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Dispell Beta 1

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Dispell Game Title

I’ve finally got a full version of Dispell (Rhys Quest) ready for testing and packaged up into an installer. Hit the download link above to grab your own copy, keep in mind that this is a beta test so some of the graphics are just place holders but pretty much everything is in place.

What I need from you is weed out the weak parts of the level design, basicly tell me which part you really like and which part you disliked or got totally stuck on.

If you do download it and play it, please take the time to fill out the following questionare and send it to

  1. What difficulty level did you play (normal is the default)?
  2. What Chapter and level did you make it too in your first 3 tries?
  3. What is your favourite character?
  4. What is the worst looking character?
  5. What does the Bomb power up do?
  6. What does the lightning bolt power up do?
  7. What was highest save percentage you got on any level?
  8. Was there a level that stumped you, which Chapter/Level was it?
  9. Did you use the charged zaps at all?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Bloody Mary

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One delicious Bloody MaryEver since the little impromtu cocktail party we had the night before Celeste and WP (Vippy/Bill) headed back to South Africa, I’ve been stuck on drinking Bloody Marys.

Since I’ve been (mostly) on the wagon in an attempt to motivate myself to get Rhys Quest finished, I’ve been only drinking non-alcoholic versions, but they’re just as good.

The one pictured to the right was a particularly spicy little number, I thought I had the mix down pat till I moved to a different sized glass. The trick is the lemon juice/Worchester sause/tabasco ratios, and it’s one that very easy to stuff up.

The ratio that’s been working for me is…

  1. a Highball glass
  2. half fill with ice
  3. a firm dash of lemon juice (more than you’d think)
  4. about half a much as the lemon juice in Worchester sause
  5. two shakes of tabasco
  6. grind a little peper on top
  7. half a stick of celery


Queens Birthday Mini Bike Celebrity Death Match

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Text and HTML can’t really add much to what the little videos below show, five grown men on top quality Chiniese&nbsp 125cc&nbsp mini bikes racing head to head for a non existent trophy we spoke about making.

The chimp came out on top in both races with me a close second, the Third race was cancelled due to Evan hurting his knee on the first lap. &nbsp I’ve been putting in a few practice sessions since and have squeezed a bit more pace out of the bike, got some new riser bars comming this week which I’m hoping will make things a little more comfy and give me a few more percent.

Google Earth Updated

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Google Earth CorowaThere’s nothing worse than a blog telling you that they haven’t blogged, so this blog isn’t about that I’ll just say that I’ve been a little busy ( a small matter of getting married and all that ).

Anyhow Vijay was showing me a birds eye view of his new house in Albury this after noon and he showed me that both Corowa and Albury have been updated with much higher res photos in Google Earth go check them out.

I’m back off the beer till I get Rhys Quest finished, looking good for the end of the month.

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