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Mini Bike warm up

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Broke the new mini bike in with a big session down the Corowa common Saturday, we had 3 bikes (our new one, Moorey’s newly repaired one and Ev’s). Trav had been down there a few weeks before scoping out a potential circuit, after a little digging and clearing a few trees and saplings we managed to come up with great little track. A few more sessions down there to clear out the grass and we’ll be in busness.

It was so much fun racing each other around, not that we setup any real race mostly just buring around cutting in the track getting use to the new bike. Man did I get some savage leg pump, I guess it’s not suprising when you’ve got a 6+ foot bloke crammed on a mini bike.

The clip below it Trav getting high sided chasing me and Ev with the helmet cam. Trav’s own bike (pretty much exactly the same as ours) arrives this Friday so stay tuned for more Mini Bike action!

New Mini Bike

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New Minibike Orion AGB-29Yep that’s our new Mini Bike, rushed home and threw it together at lunch time. Only got a couple of quick laps down to the river and back in, it’s friggin sweet!

Mechicaly it’s a little different to both Moorey and Evan’s, though it definiitely stems from the same heritage as Moorey’s. It was supposed to be yellow but the black and red one is probably better looking. Taking it over to Mooreys after work to give it the once over with the grease gun and look at potential bush upgrades and tuning.

Looking forward to a session or two with the boys over the weekend.

The God Father

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The godfather looks like he's had his wisdom teeth out cabbage patch kid also looks like they've reacted to the tooth extractionPoor old Zetty is a bit sad and sorry at the moment, on Tuesday she got her two bottom wisdom teeth taken out and she’s had a bit of a reaction. The side were they had a little trouble getting the tooth is particularly swollen, it’s weird to look at and I can’t help but burst out laughing most of the time, she looks like a cross between the god father and a cabbage patch doll.

On top of this she’s also got a nasty flu at the same time, lucky she’s got the week off sick leave, hope the swelling goes down before the wedding :)

Party Pit Ownership

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Old boundry and pitKristy just sent through this awesome news, they’ve been collecting all the disparet paper boundry records up and the council and compiling them into one computer system. &nbsp Guess what, in the revised version they’ve included the pit in our block!

You can see in the photo how&nbsp the old boundry use to line up with the blocks on our left, now we own right back to the big box thorn bush where the partying possums live at the back of the pit.


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Xavier Harrison Jones

This little fella pictured to the left is Caz and Terry’s new born son Xavier Harrison Jones, who arrived yesterday at around 3:45pm at 8 odd pounds and 51cm long. Both are recovering well and should be home on Thursday.

That makes an uncle 6 times over now, another techno protege to work on.

New Mini Bike

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AGB-29 minibike

Zett and I picked this little beauty up on ebay the other night, once it rolls up we’re primed and ready for some mini bike pack racing madness with the boys. The chimp has almost the same model as this rolling up next week as well, can’t wait.

Vital Statistics

ENGINE DUCAR 125cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Air cooled
TRANSMISSION Manual (International 1 down 3 up)
STARTER Kick Start
MUFFLER alloy sport muffler
REAR SHOCK TAIWAN MADE Adjustable Heavy Duty rear GAS-shock
FRONT FORK Adjustable heavy duty UP SIDE DOWN
MAX SPEED 100km depending on conditions
BORE*STROKE 56.5mm x 49.5mm
SEAT HEIGHT About 750mm
TANK CAPACITY 3Litre Including 0.8Reserve
BRAKE Quality Front and Rear Hydraulic Ventilated Disk
G.W/N.W 89KG/65KG
Max weight capacity 100kg

MORE: Sports Air Filter, Heavy duty bearings, Reliable Quality throttles and handles Grips, Improved heavy duty chain, Aluminium Head set, Alloy Alloy Engine bash plate, rims colour is black

Cray Fishing

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Went cray’n (cray fishing) last night, Chicken for some reason though it would be nice to head out to the police paddoks and throw in a few pots seeing cray’n season just opened last weekend.

Zetty hadn’t seen one yet and got pretty excited when we pulled the first couple out, it’s been quite a while since I’ve tasted the tasty white flesh of the cray fish and I must say that I thoughouly enjoyed it.

The picture below is the one keeper (they have to be > 10cm from the eyes to the start of the tail) we ate last night cooling down after being cooked…. yummy!

Cooked Murray River Cray Fish

Mini Bike Madness

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Recently my Brother, Morrey, the Upton boys invested in some mini bikes, they’re Chinese made 125cc 4 stroke motor bikes you can pick up brand new on ebay for between $500 and $1000. &nbsp They’re bigger than a mini but still pretty small with a 6 foot + bloke on top, but they still crack resonably hard (as the videos show).

Rhys having his first goPa makin the mini bike look mini!Ev showing them how it's done

We’ve had Rhys on Ev’s one a couple of times just putting around in first gear, he got the basics down already. Moorey, Trav and I took Moorey’s out the common for a session the other day, it’s great fun, they can take a fair pizzling.

Gone fishing

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I don’t have enought time to elaborate but the pictures pretty much tell the story anyhow, last weekend Euan, Buggy, Lamby, Damo and I headed up to the hut at Anglers Rest (between Omeo and Mitta) for some beer drinking and fishing.

Buggy and Euan pretending to fish Lamby holding up the fireplace Damo fell asleep firstBuggy

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