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New Work Boots

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Had a big day out the other day and picked up myself this new pair of work boots, this working from home is tough!

The Setup

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SA Flat Finally got my new PC running the way I want it today, I had it working yesterday but the performance was quite right, seems the free version of VMWare Server doesn’t run to good on a non-server OS.

Anyhow I figured I’d better show everyone what the go is here in our nice little flat in Pretoria.

The pic to the left here is taken from the kitchen looking through our lounge/office out to our outdoor setting.

For a 2 bedroom flat it’s actually pretty nice, not as poky as I imagined it might be, we still need a proper bed in the spare room, but otherwise we’re pretty well right.

SA Flat Desk Here we have my office setup, we’ve got a nice fast Internet connection so I can connect to work without having to spend all my day waiting around.

The main PC is a nice beefy Quad Core with a 22inch monitor, that’s my old work lappy and I picked up an Epson multifunction here, I’m impressed by the quality of it, we’ve started decorating the house with a few photos.

Tweety This is "Tweety" my little run-about, it’s Neels’ (Zett’s Dad) weekend 4×4 vehicle .

She’s quite a handful to drive around the city but a heap of fun at the same time, people in cars make way for you, pedestrians run for cover.

Apparently it’s a copy of old Jeep, it’s got a fibreglass body and a thirsty V6 that puts out a nice note.

SA Flat AV Setup Last but not least is the new AV system, she’s pumping.

For a low end receiver sound system, the Sony does a bloody good job, more than enough sounds for our little flat that’s for sure, the dual subs have the capacity to make every note a "brown note", Zett and Neels had the surround speaks all mounted up on the back wall before I arrived.

The new 37 inch Phillips 1080P LCD is great, it’s got some fancy perfect picture thingy to try and make the standard def TV image look better, from what I’ve seen it does a pretty good job, not that you can watch the free to air TV over here it’s all bloody soaps.

For the consoles I immediately upgraded to component cables all around, the Wii actually comes up pretty good in it’s wide screen mode (480P), the XBox is where the main show is though, it looks AMAZING!  I’m surprised at how good the XVid compressed movies come up, most of them you can’t even tell from a DVD.

So there’s the setup, stay tuned for some of our MTB (mountain biking) expeditions.

Slip and Bleed

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I’ve been in South Africa for just on two weeks now, got things pretty much organised and am starting to find some sort of routine… as well as some liver function.

The main event in my farewell campaign, was a party on the river down the back of Niga and Georges, the highlight of the party was the jumbo slip and slide we made down the boat ramp, Nige had graded a strip up the middle of the ramp to clear some of the rocks, he’d also fleaced a heap of cardboard from his work to use as an underlay.

Add $100 worth of black plastic and a shite load of (bio-degradable) detergent and we were away.

Of Course as soon as the Chimp rolled up we had to go one better and construct a ramp at the end. We also refined our our lube technique by pre-lubing our bodies before hurtling ourselves down the ramp.

Miraculously no-one got ingured, the ramp wasn’t the problem it was the sea of angry rocks waiting either side of the ramp to could have spelt disaster.

We can all be thankful there aren’t any pictures of later in the evening… on the bright side, after crawling out of my self inflicted pit of misery two days later I was ready to fly here.


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