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Tiny Robots

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Eric Joyner's

4 Color Rebellion linked to Eric Joyner’s  image gallery this morning, he’s got this fantastic section of paintings of those old school tin robot toys.

The settings are nice a varied, pretty weird that’s for sure, a lot of donuts thrown into the pictures for some reason?

The Blair Fish Project

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The Blair Fish Project

Shifting Office

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I moved offices the other day, nothing remarkable with that, except we moved the whole office with everything still setup inside it!

The purpose of the move is to make way for a new extension to the office that will replace the “dog box” and add some much needed office space. The new office is supposed to be here at the end of the month, till then Vijay and I are living over next to the weighbridge.

It’s not too bad in the new posi, we get to step out onto concrete, we get less anoying visiters, we also gave to whole thing a good clean out and a little re-arrange in the process of the move.

Still well and truely looking forward to the new office mind you!

1a Motion Blur Glare

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Continuing on from this weeks riviting post about the latest rendering techniques here’s another one.

I’ve extended the blur shaders for the glow technique into a flare delay/motion blur type effect, it’s just about right now for the idea I had.

It still needs a little optimisation but I’ve pretty happy with how the code turned out.

Stay tuned… more to come!


This is a better example of what I’ve changed compared to the previous version, it’s only really noticiable on fast moving objects (1a is spinning 5 times faster in this one), the decay rate is variable also so you can adjust how long the glow tails are.

1a with HDR Style Glow

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I’ve been chipping away at this shader effect since the weekend, it certainly pushed my knowledge of shaders and 3d graphics a fair bit further, but I got it in the end.

Heaps of modern games use HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting to flair out bright areas of the screen.

Actually proper HDR is supposed to increase the total contrast range of an image by allowing the bright colours to be brighter than 1.0 and balancing out the darker areas so they are more visible (standard graphics colours are 8 bit floats [RGBA]), a bit like Spinal Tap’s speakers going to 11.

My effect is a fudged version because the brightness is stored in a texture map rather than calculated, but should work well with what I’ve got planned for it.

Stay tuned for a sample more in line with what I’ve got rattling around in my head…


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I recently received the first issue of my new Imagine FX magazine subscription, it’s full of great tips and tricks for digital painting Fantasy and Sci-Fi images.

I’ve finally started to get a little sick of coding seeing I’m doing it day in and day out so am keen to get into a bit more digital paining for my creative outlet.

Here’s tonight’s speed painting sessions result, Roboninja.

Basically just an exercise in working with tone, hence the limited color. The composition and grew nice and organically from a few swirly lines, I had no idea what I was going to draw before I started but I’m happy with the result.

More to come…

The Great Games Experiment

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I’ve been following Jeff Tunnel’s blog for a while (use to work an Dynamix, created tribes, recently the Torque engine etc), it’s been very quiet of late as he’s been focusing on the “Great Games Experiment“.

It’s like a myspace type thing for gamming, I’ve just been over there and created a developer profile and put Dispell up on there, my initial impression is that it’s bloody good, great interface that creates really nice pages really fast.

I wasn’t too sure what the go was at first but I think I’m starting to see the potential for linking up gamers and developers.

This link thing is supposed to put my GGE badge on a web page… lets give it a go

Great Games Experiment

And this is supposed to be Dispells GGE badge…

Great Games Experiment

Make sure you take a look all you gamers out there!

Wake and Flake

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Weston Port Gummy Shark Last weekend Jess, Trav, Zetty and I headed down to San Remo for a weekend of shark fishing with Mowli and Maggot.

The original plan was to head “out” off shore to try and catch some “real” sharks seeing we’ve mastered bagging the Gummy sharks in the bay, Deano bought his boat down to join us and make the offshore trip a little safer.

Unfortunately the wind blew up making conditions pretty uncomfortable, Trav burlied up first, I wasn’t far behind and even old “iron gut” Mowlam was feeling the pinch, so we decided to head into the protection of the bay.

We headed to Blakes channel again (where we caught all the Gummy’s and Flatty’s last time) looking to bag some shark. Things were a little quieter than last time, I managed to bring in 3 Gummy’s (one keeper, in the photo) and an Elephant Fark (half fish/half shark which we kept to try) plus a little rat (Flat head… rats of the sea), other wise things were pretty quiet in our boat, Zetty had a few enquiries but couldn’t bring one in and Deano bagged a couple of rats.

Trav and Mowli did alright in the other boat, with a steady stream of rats punctuated with a couple of Gummy’s and Eagle rays. We had a great day, thanks to Mowli and Deano for supplying the boats.

Elephant Fark

The next day we got up and headed over the Phillip island for a surfing session, we had a great morning mucking around in the surf, we got the girls up on the boards and even I “kinda” caught some waves.

Surf tank topSurf chicks Surf weirdo's

Now the wake part of this post is from our nice little wake board session over at Bundalong last night, apart from Trav having the worst stack I’ve seen on a wakeboard, almost knocking himself out, we all had great rides in pristine conditions.  After which we consumed the bounty from the weekend, the girls did a stellar job of shallow frying them up and they tasted bloody good.

We’re definitely keeping any legal sized Gummy’s we catch in future, I still can’t quite get over how ugly the Elephant farkes are, though they do taste pretty good.

Looking forward to some more wake, flake, surf and turf sessions soon!

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