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The Running Man

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The Running ManAfter our great day at the snow I had a hankering for some old school action movie action, it’d been many years since I’d watched the Anie classic “The Running Man” and Zett had never seen it so it became our entertainment choice for the night.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised, it’s 100% classic 80’s action, chock full of classic one liners, real “special” effects, bad acting and a story straight out of a high school kids English exam. They don’t make them like this anymore.

One thing Zett and I both picked up is that the Arnie totes the classic one liner “I’ll be back” in this movie just before he’s sent into the arena, I thought that was a Terminator thing?

 The other thing I picked up on is how much the game show host Damon Killian(actor Richard Dawson) sounds like the Dr Breen in Half-Life 2. After some research I’ve found out Breen is voiced by Robert Culp.

Zett somehow managed to fall asleep, but I loved every minute of it. It’s pretty soft-core for an R rated movie, there’s not even any T & A in it, you see a lot worse these days in an MA, just goes to show how desensitized we are.

First Ski for 2007

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Feeling nice and sore this morning, Zett and I headed up to Mount Hotham with Kristy, Richie and Barnes Saturday morning for our first snow session of the season. Lamby and Sam were already up there and we met up with Peds later on so we had a great crew.

It was a pretty slow trip up the mountain with some large patches of ice on the road, we had a couple of little slips, the big black Adventra paid for itself allowing us to continue on without fitting chains. So other people were not so lucky, we saw evidence of a few bingle and heard a few more stories from people on the chair lifts.

It’s always a good laugh to see people fitting chains way too early on the dry bitchimen, the fillings in their teeth must have rattled out by the time they reach the top.

We had an awesome day, the weather started great but gradually clouded over, luckily it stayed high so visibility was still good. It took a little while to blow the cobwebs out but I got back into the swing of things pretty quick. The cover is great and the snow nice and dry, a little icy in patches but you get that.

Lets hope NZ start catching up soon, only a month left before our trip over there, the rest of you get ye azzes up there!

Poo Head

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Poo HeadFollowing straight on from the last post, I bet you can’t guess what the first hit I got when I searched for “poo”!

The Nuggets, Grogan

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Whats this hot chick doing on BrownBot?

Well I was doing a Google image search for a picture of a grogan for “Ride the Fury” and she was the number one hit.

Nothing too funny about that except she’s a dancer for the Denver Nuggets!

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