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Tooma Dam

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I’ve had this old “Mountain bike trail rides of the snowy’s” kicking around in the book shelf for years, I think I picked it up at a tourist information centre at some point.

A couple of weeks ago Zett and I headed out do tackle one of the higher grade rides, I assumed the book would cater for all types of mountain bikers so we’d be right, we did make it but it certainly tested us a little.

The ride looped around Tooma Dam (up near Kancobin) up in the high plains of the snowy mountains, the scenery was really nice with a river crossing, the yellow flowers and an old drovers hut (see the photos), the book seemed to gloss over the several kilometres of unridebly steep tracks we had to scale, at some points we could hardly get footing to cary the bikes.

It was a nice fun little day in the end even if Kancobin is a little further than I thought and we didn’t catch any fish on the way back.

The Drought is Broken

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No, not really, though we did get a couple of nice, but short bursts of rain in the last week.

The drought I speak of is my self imposed hiatus from alcohol.

From new years day up till the 9th of feb (apart from 3 jaga bombs on Australia day) I managed to abstain from alcoholic beverages.

That would be the longest I’ve been off it since I was 18 (probably a bit before 18 actually), I did have a few weeks off it back when I was trying to get the finishing touches on Dispell last year. 

It was pretty easy really, but there are only so many lemon squashes and bitters that you can drink.  That’s what broke me in the end, that and the fact that life started to look far too serious.

I somehow managed to avoid the lackerband effect for the first week, but it slapped back hard last weekend, At Daz’s 40th birthday party in Wangaratta, aided by my two drink abstaining co-horts Trevor and Gary we attempted to consume a months worth of beer, and if I do say so myself we had a fair dip… took me till Tuesday arvo to be fully functional.

Now that we’ve got that out of my system I’m trying to find some middle ground, I think they call it… moderation… not sure what that means but I’ve cut my mid week drinking down to a glass of wine with dinner and maybe a beer while cooking, seems to be going alright so far, I’m actually enjoying it much more to boot.

Jager Bombs Strike Again

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 You’ve all heard about Coogan’s Jager-Bomb experience at Trav’s bucks weekend, well he’s been out done by this one.

One of our friends suffered a cardiac arrest in the back of an ambulance on the weekend, shock paddles and everything, after a solid 12 hour session at the pub involving 13 Jager-Bombs.

Be warned people… 12 is enough!

Dispell up on Manifesto Games

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Dispell on Manifesto Games   Head over to Manifesto Games this morning and on the front page you’ll notice a really fun looking “family friendly” shooting game.

Yep after a bit of buggerising around Dispell is finally up there and ready for sale, curiously it’s classified as a Platform Shooter not a SHMUP (shoot’em up) but I can get that changed.

Feels good to see it up there with so many other good games.

Props to the manifesto guys, they’ve made the process really easy and are doing a great service for indie games. Make sure you take a good look over the products they’ve got up there, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

It’s been a huge project spanning many years, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot in the process, ticked off another life goal, now I’ve just got to make a really successful game!

Look out for the next one, due in 2010  :)

Voting Begins

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XNA GameIf you jump over to the SHMUP-DEV forum you can check out all the entrants Eraser is competeing against in the Autofire 2007 comp.

Check here to see how the voting is going, currently Eraser is not doing too bad, eraly days yet, looks like you’ve got to sign up to cast a vote (go ahead it’s easy and free).

Wish me luck!

The Carp Fishing Caper

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Ilzette with a little carp    The weekend before last (the day after the Australia day Poolside BBQ at the Uppo’s) Sam, Lamby, Zetty and I packed a nice little picnic lunch and headed down to Sunday creek for a spot of carp fishing.

Sunday creek is the little creek that runs under the Pfeiffer winery bridge and backs off lake Moodemere. Due to the dry weather the creek has been receding so carp fishing down there is literally like shooting fish in a barrel, the water is not quite boiling with fish but you’d have to be doing something pretty wrong to not catch one.

I got onto the first one after we had a false start at a bad spot, but he got away from me as I hacked a hole in the cubungi to bring it in through (getting stabbed clean up the nostril by a piece of cubungi in the process!)

Zett then started reeling in a bag full, 3 carp (one monster, it’s actually the one Lamby is holding in the pic below) and one turtle (luck the little bugger didn’t got hooked up too bad), the rest of us managed to land one each but lost at least another one each.

It was a fun little afternoon and we did our bit for the environment vanquishing a few more “turds with fins”

Me with a resonable carp, it looks bigger because I'm doing the proper fishing hold :) Lamby holding Zett's monster carp Sambo with her little carp

Secret Wedding Bells

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Zett and I were having a nice little lay in this morning after our little moutain bike adventure yesturday, apon checking my mobile for a new message we found a couple of messages we’d missed from the night before stateing… “Hey guys. Briody and I got married in Vevey Switzerland yeasturday”!

Stupid me thinks “That’s cool but he must have miss typed engaged and it came out married”… then I’m like hang on, the buttons are totally different!

I’ve been cruising around all day dropping the “Briody and Euan got married” bomb on everyone I see, it’s good news.

Anyone who hasn’t seen the new site Euan has created for them, jump over to and check it out, there are a few nice shots of where it all happened and more to come.

Congratulations to you both, I can’t wait to celebrate with both of you when you get back.

XNA Invaders – Source with Tutorial

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XNA Space Invaders TutorialI finally got around to cleaning up the XNA Invaders code and putting in a heap of comments to step a beginner through the code, it should make a nice little introduction to 3D graphics in XNA for anyone with some basic C# knowledge.

I’ve put together an article in the “Kitchen” Section of this site, or alternatively you can download it directly here!

XNA Invaders source (45kb)

Have fun!

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