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Moto at Buffalo River

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Waterfall at Lake CobblerLast weekend the boys and Zetty headed out bush with our bikes and trucks for a bit of offroad action.

We headed up past Myrtleford and lake Buffalo along the Buffalo river, after a bit of fluffing around the Friday night we met up at the “Myrt” (Myrtleford Hotel) for a decent counter meal and a couple of brews and headed into camp.

The Friday ended being a little bigger night than it should have been with everyone waking up pretty rusty in the morning, just the thing you need when your hurtling yourself through the bush at a great rate of knots!

Once we got on the road we all got our shit together pretty quickly, Gary purged a few demons from the night before at the first intersection stop, we were all seeping plenty of sweat and man-gas as we came good.

The next main stop was at Lake Cobbler, nice little lake with a hut next to it up in the hills, we went for a quick little hike into the bush to check out a waterfall tucked in behind it (see pic). It was just after this a mid morning snack where I came good from my hangover.

Towing Matt's hunk of shit out of the bushAfter that we were back in business, we hit some nice but loose trails (it’s so dry that everything is loose) and down the “Staircase” (a tight and very rocky decent). It was rough but interesting stuff to ride on, you had to be very mindful of your line choice and stay loose. Unfortunately the Chimp pinch flatted his front tyre on the way down (very easy to do on that section), so we got layed up there for a while changing the tyre.

We then planned to meet up for lunch at the King River Hut, the riders took off first as usual with the 4×4’s bringing up the rear, somehow we riders with no map managed to find our way with no problem but the trucks with the maps and the GPS system(now with Matt’s truck in tow as it did a coil) managed to get lost.

Basically this chewed up too much time and not wanting to be riding home in the dark the riders took off home back along the way we came, which was quite nice, we did take a slight deviation up the Dan Divide Track at the end seeing we had a little daylight left. This was a really nice section, a little more open and faster flowing ups and downs, we stopped momentarily up on this awesome ridge where you can see down into the valleys either side.

The crew on our Sunday sessionThat night was a little more subdued than the previous, appart from the guys in the vehicles that had been drinking all day… Daz was on fire… almost litterally as he preceded to burn everything within arms reach, Deisel, petrol, aresol, eski and ironically a fire extinguisher! He also entertained us by attempting to drive his truck up the river next to camp, in which he mostly succeded almost rolling the truck in the process.

Before the madness started Zett and I knocked up the first Poiki (thats not how it’s spelt but how it sounds) in the poiki pot we bought home from South African last christmas. It turned out pretty bloody good, so good we ate it for the next two nights at home.

Felt much better on the Sunday, running out of beer was a god send as they were sliding down a little too well. After breakfast we headed out for a small loop before we had to pack up. We hit some more varied terrain, with everything from fast open ridge tracks, too muddy creek beds, too VERY loose first gear descents.

Awesome stuff, and with only Moorey and Trappet having an off each on the Sunday, both walking away scott free aside from a couple of bruses.

Can’t wait for the next one.

  Daz entertaining us all in the evening  Trav making his way across the creek Moorey hitting the creek hard Poor old bridge burnt out like everything else from the fires

Cairns Dive Trip

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Sam and Lamby DivingJust got back to Cairns after 3 days out on the Great Barrier Reef, we squeezed in 10 dives at 5 different sites over 2 reefs, one night dive which wasn’t so great but an experience in itself.

There is too much stuff to remember to put it all down here but i’ll try to bring up the big ones…

We got to swim with sharkes several times, first time with 4 grey whaler sharks at the back of the boat after the night dive then a couple of times on the reef itself, the best time being the second dive today where we cruised up on a resonably large (1.5 to 2 metres long) white tipped reef shark ( within a couple of metres ) and watched as little fish cleaned his gills before he got sick of us and took off.

Sam, Lamby, Zett and I at dinnerWe saw all of the different types of “Nemo” type fish, they all hang out in anenomy just like nemo, amazing colour in the fish and the plant.

We saw three lion fish on a “Bommie” under the boat at one site.

Saw some small rays, the girls saw a spotted eagle ray with a really long tail.

On one dive we saw a large trigger fish playing soccer with a ball of coral, the same type of trigger fish that we were warned were nesting and could attack.

Though the visibility wasn’t the greatest all of the time we saw some amazing coral terain, mountanous “bommies”, caves, valleys and shelves that dropped away forever.

Lots of little fish, seemingly hundreds of different kinds all shapes and sizes, sometimes they’d be in massive schools completely sourounding us, other times hanging out in their little fishy homes, sometimes in schools rooting through the sand.

Zett and I divingThe second night dive that we gave a miss we watched the fish off the back of the boat, the girls suited up with snorkles and layed on the boarding platform as Lamby and I drank beer and threw bits of chicken near their heads so the fish and sharks swarming in the lights at the back of the boat would swoop right past them. The squeels through the snorkles where hilarious!

Later on that night we saw a gigantic Queensland Gropper (as big as the sharks earlier) swimming around the back of the boat, frick’n huge fishy type fish.

Either side of the stay on the boat we stayed at a Holloways Beach in a nice little motel right next to the beach, there’s this awesome little cafe and a resturant just over the road where we had two outstanding meals. The manager figured us for wine buffs and upsold us a couple of great bottles of wine.

Can’t think of a better way to spend easter, for a 5 day break it feels like we squeezed a hell of a lot in, a little bozzin on the day we arrived, bar hopping along the beaches, some great food and wine, and doubled the total number of dives I’ve done while taking in some totaly amazing stuff.

Anyone who thinks this sounds cool, what are you waiting for go get your dive ticket!

Bar hopping Bar hopping  Plumetman  Plumetman Great Barrier ReefDiving The Great Barrier Reef Diving The Great Barrier Reef   Diving The Great Barrier Reef Diving The Great Barrier Reef Diving The Great Barrier Reef Diving The Great Barrier Reef Diving The Great Barrier Reef Grey Whaler Shark Grey Whaler Shark Zetty snorkling Zetty and I on Ocean Quest Diving The Great Barrier Reef Diving The Great Barrier Reef Ocean Quest

Ev’s 30th Wallyball Bash

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A couple of weeks ago Tan organised a get together for Ev’s 30th birthday, volleyball, beer, BBQ and shorty shorts were the order of the day.

Due to blowing my back out in hockey the previous week I was on umpire duty, it was pretty good fun being the umpire I got a whistle to command the game with and the nephews kept me hydrated with a steady stream of beers.

The quality of the games improved throughout the day with the final games hard fought out under lights.

We had an awesome night, the shenanigans continued back at Ev and Tan’s with beer around the fire bucket, tree climbing and some hot laps of the street out the front on Ev’s various motor bikes (much to the dismay of the neighbor!).

Vegitarian BBQ Volleyball action Volleyball action Volleyball action Volleyball action Volleyball action Volleyball action Birthday cake

Nat and Trudes Wedding Pics

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Still catching up on old posts, here are a couple of nice shots of the cerimony and the crew at the wedding. It was a great night of food, drink, good yarns and dancing.

Thanks for a great night guys I hope your enjoying (or have enjoyed your honeymoon).

First Ride on My New KTM

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Still catching up on blog posts, here’s one from about 3 weeks ago of me enjoying my first “real” hill climb on my new KTM 400.

I’m laying there out of exhaustion not because I axed myself, got stuck on this steep rocky hillclimb, I’m blaming tyre over inflation (Trav eventually got it up there after 3 or 4 goes) as I didn’t have any more trouble after letting my 2nd lot of air out of the tyres.

Can’t believe how friggin hard it is to hold your ground and pick up a 100kg plus motorbike on the side of a hill with helmet and shitloads of padding on!

Awesome fun all the same, lets hope we get some rain this week to settle the dust before the weekend so we can head out bush for some more action.

BTBB Speed Painting

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Just back from our Cairns dive holiday and I had a hankering for some quick digital painting, nothing specutacular, just trying out some new techniques on one of my old characters Bill the Borg Buster (BTBB for short).

About half an hours mucking about in photoshop, lets hope there’s some more to come!

The Day the Boys Broke Carl Cox

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Last weekend before Ev’s big birthday brouhar (story and pics to come) the boys headed over to Myrtleford for a quick ride with non other than DJ Carl Cox, unfortunately I was out due to blowing out my back in last weeks indoor hockey game. But Zett and I did get to meet him up at Damico’s the night before, Zett, Barnes and I saw him play at Dance Valley back in 1999 on a big weekend in Amsterdam.

He’s a really nice guy, he’s mates with one of Franky D’s DJ mates down in Melboune and they’ve just got into dirt bike riding, unbenowenst to the boys till half way through, this ride was the first time they’d attepted hills (on any sort) on their bikes!

I wasn’t there but the story goes that on one fairly loose downhill Carl when down pretty hard ending up with the bike half on top of him, resulting in him twisting his knee.

Our boys didn’t fair too well either with Richie over cooking it on a flat section heading over the bars, breaking his wrist, Moorey has potentaly broken his hand after another trip other the bars.

We’ve got another big outing lined up for the weekend after next, my bike is running sweet, just need rebuild my lower spine and arse and I’m good to go!

Moto with Carl Cox Moto with Carl Cox Moto with Carl Cox Moto with Carl Cox Moto with Carl Cox Moto with Carl Cox Moto with Carl Cox

A Game for Richie

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 Poor ole Rich is layed up from last weekends ride with with a broken wrist (they also broke Carl Cox, pictures to come).

I was sufing around the “Great Games Experiment” website this morning and found this neat little moto flash game.

Beware it could suck away your afternoon, go check out the GGE if your looking for some games to play, it’s a great way to find indie and comercial stuff.

Nat and Trudes Wedding – The Short Version

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I’m busy cleaning up my inbox as I move over to our new email system here at work so I’ll keep this brief (until I get the real photos ready).

The weekend before last we headed over to Echuca for Nat and Trudes wedding, it was a great night, a heap of us camped at this one motel in town, this shot was taken just after a delicius breaky on the Sunday.

The wedding itself was really nice, it was at this awesome house that opened up onto a beautiful little lake with lilly pads and a keg in it, more on that later.

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