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Evil Flake

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Beware the evil cornflake.

Dare not to stare into his cyclops eye for thy rectum shall feel the fury of the vengefully flake, like a porcupine inching backward your bowel shall be scored by indigestible shards of flake.

New Zealand 2007

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Seeing I’ve finally blogging this on the eve of the new year… some 4 months after the events I’m going to just take you through the photos.


Arrival – This is the only night we saw poor ole Moorey and Bec for the whole trip, he’d been taken down with some killer flu, we dragged him out for one glorious night! Unfortunately this seemed to finish him off, with the flu completely wiping him out ending with him flying home.


IMG_3073 IMG_3079 IMG_3074IMG_3087 IMG_3088 IMG_3090 IMG_3101

Transfer – These shots are from the loose car trip from Christchurch to Queenstown, it got off to a shakey start with the car hire place double booking our cars, it turned out fine though as we managed to scam a Turago which we just managed to squeeze everything into. The trip was great fun, it’s a beautiful drive and we were very boozy, this turned out to be Karina’s one big day also as she got taken down by the dreaded flu the next day, she toughed it out for a few days quarantined in her room but ended up flying home… who was to be next?


IMG_3106 IMG_3112IMG_3104IMG_3120 IMG_3115 

Skiing – true to form i.e. if we have a good season in Australia they have a bad one in NZ, the snow was a little lack lustre. The mountains are phenomenal and we’re definitely going to head back there when they’re having a better season, we still got to 3 mountains Coronet Peak, The Remarkable’s and Treble Cone, unfortunately Rennie broke his arm the first day finishing his skiing for the trip… another one down!



Fergburger – The busiest hamburger place on the planet, we sampled plenty of these throughout the trip, bloody nice, the picture of Lamby is his tackling their largest burger… somehow he managed to polish it off but it buggered him for the night, two beers and he was in bed.



Milford Sound – This was one of the coolest things we did all trip, a scenic flight over some of the mountains the used for the Lord of the rings movies to check out a fjord (they call it a sound but it’s actually a fjord) spectacular!


IMG_3183IMG_3177IMG_3140IMG_3125IMG_3135 IMG_3134IMG_3138

Queenstown – These are some shots of us tooling around doing some of the more touristy things around Queenstown, the ice bar was a bit dodgy, basically a freezer with a sticky floor and a few ice sculptures, you go in have one drink and take some photos… get cold and leave. The mini golf was pretty cool, they had some pretty elaborate holes. The last few are from the top of the cable car which overlooks the whole town, they’ve got a concrete luge ride there that we had some fun on. I think I’d stay at Wanaka next time rather than Queens Town, it’s a bit too touristy for my liking.



Wineries – Our last day in the Queenstown area was spent visiting some of the local wineries, a lot more Pinot Noir due to the cold climate but some nice wine all the same and some spectacular settings.

Unfortunately we lost a few troops on the way and the rest of us spent the whole trip paranoid, who was going to go down next. Thankfully the rest of us managed to hold out, and have a great time, it won’t be our last trip to NZ that’s for sure!

When Magpies Attack

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Magpie Attack

Got taken down by a Magpie last Saturday, I still can’t believe I actually came off but I bare the scares to prove it!

We were out with the regular road riding group, the CRABS, I was feeling pretty good surprisingly seeing we’d had quite a few beers the night before sending Vijay off from work.

I was feeling so good that I thought I’d take this little extra climb some of the guys do, unfortunately it was only me and one other guy who took it leaving us a fair bit of catchup to do to get back onto the main bunch.

On top of that we slowed down to try and help this old guy who was having trouble in the hills, it ended up me out on my own trying in vein to claw back the group… basically riding my guts out with no hope.

There I was huffing and puffing with the crazy horse spit hanging out the side of my mouth, when the Magpie starts moving in from the side, I started shooing it away and shot straight off the road the bike slide straight out from under me and I hit the ground.

I’m still pretty sore on the hip and elbow… where the road rash is… I’ll be right by Monday for some skiing in New Zealand!!!

Party Party Party!!!

New Sweat Wheels

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  A few weeks ago I purchased a new road bicycle, an Avanti Vuelto (The one on the left, can’t find any web links to the model, apparently it was a mid year model or something).

Zett’s reasonably new rig is on the right, we’re in the process of training up for the “Around the bay in a day” event down in Melbourne (here’s a map of the course). I’ve been riding this old bike Ev’s built up for me years ago, cost me $50 to put some new grips and tires on it back then and haven’t spent any on it since.

We’ve been Generally getting one ride in over the weekend with the CRABS, a group of Corowa and Rutherglen cyclists, mostly some what elderly men but they can ride. When Zett and I first turned up with these busted arse old clunkers and mountainbike shorts on they didn’t know what to make of us, now that we’re licra’d up with the new rigs we’ve been properly accepted by the group.

All we’ve got to do now is get some training in so we can get Zett to beat them in the final sprint!

Tonight was the first ride toward some more serious mid week training, we did a quick lap around Moodamere on the mountain bikes (just over 18km), I wasn’t enjoying it very much, I’ve either got a lot of work to do or my bike needs a tune up.

1st Wedding Anniversary Take 2

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Last weekend was the main event for our first anniversary,  we stayed and this nice studio apartment in Bright, The Odd Frog.

Zett was pretty wound up by the time we got there, I ended up driving about three laps of the place trying to work out a way to back the motorbike trailer into the parking spot seeing all the roads were tight single lane. I did get a bit of a look at all the other apartments, unfortunately the others (our first preference) had much better views that ours, not that ours was bad it was all very nice (if anyone else is heading  up there make sure you get studio 2, 3 or 4).

Once in we immediately lit a fire, grabbed a couple of beers and settled in for the night.

the next day we slept in, had a fry up then headed into town for a look see. Our main goal was to find a nice place for dinner that evening, curiously this was actually pretty hard… the two top choices were booked out by lunch time and several others were weren’t even open Saturday night?

Anyhow we managed to slip in a round of beers at the brewery, get Zett an ice-cream and a few more beers with an awesome pizza at the pub as we went around.

Zett spotted a Corona promo on the wall of the pub where you bought 4 beer and got a free beanie, her ears were cold so we slipped a few down in the warm confines of the bar with a few rounds of pool. The barman took a shine to us for some reason and gave us both beanies and the sweet Corona bucket he served the beers in, it doubles as a hat as well.

That was pretty much how the day panned out, took it nice and easy, apart from the 1k run to and from where we had dinner (it was taking to long for Zetty to walk!).

The next day we met the boys over in Murtleford for a moto ride. I was a bit pensive about our bikes working order since I’d had to do a bit of work on Zett’s bike after it’s little trip in the creek the other week, I’d also changed over the chain, sprockets and oil on my bike, they both seemed to perform well. Zett made it through all the creeks this time.

We did a loop we’ve done a few times before, except this one unridable section we took, I wasn’t enjoying sliding down the loose rocky hill with my bike straight after blowing myself out trying to climb the section up to there. I was surprised when we got further up that we barely saw any snow compared to when Moorey and I went through a few weeks ago.

Top weekend all up!

1st Wedding Anniversary Take 1

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The photo on the left was taken on the day of our 1st wedding anniversary, between Mount Pilot and Elduardo. 

Zett and I had planned to spend a weekend away in Mount Beauty or Bright, but couldn’t get the accommodation we wanted, so we postponed the main event and took the motos out for a little picnic instead.

The riding was pretty casual, pretty much perfect for the day. We had a lovely little picnic and a bottle of wine on the top of a little rocky hill with a bit of a view. A pair of riders stopped by half way through and actually told us that the spot we chose use to be a great lookout but the trees have grown a bit too tall around it now.

We had a great day, it was all topped off by finding the best track of the day on the way home and it just so happened to take us right back to the cars.

Test from blog widgit

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Just testing a new blog publishing widgit on the Mac.

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