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Beers on Kosciuszko

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Beers on top of Kosciuszko Last weekend Sam, Lamby and I climbed to the highest point on main land Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. As far as mountains go it’s pretty easy to climb, it’s a 13km round trip from the top of the Thredbo chairlift, that is assuming you leave yourself enough time!

We had all pulled up a little rusty from the night before (I blame Lamby’s “Best chinese in town”) so we didn’t exactly have an early start, couple that with the scenic route that we took and we didn’t arrive till around 2:00pm. The last ride down the mountain on the chair lift is 4:30pm so by the time we got to the top we had almost exactly 2 hours to get to the top, skull a beer and get back otherwise we had an extra hour and a half of walking down the mountain.

So we set off at  a cracking pace, powering past everyone determined to get it done, it was pretty neat but we managed to do it, even spent 15 minutes to drink our beers on top.

It’s pretty nice up there, a great way to say see-ya-later to Australia and spend some time with Sam and Lamby.

Living the Dream

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