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Party of a Lifetime

8:55 pm Filed under: General

Been back in Pretoria a couple of days catching up with Zetty’s Mum and Dad, also resting up after the biggest 6 days of the greatest party ever!

It’s a big claim I know, this electronic blog medium can’t even begin the explain, for now just take my word for it and wait for the DVD (yep they even had a camera man and photographer there to capture it all… it’s a good thing too as we were partying pretty hard most of the time so probably missed a bit!).

Here’s a brief list of our 6 day itinerary:

  1. Arrive in Jo’burg airport after a solid session catching up with everyone on the plane (23 of us)
  2. Meet up with rest of the party and jump on a chartered 737 (we are 80 in total now) and fly to Hoedspruit airforce base, the stairs don’t fit the plane so we can’t get off, the hostess’ break out the beers and we start partying on the plane.
  3. Awaiting us outside is a fleet of 10 4×4 vehicles (can carry 10 people each modified for animal viewing), we get a milltary escort off the base into the game reserve, where we break up to head to the lodge (spotting Impala and Giraffe on the way).
  4. Greeting us there are some Shangaan dancers, we get our rooms and head for dinner, then back to the “24″ hour bar.
  5. Up at 4am for a champagne Hot air balloon ride over the part (spotting Giraffe and a Rhino).
  6. After breakfast, everone onto 2 coaches for a booze cruise tour of the surrounding area and the 3 rondawels, on the way back we stopped for dinner and a show at a Shangaan village, bladder almost exploded on the way back to the bar for another late session.
  7. Had the morning off for a well deserved sleep in, after lunch we had a game drive and a visit to an endangered animal reserve, saw lots of Cheeta, some wild dogs and Vulchers feasting.
  8. This night was the main event, it’s a whole post in itself, one huge party, a lot of us saw the sun come up by the pool.
  9. Very seedy the next day, dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 4pm for a game drive (we had an awesome spot of lions right next to the car, it’s a pitting all I could do was try and not vomit) and dinner in the bush with a famous actor telling stories.
  10. up at 5am to go ride elephants, after breakfast most of the Aussy boys went clay target shooting, good fun, back for a busking show and the South Africa v Australia drinking boat race showdown. SA took out the womens event and Aus won the mens…. and the later showdown with the park rangers, Luke took out the single comp.
  11. Partied all arvo then at our final dinner we had the Soweto String Quartet do a show.. got everyone dancing… more partying….

After all that we flew back to Jo’burg where everone said good bye jumped in there limo’s and went their separate ways, we crashed with WP and Celeste for the night before heading back this way.

Well that was the start of the trip, many photos and stories to come.

Eraser – Finished

1:18 pm Filed under: General

Popped the completed competition entry up on the SHMUP-DEV forum today.

Wish me luck!

We’re heading to South Africa this afternoon, I’m not taking a computer so what you see is what you get.

See you all in the new year! (3.9Mb)


If you have trouble running it check the prerequisites in the beta post.

SketchFighter 4000 Alpha

9:43 am Filed under: Game Code

 And I thought my Eraser graph paper concept was original… SketchFighter 4000 Alpha from Ambrosia software (big players in the Mac game scene) uses a similar styling, their game is much more along the lines of my grand plans for pen and paper concept, Eraser being more of a proof of concept, my idea is more like a fast paced scorched earth/worms side scrolling RTS, a little like a suped up version of my old parashooter game.

I think the styling has potential, there are a lot of things to explore with it and the art investment is kept to a minimum.

Gravity 12 Hour

9:17 am Filed under: General

I’m running about a month behing in this blog so here’s a little catchup, a few weeks ago Zett, Ev, Nige and I put in a mixed 4 person team in the Gravity 12 hour organised by the Beechworth chain gang.

We had a great day, there was the odd poor change over were the next rider wasn’t quite ready but with solid performances by everyone and no mechinicals,  We squeezed out 17 laps in the 12 hours and nabbed 2nd place in our category (about 20 teams)

The results are here, once again is was a fun event, Nige rode a great race especially seeing it was his first race ever, Nick & his team also put in a solid effort with there 3 man team.

I’ve also got to thank the pit crew Tan and Kell for looking after everyone, I’m looking forward to the next one already!

Nige running in the Le mons startZett getting looked after by the pit crew (Tan) after getting patched up by the over zelous St Johns ambo'sMe bringing in the 3rd last lap

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