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Euan and I are currently colaborating on an entry to the new comp over at the SHMUP dev forum (SHMUP – Shoot Em Up).

We’re going for something a little different where the game looks like it’s drawn on graph paper. Hence the name “Eraser”

The pic to the left is the title screen we came up with tonight, the book featured is actually one of my year 11 3unit math books… scary part is that I can’t understand the math in it all!

Then again solving equations by mathimatical induction isn’t something you use every day, I always told my teacher it was useless crap… seems I was right.

Nerd Alert – Don’t Cross the Streams

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I’ve started a new blog category “Nerd Alert” for tech stuff that isn’t handy enough to go in the code lib but might be interesting to some of the readership, the rest of you can safely skim over them and avoid the mind numbing techno babble.

I’ve always been a little suss on streams, today my suspicions were justified as I struck this weird one today.

I was putting the finishing touches on my webservice hack to send Reporting Services reports via our archaic faxing software DBFax, pressure testing it with a run of half a dozen faxes including a multi page one.

For the multi page faxes, I have to access a frame in the TIFF file returned by reporting services, here is where I ran into an interesting little problem.

The following code works for a single page image but not a multi:


byte[] result = QAFRSReport.GetRSReport("/Feedmill Administration/RCTI", parameters);             MemoryStream s = new MemoryStream(result);             Image img = Image.FromStream(s);             s.Close();              int pageCount = QAFImageHelper.SavePages(img, fileName);


Note the closing of the stream assuming it was done with, I was wrong, sure it works fine for one page but trying to access a second page/frame in the img within the static method throws up a GDI+ error.

Moving the close down below the “SavePages” function fixed it, something to think about next time your playing around with streams.

PALGN Linkage

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Flicking through my daily asortment of websites this morning I came across this extensive article about Australian game developers on PALGN.

If you look really carefully down towards the bottom third of the article theres a small mention of a certain indie development house and their game called Dispell.

It’s not much but I made the list, right next to all of Australia’s top game developers.

Mini Bike Hill Climb

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I was in a crazy good mood last night I think the first of the summery weather had me in high spirits, we headed out to the Minibike track after work with a few beers for a few hot laps.  Hadn’t seen the track in a couple of months and holy sh!t someone has been putting it to good use!

She’s well and truely bedded in now, hot, dusty and loose… if anyone thought our minibikes were a little twichy and unpredictable before they “aint seen nothing yet!”. I shudder to think what it’s going to be like come the first rains after summer!

Appart from my poor underpant and short combination selection making every lap a ball busting (not quite Japanise bussiness man like, but you get the idea) affair it was a lot of fun.

The vids below are some snippets that Ozzy knocked up from the camping trip a few weeks ago, this hill climb was just next to camp, a lot of fun… these little bikes never fail to impress me. 

Werribee 12 Hour

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A couple of weeks ago Zett, Chicken, Ev’s and I participated in the Werribee 12 hour mountainbike race. The following is pretty much a timeline from start to finish of the day, we ended up 9th in the Mixed 4s category, we would have had 8th but Zett broke her chain 2ks from the end of her last lap and Chicken dropped a crank on his, costing us half an hour or so.

I’m not entirely sure why I like these endurance events, but they’re a lot of fun, my first lap sucked… legs burnt… huffed, puffed and coughed my way around hating life… but after that it just got easier and easier.  I think part of it is learning the track so you know where to conserve a bit and when you can borrow a bit, but I think your legs and lungs kinda get in the zone as well.

The poor old bikes didn’t fair too well afterwards, the creaks and moans that now emanate from our bottom brackets tell us that they didn’t enjoy the 4 creek crossings and powdery dust every lap.

It’s all good fun, we’ll have to rope in a few of you other slackers with mountain bikes for the next one.

Chicken ready for the first lap The starting lineup And they're off Evan ready for his first lap Chicken coming in after his first lapEv's climbing out of the final creek crossingEv's and I changing over the battonMe heading offMe napping in between lapsZett climbing to the change overEv and Nick kickin it at campChicken gets some hard earnt refreshment

Hoop Master

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XNA Tunnel

I was thinking the other day that in all my years of graphics programming I’ve never coded up the old classic tunnel effect used in almost every “demo” ever created.

So last night I knock one up, it’s pretty basic at the moment, I’ve got plans to evolve it into something more spectactular as I go along.

I’m going to put the XNA solution containing increasingly complex project versions in it for poeple wanting to learn how it’s done.

Here’s (300k) the zip containing the exe (I’ve compiled the shaders back to version 1.1 to hopefully allow it to run on more PCs)

DirectX Update here if you have trouble running it and you think your video card should support pixel shaders.

I’ll release the code once I’m done, stay tuned.

Edit: Andy pointed out a small problem where the exe would crash if you didn’t have XNA installed… fixed now so give it another go.

Russian Monk

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve created a peice of art that isn’t related to Dispell, the angry looking fella to the left is the result of just over an hours work trying out some new photoshop techniques I’ve gleaned from these video tutorials.

I’m pretty happy with this little test, the best part is the organic way the picture grows and takes form without me even knowing the out come is going to be.

Feels good to be painting again.

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