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New Code Blog

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In an effort to make this blog more entertaining for all those who read it, I’ve split it into two separate blogs.

A new Code Blog chock full of code and tech goodness, mostly this will be focused around my XNA and C# games and explorations.

The original blog has been renamed the Life Blog, and will be refocused to a journal of Zett and my adventures through life, we might even see some posts from her in the future… you never know!

Hope you all enjoy the changes.

Super Paper Ride the Fury

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 Ride the Fury

Recently I’ve been thinking of a visual style for Ride the Fury, Eraser proved to me that it’s just as hard to pull off an intentionally basic looking style as it is to do a more “normal” style.

To accentuate the cardboard cutout nature of the main characters I’ve pulled the grid out into 3D and push the background way back, creating a neat parallax scrolling effect. It’s a fairly common effect in the old 2D games, funny how these days the hardware is so powerful you don’t have to “fudge” these effects anymore.

I’ve not specifically copied any style as I’ve put this together but the flat character style is reminiscent of the Paper Mario games (pictured below).

The code came together really easy, seeing I was generating the grid in code, all I had to do was pull out the “blank” grid pieces and add another 4 sides to the others.

Super Paper Mario

The overall style hasn’t settled yet, though tonights progress has started laying out the pieces, next I’ve gotta come up with some 3D robot designs for the bad guys and integrate them into the enemy system, should start to come together then.

I’ve got some other ideas churning over for some over the top post processing effects for when the players use there charge move, I’ve gotta get some gameplay in there first then we’ll see how we go.

Wandiligong Moto Trip

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Zetty hitting a huge rocky climbLast weekend we headed to Wandiligong (it’s near Bright) for a couple of days of moto action, no 4×4s this time around just 13 bikes up in the hills, as it turns out we still had a bit of waiting around the first day… Moorey somehow got a nail in his tire way up on the really gnarly track that we couldn’t get up!

Rav flatted also but we didn’t have any way of getting the wheel off so he rode it flat all day, it didn’t slow him down at all, though he wasn’t launching his usual 30 foot into the air.

The peanut galleryWe didn’t end up covering all that many K’s the first day, we mucked around some climbs on this clear section of a fairly steep hill for ages (the pic with us all standing around is the peanut gallery laughing and jeering someone attempting the climb, it was good fun.

Once we got home, we showered up, grabbed a beer and tended to the bikes before heading to the pub down the road, we were all pretty fired up after a great days riding and the beers were flowing thick and fast, we necked a couple of bottles of vino over some shanks and a palma, then got straight back into it… not sure what it was but we were asked to leave at about 9 o’clock…

Me heading down hill (it never looks as steep as it really is)We were talking a lot of non-sense as per usual, there was the small matter of a couple of boys breaking into a slight wrestle in the bar and I may have backed up to one of the other patrons sitting at a table, thinking I’d found a nice quite corner to gas off in, not realising my bum was hovering just over her left shoulder when I let rip.

Anyway we slid down a couple of quiet ones back at the “Wreck Room” at our accommodation, nothing much happened apart from the submission wrestling comp.

Woke up surprisingly fresh the next day, zipped into the bakery in Bright for breaky ready for another big days riding, we were down to 9 riders after Rav’s brother woke up with a weird fluid goiter on his back after the wrestling the night before and the Albury boys had headed home the night before.

Trappet giving it a squirt

We hit some more of what we’d done the previous day before lunch, finding some great sections then headed Murtleford after a spot of lunch at Bright on the way through.

In a pine tree block just outside of Murtleford he hit some trails that Large knows really well, they were bloody awesome, a great mix of everything from winding fast stuff where you can slide your bike around to ready tight technical single track.

We had such an awesome time over the 2 days I think I actually was on a downer on Tuesday due to being on such a natural high all weekend… I didn’t think that was possible?

Meet Action Dan

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Dirchies do Mansfield

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Last weekend Euan, Buggy and myself (AKA the Dirchies) met up down in Mansfield for a man-date.

We didn’t have much planned, just hang out and talk shit, maybe a bit of drive around and have a look, it’s lucky otherwise we might have been a bit disapointed as we got a little excited the Friday night and hit the piss way too hard and spent the rest of the weekend suffering for it.

Still was a great catch up with the boys, we managed to get a few pictures done for my new XNA project (See the Meet Rick Duggy and Meet Cyclo-Maniac posts, more to come), saw a nice view at “Powers Lookout”, got the work car bogged in a puddle in lake Eildon, drank some tasty beers and had a good laugh.

Top weekend all up.

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