloody sore, Wednesday I was in the dentist to get it sorted.

Worst dental experience ever!

It wasn’t that the dentist was bad, it was just bloody painful, apparently when you have an abscess in a tooth the anaesthetic doesn’t really work. The dentist told me that the nerve was dead, I don’t know what she was playing with in there but something was still alive!

So I’ve gotta go back in a week to finish off the root canal, it’s still a little tender but much better. It may just be coincidence but this just so happens to be the same tooth old mate dentist back in South America patched up.

Anyhow that was the mornings fun, later that evening Zett and I returned home to find my new pc telling us that it has nothing to boot from… yep hard disk dead.

Not a lot a data lost, a few recent photos and an application I was mucking about with ( a couple of days work), the worst is I’d started re-organising all the photos in Light Room so lost 2 or 3 days work there.

It’ll take most of the weekend to build it all up again…. back up your shit people!

Freedom Tours Web Site

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P5100021 The boys have kicked of the moto season with what sounds like a kick arse weekend trip up the Buffalo River.

I’m as jealous as hell, can’t wait to get up there, for now all I can do is vicariously live through the new Freedom Tours site that Rav has knocked up.

Check it out!

Danville 4×4 Cultural Experience

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Danville 4x4 - This is the same one that rolled below, the guys nick name was cowboy... it was a piece of shit but fun to watch On Saturday after my regular MTB ride the "Single Track" bike shop guys, Neels and I headed to Danville (a suburb west of Pretoria city) to check out one of the National 4×4 Challenge events.

Some people I know in South Africa have a derogatory term for feral/bogan type people, "Dan". To put it in an Australian context, it’s the rough rev head types you get in Moe or Sunshine, they drive around in shit-box cars with "awesome" wheels. If you’re "Dan" you come from Danville, so I was expecting it to be pretty rough.

It was actually a really good blokes day out, the vehicles ranged from completely customised "off their tits" machines with rear wheel steering and adjustable pneumatic suspension to fairly standard machines like the one I drive around every day.

Neels agreed with me that they didn’t put a lot of effort into the course, basically they got an excavator and dug some holes in the ground in a paddock, course made!

There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of organisation with the events and crowd either, you could stand pretty much anywhere apart from directly under the wheels of the competing vehicle, no real bunting or anything for crowd safety, a lot of people got peppered with mud and dirt, I was waiting for one of the competitors to have a major failure and the crowd would have been in serious trouble.

There was no such trouble and we got to see some amazing driving and vehicles, as well as some bad but spectacular ones.

The crowd seemed to enjoy a beer but were no more feral than you get in Corowa.

Danville 4x4 - 1 Danville 4x4 - Believe it or not this one hasn't actually rolled over yet Danville 4x4 - This one has Danville 4x4 - 4 Danville locals

Mountain Biking in South Africa

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SafireFSRShortly after I arrived we headed out shopping for a new mountain bike for Zett, I bought mine with me as I only recently got a warranty replacement for the VT1 frame, updating it to a new Trance frame set.

After looking at a few different makes and models we settled on this sweet Specialized Safire FSR, with five inches travel front and back and more active design Zett’s been getting more air than ever.

We’re still getting leads on places to ride, the best so far has been Groenkloof reserve, it’s a nature reserve in Pretoria with 4×4, hike and mountain bike tracks all over it. Most of the bike tracks have a single and double track option, the single track in surprisingly technical and varied. You got from nice flowing curves in the tall grass to smooth undulating trails in and out of dense tree cover right up to technical rocky (as in pretty much unridable) climbs and descents, just the way we like it!

Trance2 We’ve been out on a couple of Saturday morning rides with a bike shop around the corner, they leave the latest at 7am so they automatically became our local. The riding with them hasn’t been so cool, they’re a nice bunch of people and all….. their idea of a Saturday morning ride is to stomp out 60 odd ks of flat track on their hard tails.  It’s good for the base fitness and Zett works Saturday mornings at the moment so I’ll keep stomping out the ks for now.

Unsurprisingly word is you’ve gotta get out of Pretoria to hit the best trails, we’ve got a couple of general leads but nothing solid yet. We’re looking at doing a couple of races to sus out a few more venues, there are plenty of races to do so they tell us.


Above is my rather poor visualisation of this awesome Giraffe spot we had on our first ride at Groenkloof.  We had just seen some Zebra off to the side of the road and as we continued along the single track we saw the Giraffe off a few hundred meters away, what we didn’t immediately  realise is that the track actually swung back around and ran right through the middle of the bush they were munching on.

Zett and sat about 5 metres away and checked them out for a bit (we had no camera or phone on use of course), then proceeded to ride through the bunch, they didn’t seem too phased they just cruised away looking for something else to eat.

It was an awesome taste of SA mountain biking.

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