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Meet Cyclo-Mainiac

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Meet Rick Duggy

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Rick Duggy

Nintendo 64

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Bonnie Doon Moto Weekend

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Moto's in the mystStraight after work last Friday, Zett, Beck, Moorey and I headed down to Bonnie Doon to meet up with Coogan (a.k.a. Uncle Coo Coo a.k.a. Greg Coogan – Father of the year), Daz, Shell bell, their 2 boys and this Matt guy (a.k.a. the guy with a piece of shit car who will never be invited to one of our Moto weekends again!).

To the Matt guy’s credit the accommodation was pretty sweet, an old motel that must have been premo back when lake Eildon had water, comfy beds and good showers, great meals and not a bad bar.

Friday night consisted of a few beers and a good parma at said bar, the bar maid kicked us out when the footy finished and we only had a one stubby night cap before hitting the hay.

I awoke feeling great to the sounds of the rest of the boys rolling up outside, Moorey had warned them that we’d be hitting the road at 9am sharp so they were they nice and early. Unfortunately the cars weren’t as well organised as the bikes (which was to be the order of the day) so we ended up waiting around any way.

MooreyThis did give Zett and I a chance to go over her new bike (Brice’s old KTM) and tweak the setup, we dropped the shocks a bit so she can touch the ground easier and tuned in the break pedal to where Zett likes it. She seemed to take to the bike straight away and rode really well all day, tackling the ruts, rocks and mud with ease.

The new bike is super sweet, it’s got some nice cosmetic mods, black anodized rims with polished spokes, polished swing arm, black painted frame, it’s looks great with all black plastics. Got the back wheel in getting a broken spoke fixed, also getting the stand rebuilt.

The day turned out to be a bit of a patience test, with the cars dragging the chain all day, the Matt guy who supposedly knew all the “good” trails got himself trashed whilst driving and got us all lost, then started trying to run down us bike riders as we tried to pass… not very cool at all.

How to inflate a tire with petrolWe did get to witness one really cool thing though, Daz showed us how to inflate a rolled tire with petrol (see the picture to the left).

To top it all off he trashed his car and caught it on fire trying to get up this one hill (which was as we later found out was completely the wrong direction), at this point the bike riders cracked it and thanks to some great directions from Large we high tailed it out of there back to the pub.

The cars limped in a couple of hours later, we’d already showered and pumped in a couple of beer by then. The night turned into a nice solid session at the pub with another great parma, we hit the hay after the pub but some of the others decided they hadn’t had enough and that they needed to go for a drive…. Moorey and Beck got a call for help at around 2am… “Help, we’re stuck in the lake”, “WHERE in the lake”, ”I don’t know!”

TrappetSo Moorey and Beck get Daz’s car and start driving looking for a place to get down into the dry lake bed of Lake Eildon!, they eventually see a set of  car lights in an inappropriate place and make their way down there to find Coogan’s car nose first in the remains of  lake Eildon.

To cut a long story short they eventually got it out, with half a cabin full of water, a dinted in tail board from where the snatchem let got and flew into the car, a hole punched in the tow bar from where the D-shackle tore out of the front of Daz’s bull bar and rocketed into the other car (thankfully without killing anyone!).

All the while Zett and I were pumping out Z’s.

APAC Sharepoint Conference

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The last 2 days Matt and I have been up in Sydney learning all about SharePoint (Microsoft Intranet software).

Currently we’re sitting at the airport trying to kill the two hour wait till our flight home, lucky for us we’ve got free internet and laptops, not a problem at all.

Anyhow I know everyone reading this is more concerned about the quality of the information we were presented rather than the blury phone photo of Matt doing the Can-Can with dancing girls and a silly hat, yeah the presentations were good.

To our suprise the “dinner” and “networking” drinks was a fairly lavish afair, with cowboy hats for everyone, as much free beer as you could drink, free gambling (roulette, texas holdem poker, balck jack and more), dancing girls and Karaoke.

We had a good night with a few beers, some good luck on the Roulette wheel, some bad luck in the Texas holdem and a taco.

Unfortunately I was having some stomach complaints since that afternoon, initially I just figured I’d O.D on lattes so I pushed through still putting away a far few beers.

This proved to be a fairly unwise discission as I spent the rest of the night back and forth from my hotel room toilet and bed.

I’ve had worse nights on hotel room toilets and I bouced back ok, almost thinking about some dinner.

Update: You can check out Matt’s account of the trip here and here.

Mt Bogong Hike

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On Saturday Tan, Ange, Zett and I hiked up to the top of Mount Bogong and back. It’s a fairly solid 6-7 hour return trip up the “staircase” route, through some great high country terrain.

Large sections up top must have been burnt out with the 2004 fires, it makes for some interesting terrain with the ground thick with 6 foot high saplings in front of a backdrop of burnt and dead tall trees.

Up on top you’re above the tree line so it gets very open, the wind fairly whips around up there and we were there on a still day.

It’s not a particularly hard thing to do but it’s not the most comfortable either, but I recon everyone should give it a go!

Double Wires

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I’ve been regularly checking out the “Great Games Expreiment” since it’s launch, I’ve found some nice little gems on there.

This double wires one I’ve been playing a bit lately is the classic example of a simple pure gameplay game. So simple, mouse and one button yet so compelling.

Give it a go and let me know (if you don’t waste too much time and forget) what you think.

Briody and Euan’s Wedding Party

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Briody and EuanThe weekend before last we were down in Melbourne for Euan and Briody’s wedding party, I’m calling it a party though it had all the trimmings of a reception. The confusion stems from the fact that they eloped in Switzerland earlier this year, and we’ve seen them and congratulated them since. It’s all semantics though as it was an awesome night.

Head over to for some detail of the nights proceedings, and some more pics.

Like I said before it was an awesome night, the venue was great…  a little strange but in a good party inspiration way, with it’s wonky black and white checkered floor, pinball table tops bar and mirror maze entrance to the toilet, you’d have to be trying to not have a good time.

The service was awesome, I suspect that the bar staff might have been sneaking a couple of daqueries down themselves as they were up for party as well, more that happy to oblige us when we started order dozen quantity rounds of daqueries!

WoogieIt took us a while to warm up to the dance floor but we got a bit of boogying in at the end.

As a nice finisher for the night we headed to a couple of bars down “chaps”, after a few Jager Bombs and Vodka Redbull I was talking all sorts of rubbish, not really sure what but I do remember seeing “Woogie” at one point!


Me, Sarah, Euan, Briody and Moorey sidling The Boys Boogie Nights Breakfast Recovery

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