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Boys and Bikes at the slate mine Had an awesome time last weekend motorbike riding up in Jamieson, two days of great riding over varied terrain, not too big a one on the Friday night and a suitably loose night on the Saturday.

We had a nice concise crew on the bikes, 8 all up including Ev’s riding Zett’s bike which was good to see, he schooled everything we threw at him with ease.

Top weekend all up, no major incidences, Andy drowned his bike attempting to cross a creek but we managed to drain it and get him going again. Ev’s got a flat and one water bar sent everyone unexpectedly into orbit turning out to be much larger and steeper than it originally looked.

Creek that ran into undergound caves I had been feeling the love all day one the bike up until the last little bit of extracurricular riding Trav, Johno and I chose to do as everyone else headed back to the pub. The first downhill I got locked into a huge rut and tank-slapped myself over the handle bars, as I rolled when I hit the ground I saw the bike looping over in an attempt to crush me I had to hurl myself down the hill to avoid it… thank god for armor!

Apart from a bit of a tweaked wrist, bruised shin and a little skin off the elbow I got away scott free.

We ended up doing around 80 odd k’s on the Saturday, passing some cool stuff, an old slate mine, these really cool cave waterfalls and some great views of Mt Buller.

Lets pray for rain so we can keep riding a little longer!

Daz crossing the river, Johno not crossing Draining Johno's bike Fixing Ev's tyre Off to see the waterfalls and caves Climbing in moto gear is hard Down in one of the caves

Blood Moon

10:06 am Filed under: General

Blood Moon

A few weeks ago my nephew Rhys informed me that we were going to witness a Blood Moon.

I snapped this shot with my 10x zoom Fuji S5500, sitting on top of the bin in the back yard with the delay timer so I didn’t bump it.

It turned out surprisingly well, it was a pretty cool spectacle all up.

We ended up watching most of it from the kitchen window.

Swoopmaster 3000

9:42 am Filed under: General


Anyone who has been out on a push bike in the past couple of weeks would have certainly had a run in with a Magpie.

Since my recent incident I’ve been slowly working through my Magpie phobia.

You’ve all seen other people’s vane attempts at warding of the threat with elaborate arrays of tinsel,cable ties and aluminum foil, I’ve invented the ultimate solution!

I introduce the Swoopmaster 3000, with it’s patented "anti-mag" technology you can take back the road from those tenacious Magpies.

You may think It just looks like a HID night light on top of that helmet… you’d be 100% correct accept, it implements "anti-mag" technology. You turn it around backwards blast those swooping bastards with 1150 Lumens of intense light.

Like trying to attack the sun, they won’t be able to get within 2 metres of you.

Now selling for a meager AU$ 1,000.00 contact us now and take back your life on the road!

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