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Pete the Pooh

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Petey the Pooh
I was searching my PC at work today for pics of the sidler and I came across this, I think it was done for some Madprops article ages ago… ?

Posh Pash

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Posh PashCheck out the front cover from The Border Mail today!

Yes that’s Mowli giving Englands first lady a pash right in front of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair!

By the looks of it she’s well up for it as well, who can blame her really, double gold medal weilding hunk of man chicken that he is. Not sure what Maggot thinks about it all, I’m sure she can forgive him seeing it’s so bloody funny….

We watched the heated match over a few beers and a BBQ on Moorey’s big plasma, cheering all the way. This Gold knotches up another big tornament for Mowli and the Kookaburras, now all they have to do is win the world cup later in the year and they’ll have won all of the major tornaments in hockey world wide.

Well done mate, all the best for World Cup.

Behold the Revolution

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Code name: revolution
Behold the Revolution (Nintendo’s new games console out later this year…. damn sexy)

OS X Vs Vista

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We headed down the pub for lunch today in light of both Chicken and Matt having thier birthdays this week. Over a couple of beers Zetty bought up how she’d downloaded the latest version of Media Player and was shocked at how much like iTunes it looked.

This lead me in to a rant about how many features of Vista ( the new version of windows ) are also taken straight from OS X ( Apples operating system ). Thing is I’m actually really looking forward to Vista because it has ripped off so many of OS X’s features. I’ve become quite the Mac OS covert and having the features I love to use at home not available at work frustrates me.

Matt calls the fact that a lot of the new features are the same “parrallel evolution”, I do partially agree. But the thing that burns me is how the richest company in the world can be so far behind in this “parrallel evolution”? Surely the worlds leading operating system should be world leading in features, how is it that Apple who has about 5% market share in PCs be 2-3 years in front.

Here’s a quick run down on obvious ones and the ones I use the most:

Safari Vs IE

Safari vs IEFinally they’ve introduced tabbed browsing and an integrated search bar, not all that revolutionary seeing firefox (and I’m sure plenty of other browsers) also uses almost the same layout. Since IE5 they’ve slowly been digging themselves out of the non standards complient hole they dug for themselves trying to buy the internet, though the fix for a lot of these is quite painfull.

Spotlight Vs Desktop Search

Spotlight Vs Desktop Search This is one of those features you never knew you missed, once you sip from the instant search cup you can never return to the world of manually finding files and apps again. I’ve tried the add on “desktop search” for XP but it’s so slow, my 800mhz iBook kills my 3500mhz P4. Can’t wait till this is across all our network drives at work.

Expose Vs Flip

Expose Vs Flip This is one I can’t live without, I purchased an add on for XP to replicate the feature but again it’s NQR (not quite right) and slow as buggery. Being able to find the open window you want saves you a heap of time, I’m not sure how well the 3D cascade will work but it’s got to be better than an iconised “alt-tab”.

iPhoto Vs Photo Gallery

iPhoto vs Photo Gallery Who could predict that people might need to visibly scan through images to manage them effectivly, not Microsoft! They’re way behing on this one, iPhoto is the main reason I headed to a Mac it works really well, this photo gallery should be a step in the right direction.

Here are another couple of crappy ones I saw on the preview site that aren’t important but so close I had to include.

Control Panel Search

Control Panel Search Not a huge feature but one thats come in handy seeing I’m a bit of a pleb support wise on a Mac, you can type in plain english phases to find the control panel item you want.


Speech I’ve tried this and it work about as well as you would expect… pretty badly. I only chucked it in here because the windows control looks so OS X like :)

So through all this MS bashing I am still looking forward to Vista, I’ve shipped my first little .NET 2.0 app this week and am liking what I’ve seen so far (even if it does seem like one step forward and two steps back from delphi but thats another huge rant on Microsoft not leading the pack).

Like it or lump it I’m going to have to use it and master it to make my living and with any luck the “new MS” that everyone is taking about will get off their arse and actually lead on features!

Edit: Here’s a link to Matt’s Madprops article commenting on my points and my response.

Nacho Libre

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Nacho Libre
A film from the makers of Napolean Dynamite staring Jack Black about a mexican preist who moonlights as a wrestler…. it’s gotta be good!

House boat retro ski day 2006

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Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat Loading the boatLoading the boat


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witchiepooUp early again this morning doing some more RQ1 dev, it was a good session I re-layed out the second chapter to fit in with the “one character at a time” plan that worked so well with chapter one. &nbsp You get a much greater sense of progression when you don’t see the same characters turning up over and over again.

Progress is slow seeing I only get to work on it a few precious hours a week, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.&nbsp I’m not really hitting the code much anymore, mostly it’s the pure creative side of things (Concepts, drawing, laying out levels, sounds effects etc) which makes it not seem so much like a chore.

The “Witchiepoo” to the left is one of the new chapter 2 bosses, I was happy with how quickly it came together.

Might even make a game out of it soon… you never know?

Touch 2006

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Winners are grinnersLast week we had the Grand final show down and whind up for touch. The final was a bit of a let down acutally, though we did play really well (possibly the best all year) we trounced the opposition 10 – 1.

Had a good night afterwards having a few beers with the team, thats certainly one thing our team has always been pretty good at. Possibly a little too good, as we inevitably end up last to leave the bar at the ground as well as the pub this night.

Funny thing is that (as I have done here) most of our team failed to mention one small fact about our decicive victory when explaining it to people… we actually only won the B-Grade grand final!

There are only 8 teams in the comp, so after the regular season matches the comp it gets split into two divisions, we had a slow start to the season so ended up 5th. Seening we came second in the whole comp last year, this year was actually not so great… but hey you’ve gotta take the win when you can!

Travis Charest

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Edward Scissorhands (by Travis Charest)I found this new artist linked from 4CR this morning. Travis Charest is his name and I love his style, it doesn’t look like he’s done all that many books but the bits and peices I’ve seen on this fan site are awesome.

There was also a link to a web comic from the same guy, check it out here.


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I didn’t realise that some people have no idea what I’m talking about when I say TAFT (or TUFT as Zetty put). I thought it was just part of Australian culture. Then after actually thinking about it I think it came from the TAFTs Barnes had in the Pulsator (His big brown ski boat).

This is what a TAFT should look like, you can’t really see from this pic but it has an equaly large bulbus bit that goes behind your head (designed to snap your brain stem in the event of a decent accident).

a TAFT life jacket in all it's glory

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