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Retro Ski Day Warning

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Ski piramidI hope everyone has their outfits ready, retro ski day is almost apon us.

I’ve had a bit of a round up of old ski gear around our place and have the following:

  • One set of old woodies (Double skis)
  • two knee boards
  • two buscuits
  • a fluro single ski
  • two fluro wetsuits (only fit for midgits to wear)

The stuff that we’re missing is:

  • some proper yellow TAFTs
  • An Aqua/Miki board or ply wood disk of DOOM
  • A couple more sets of woodies so we can attempt a ski piramid
  • Anything anyone else can think of…

Party Barge Pics

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Kristy sent through those party barge pics today, here they are for you all to enjoy.

Beauty Falls and Back

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At the startZetty and Chicken, apparently bereft of any physical challenges recently, came up with the ludicrous idea of riding to Falls Creek from Mount Beauty and back on our mountain bikes. I dismissed this as just talk, it certainly didn’t sound like fun to me, surely we could better invest the trip over there.

Well due to Ev pulling out on me at the last minute I had no choice but to join the loons in their endeavor, it actually turned out to be a bit of fun… in a (literal) pain in the arse kind of way.

You don’t really notice it in a car but the road to Falls Creek from Mount Beauty actually undulates for the almost half the way, it’s not till you hit Bogong Village that you start the real climb. Once you start though there is little repreave, not that it’s very steep, just very constant. Fifteen odd k’s of up no matter how shallow a gradient soon sorts you out, we just kept plugging away at it and went by quite nicely. There wasn’t much traffic and what was there was very curtious, so we were left to soak up the serenity on our slow miander up the mountain.

Chicken and Zetty cruisinMe on the roadSerenity

Speeding downAt the top

We made it to the sign for a well deserved rest in about three hours neat with a couple of short stops on the way. We didn’t stay too long at the top due to drop in temperature, just enough time to slam in some power bars and a good dose of water before starting the descent.

The descent was a bit of fun, on a nimble mountain bike you basically don’t need to touch the breaks at all, just lean into the corners and hit your apexs. We made short work of the past two hours of climbing hitting Bogong Village in about twenty minutes.

The rest of the ride wasn’t as bad as I expected, Ev’s had warned us about how hard it was to get the legs spinning over again after the descent. We certainly weren’t setting any speed records but still covered the remaining undulating terrain in about forty five minutes.

All in all it was a fun day out, challenging enough but not a total blow you to pieces exercise, mind you after a couple of beers on the way home I had a kick ass power nap. My hat goes off to Chicken for completing it on my old FSR, which is only out done in it’s climbing inability by the Chimps “goat”, far better equipped for going down not up.

Edit: Here’s a really crappy little quick time vid I knocked up tonight about the ride.

Wakeboarding Sunday Session

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We’ve had a fantastic summer this year, good friends about, good parties and pleanty of physical activity. &nbsp We’ve been out on the water wakeboarding heaps this year, we’ve stepped up a knotch with our riding mostly due to the Chimp scoring the use of a brand new Skicraft X-Air boat (though there seems to be no mention of the new model on their website yet, possibly because it’s the first one they made!).

These shots are from a lovely little Sunday session we had a few weeks ago, good fun.

Barnes BackrollMe with a tail grabChimp grabZetty going out for a big 180Jess grabbin it

Party Barge action to fairwell the Bastard

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This is from a few weeks ago, I was waiting for some photos but oh well.

anyhow after that and mowing the lawn and generally cleaning up around the house we headed over to Kristy and Richey (Dick and Minge)’s for a session on their party barge with Travis (Trevor(the Chimp)), Benjeman Athel (Barnes (the Bastard) ), Emma (Ditzy) and Ilzette ( Zetty (Shagga)).

I had the best intentions of taking it easy and heading out early Sunday for a MTB ride with Ev’s but an hour into the cruise I realised this was folley.

The cruise was really nice, there are few places I’d rather be than down on the river with a beer in my hand on a nice hot day, it’s even better when you’re cruising in the lap of luxury with some good friends down a part of the river you haven’t been for some time.We made it right down stream past where we use to camp with our parents when we were young, where the river turns very narrow and deep, quite different to what we normally see.

By the end we were well and truly drunk, most unpresentable for the 30th birthday party we ended up at. still managed to catch up with some old school mates which is nice, though I have no idea what I spoke to them about.

A fitting way to fairwell my old mate Barnes, who’s back in Canada as we speak.

DS Dark Vs Lite

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Sumo Tube

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Sumotube 1Zetty (AKA the Queen of eBay) has been fishing around for some water ski aparatus for us to use on the “Retro ski” day we’ve got planned while we’re on the house boat in Echuca in March.

Basically looking for some old TAFT life jackets and inflatable things to try and hurt ourselves on behind the boat, she stumbled across one of these Sumotubes for sale.

They look all fun and games in the these pictures but I can picture in my mind the true nature of one of these in the wrong hands…. meaning Barnes’s hands!!!! The only man to personally ban himself from towing people on a biscuit behind his boat. He actually had little stick figures marked on the side of the biscuit like a WW2 fighter plane for the poeple he’d destroyed on it. It wasn’t till he hospitalised another victim that he placed his ban on himself.

Sumotube 2This does look like a bit of fun but I wonder just how much control you really have, would you say, have enough control to avoid being impaled on a log on a whip? How far could you ride one up the bank? Whats really stopping your entire body being ripped out through one of those arm holes when your towed flat out over a “Wakesetter” tripple up?

DS TV Opera

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For those of you who are interested, here are a few interesting developments in the Nintendo DS world. Basically a web browser and some sort of digital TV card for the unit (Japan only at the moment), they’re keeping us on the drip feed with these add-on applications for this strange device.

I’m looking forward to the western release of their “Brain training” games, apparently they’re selling like hot cakes to Japanese business men, I like the idea of applications that aren’t the classic definition of games, I need a change. I was lurking around in EB last night looking for something to blow my $40 xmas voucher on and had serious trouble… the best I could come up with is the Special forces update to battle field.

It’s a sad situation… there does seem to be some light on the horizon though :)

BrownNet back up

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A couple of weekends ago I finally got the wireless network that links all the family houses working again on the new stainless steel catennas. I’d not, on 2 previous attempts been able to get the first link between my house (where the internet connection is) and Mum and Dads (over the road) going. This time I decided that I’d attempt to get the further link up first as a test, then move back onto the troublesome link.

Of course the further link (which is at least 5 times further and straight through a big tree) came straight up, leaving me to ponder as to what the hell could be stopping the nice clear line of sight link across the road. In frustration I gave all the connectors a wiggle and lo and behold the lights started blinking… so I’d been up and down that bloody ladder so many times all because of one dodgie connector!

Feel the Force

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Force Feedback wheelCheck out this badboy that just rolled up at my front door, Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Steering Wheel! Zetty (AKA the Queen of ebay) picked it up for a measly $50 delivered.

The box was a little shabby when it arrived and there was no additional packing inside the box to stop everything flailing about, but it’s in top nick. &nbsp I plugged it in (crappy old 15 pin joystick plug) and added the new gaming device and we were away. &nbsp Only problem was…. no force!

After mucking around with a few options and a few different games I still had no luck, but while I was waiting for one of the games to load up, I wiped some of the residual dust from the crevices and curves of the wheel and accidentaly pressed the large button in the center of the wheel, iliminating the large green “FORCE” sign in the middle of the wheel.

It works a treat, much better than trying to play with a joystick. &nbsp I can’t wait to hook this up to the new gaming rig (hopefully arriving next week) with the latest version of Live for Speed (kick ass Indie developed car racing simualtor).

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