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Drain Slider

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Taking a bit of time today to clean out my inbox and generally get a bit better organised here at work, I found these little vids that the Chimp knocked up of Barnes axing himself on the dran slider with his wakeboard…. I’m also testing weather I can embed a video file into a page seems to work well.

Early start

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Have a look at the time above, yep thats right I’m up at 5:30 AM working on Rhys Quest… commitment.

I’ve set myself a July deadline to have it finished and move on to another project, after 4 years + development it’s become a thorn in my side.

It’s pretty chilly in here!

Dead Airport Express

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Woke up this morning feeling pretty good in general, it was a little cool but not too bad, went to my iBook to chuck some music on (usually streamed wirelessly to my stereo via my Airport Express) only to find that I had no wireless coverage.

Apon further investigation I found the AX (Airport Express, that supplies my wireless network at streams the music) dead, tried plugging it into several other sources to no avail.

Jumped on PC and googled “Dead Airport Epress” to find this isn’t a remote case, unfortunatly a lot of early adopters are seeing power supply failures a few months after the warranty has expired, mine is just comming up to 18 months old.

Certainly pretty disapointing, I gave them a ring to log a case with them and hopefully spark some action, they were pretty good about it but pretty much said I’m poked because it’s out of warranty…. I’m hoping it’s a faulty batch and some sort of recall is called.

Leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth, I was really happy with the AX and starting to look seriously at one of the new Mac Mini’s, guess it proves the you should wait till version 2 of a new product before jumping on board or you could get burnt.

Now the question is what do we replace it with? We’ve got no wireless now so the lappy’s function is cut in half, and now I’ve gotta be wired to listen to music in the lounge…. I’ve got a new PC in the study so the old one is there ready to used for something, perhaps a media centre PC but I’m not convinced with the interface… might be able to utilise the Arcade machine for music but the screen is playing up now… Arhhhhh my tech utopia at home is falling to peices!

Comic Books Cafe On-line (Schider Girld Man)

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Comic books cafeThe Mabster put me back onto the website setup by the guy who use to own “Weirdo world” in Albury (Alpha Omega Comics, Alternate Worlds before that see here for a breif history of comics in Albury by the man himself). Be carefull visiting it though, it’s pretty intense!

I’m guessing he does all his own graphics… in MSPaint and has a dislike for anti-aliased images. He mentioned he has been trying to break into the comic book industry as a penciler or a writer, from the images and writting on the site I can see why he’s selling them rather than creating them…. It’s pretty harsh to say it but, the guy is a freak, he use to alway follow you around the store forcing Spider girl (Schider girl as he use to say it) comics onto you. I hope Matt isn’t offended, I know he was good mates with the guy )

He was on a one man mission to save Schider girl as the comic wasn’t selling so Marvel were going to can it.

For all you single ladies out there here’s a link to his MSN profile and blog.

They cleaned my box

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So fresh and so cleanIn all it's glory

The mill ( the big tower behind my office ) got a clean this week, guys in giant cherry pickers with presure washers hosed the whole thing down.

While they were at it they gave the dog box a quick once over, she came up a treat though the presure blew the red trim clean off!

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