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Updated front page

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I implimented a round of little updates to the site last night, primarily the new dispell image on the front page.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end, it was the old game title screen that I was having trouble with and replaced with the fantasy styled one, I’ve now thinking about using this one again now as it fits the game better, maybe the other will make a good black t-shirt transfer.

Dispell game front page image

Next up is that actual product page, with gameplay vids and new screenshots then the payment processing.  Then there’s nothing else to do but think about how I’m going to spend all those dollars… all $10 of them!

Greek Bike Accident

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Zett and I were stooging around on YouTube last night and came across this mad motor bike crash. Still don’t understand how the bloke gets away uninjured.

Dispell web page progress is comming along well, I’ve got a nice cheery little graphic almost ready for the front page, once thats up (should be tonight) it’s on to the detailed product page. I’ve got some of the documentation fleshed out just need to capture some video of the game and some good screen shots.

New Blog System

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 It was a fair pain in the azz but I finally got the old blog moved over to WordPress. 

The old blog was something I wrote myself in PHP, it didn’t have comments and didn’t adhere to the standards properly, now I’ve got all that and can use some of the offline blog clients (like live writer) to post.

This is just the beginning of a whole swag of updates for BrownBot, next thing will be a new front page for Dispell, then a newly designed products section.

 Went to the doctor yesterday to get the stitches out of my leg and see why it had stated to swell up, I think I overdid it a bit on Sunday and it had started to get a little secondary infection, I’ve been locked to the couch and on the antibiotics and it’s gone down a lot. I’ll be back to work tomorrow, I’ve gotta start some training for this 12 hour mountainbike race soon, only 3 weeks to go!

What is XNA

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Euan mentioned&nbsp over on Madprops this new microsoft XNA Game Studio Express IDE (integrated development environment) comming out early next month.

This morning I found an article on the dev team’s blog stating exactly what XNA is, it sounds like it’s a fixed version of managed directX that removes the most painfull parts (all the device crap) while adding some higher end features to help you get content in and up on the screen. Interestingly it’s rendering engine is all shader pipeline based, sounds a little high spec on the PC side (probably won’t run on a standard PC any older than 2-3 years), not that this would be a huge issue with my current 4-5 years developement cycle :) .

I’m certainly going to have a look, though I still thinking that the Torque engine from Garage games is a more complete solution.

Prepare for change

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Due to me being layed up with my bunged up leg for the weekend, I had a very successfull attempt at knocking over the last few graphics for Dispell.

Probably had a couple too many wines on Friday night so Saturday was a little slow, spent a good deal of &nbsp the afternoon wasting time with toribash, worked out how to grab the oponent, there’s something so funny about watching a dummy leap into the air and dry root another dummy to death.

Sunday I was up bright and early (Zett headed off to the slopes) and I got suck straight into it, I totally re-did the second last boss (DeathKnight) &nbsp he’s now more like a giant wooden barrel robot (a bit like the Uranus robot out of giant robo… for all none of you who know what uranus looks like), next it was polishing, polishing the “nag” screen at the end to try and intice people to lay down their hard earned cash on the full version, this is actually pretty tough, took me about 2 or 3 hour to get something I was happy with.

After that I giggered a few of the sound effects and the tresure room sequence, so now the game itself is pretty much done! &nbsp Now I move onto getting this website up to scratch, expect a few changes around here over the next couple of weeks, it could get ugly for a bit but this will open the door for some more interesting stuff in the future.


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toribashFound this great little physics experiment/game today, it’s basically a fighting game where you control the muscles of your player instead of using pre canned moves.

This little vid shows you whats possible, these guys are good, I managed to smash my own hands off with a big double punch rugby tackle once, most of the time I just lept into the air and fell over. Give it a go?

Dispell Title

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Dispell Title ScreenSprang awake at 5am this morning, nothing else to do but get up and start hacking away at the title screen painting I’ve been working on this past week. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I think I could have pushed the pose a little harder but I’m still working out this digital painting thing.

I’ve got one more Nag screen and some updates to the death knight to finish off and I’m done, seeing I’m out of action this weekend due to comming a gutser on a slider at the snow last weekend, I should be ready for sale, done and dusted this weekend.

About bloody time!

Brown Egg Layer

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I’m currently working on a production contamination sequencing utility to help use identify what order we make our products in, apparently we make a products called Brown Egg Layer?

Brown Egg layer

Goodbye Commode

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My old work carAround 6 months ago I was fortunate enough to upgrade to work car to a new Holden Adventra, my old white Commodore became the IT Pool car for all the IT boys to run around the country side rebooting stuff.

Last week Andy (AKA Crucible from Madprops) ran up the arse of a truck who for some masterious reason decided it would be a good idea to pull a power U-turn across the hume highway, thankfully he walked away scott free, the boss actually had him working on the big install he was driving down there for first thing the next morning.

Goodbye Commode you served us well.


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Here’s a blast from the past!

Just got my new work laptop last night and am in the process of moving all my old stuff across and setting up my development environment, as I was moving across some of this old stuff I ran into some pics I backed up from the old madprops days.

Here’s the original article to go with the Pink party pics, the pics tell the real story though… must have been a little loose!

In new news we had an awesome weekend up at falls creek with Dools, Slammy and Lam, it’d be a shame if that is the best weekend of snow for the season (just under 50cm base so none of the summit was open) but we still had a blast. Pulled up friggin sore Monday and Tuesday but that was to be expected, feeling better for it now.

In Dispell news I’m in the process of evaluating online payment processing vendors and still touching up some of the images, should be starting the site changes soon.

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