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South Africa 2007

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Were back from the Kruger Park, taking a lazy day back here at W.P. and Celeste’s, helping get a couple of things organsied.

Prior to the Kruger trip we’ve pretty much spent every day catching up with everyone, lots and lots of drinking and eating, amazing how much weight you can gain in five days, I’ve got some work to do when we get back!

We’ve had a couple of big nights, one particular one was at WP’s yearly work whined up, a boat cruise up the Vaal River (which runs right past the front of WP’s house). It started with nice two course spit bria (BBQ) then progressed on to a rooftop dance party, an interesting cultural mix of South African long arm dancing and pissed Ausy silliness.

DSCF1782I’ve learnt the hard way the difference between a South African “double” spirit drink and our “full”… about 20ml. Couple that with rounds of shooters between every second drink and you’d better watch out!

Oh yeah, Ev just reminded me of the thing that really finished me off, Celeste was dishing out penalty shooters of these “Bug” drinks once we got back, they’re little shot sized bottles of some lethal alcohol…. bad news.

The Kruger was a much more sedate affair, we ended up with two dual cab Bukkies (utes) to fit everyone in with reasonable comfort. We spent five days/ three nights cruising around checking out the animals while sipping on beer, then relaxing around the bria (BBQ).

We had some mixed luck with the spotting some long stretches of to so much then some really amazing sections, the highlights were:

  • Two Cheetahs, one of which was parading itself on top of one of the road signs.
  • An Elephant swimming, not just splashing around but fully submerging itself, actually using it’s trunk like a snorkel.
  • A hippo’s legs, they were also yawning and mucking around.
  • Heaps of Rino and Elephant

Got the big wedding tomorrow then we’re off to swim with Whale Sharks in Mozambique, can’t wait!

DSCF1874 DSCF1951 DSCF1846 DSCF1972 DSCF1992

And we’re off!

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To busy to write a proper post, we’re just about to jump in the car and drive down to Melbourne to start our 3 week holiday in South Africa.

See you all in 3 weeks, if I don’t get on a pc with net access earlier!



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