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Mowli the Goali

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This is a photo of Mowli and the Port Jackson shark he caught in his boat a few days before buggering his ankle wakeboarding, putting his selection into the up comming Commonwealth Games into question. He actually pulled off his first 360 that day in the rough bay underneath the bridge to Phillip Island.

Here’s an acticle from the AGE news paper talking up Mowli’s performance in a recent game against Spain. Here’s another one from the Herald Sun.

Sounds like he’s dug himself out of the poo with the selectors, good luck with getting selected for the games mate.

DS Lite

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After all the romours flying around a few weeks ago about a new DS design getting quashed by a seemingly fake quote from some Nintendo big wig, they’ve announce a new and very sexy “iBook’esque” design.

Out in Japan early March I’m not sure when we’ll get it here, seeing we’ve already got two at home I’m not really in the market, but Rhys and Ev don’t have one yet and they’ve got birthdays sometime this year :)

The Nintendo Revoltion above and the Apple Mac Mini below

This re-design also confirms my suspicions that Nintendo are following Apple’s lead in their product design, it’s more than just having white plastic too, they’re taking it back and stripping things down to make it simple and more accessible. They’re also playing the marketing and hype game a little better these days, trickle feeding news, whipping the internet fanboys into a frezy.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting E3 this year, with all the big boys laying their “new generation” cards on table.


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Up early this morning working on Rhys Quest, been focusing on what needs to happen to actually finish the whole thing off … finally!

This dude started off as a Witch, they transformed into a Warlock eventually becoming Brad!

he’s going to be the main antagonist throughout the adventure, I’ve been toying with the idea of an anti Rhys for a while (had to check with Rhys whether he actually has a friend called Brad first &nbsp :) &nbsp ) I think it’ll work pretty well having him pop up from time to time.

Otherwise I’ve been re-designing the levels again, got a new formula to prevent it being so “samey” throughout the chapters, basically I’m restricting each level to 2 characters so you don’t see the same ones keep cropping up giving you more sense of progression, so far it’s working pretty well.

Nintendo Catalog

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Someone has taken an old nintendo merchandise catalog and edited the captions, this one is very wrong but very funny.

Final order config

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This is the final config that I just ordered, awesome system for the price, should well and truely do me for a few years.

Motherboard DFI Infinity nF4 Ultra: nForce4-Ultra, 1000MHz FSB, 4xDDR400(2x), ATA/133, 4xSATA/300, 16xPCI-E, GigaLAN, Sound, Firewire, ATX
CPU AMD Athlon 64 3700+ CPU + Fan – S939, ?.?GHz, 1Mb, 800MHz – San Diego
RAM GeIL 2Gb 400MHz CAS 2.5-4-4-8 DDR Memory Kit (2 x 1Gb 400MHz DDR RAM)
Hard Drives 300Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 7200rpm Hard Drive – S/ATA-II, 16Mb – 5Y
Video Card Powercolor ATi Radeon X800GT Extreme 256Mb 16xPCI-E Video Card + DVI/TV Out
Case Antec SLK3700BQE Black ATX Quiet Medi-tower Case w/350w PSU


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Slightly updated specs on my new home PC here.

The last couple of days I was tossing up (not over) the new Intel iMacs and an upgrade at home, but it’ll take at least another 6 months before the software will be ready on the new Macs and realistically I’m going to earn a lot more money learning VS2005 and .NET 2.0 on a PC than playing with photos on a new Mac. Certainly not ruling out the possibility in 12 months or so.

Doug and Dave

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Not to take anything away from someone running their own business, but when I see companies with dodgie website setups like this it gives me confidence in starting my own business one day.

Virtual Reality Street Fighter

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A little sore and sorry today after the weekend, had a great time hangin out with Buggy and Euan Friday night, then Lambys bucks do bus trip the next day.

The Friday night was a crack up, the boys rolled up just as we were packing the boat up after taking the fam out for a quick wake board, we started straight into a few blonds. After a couple and a bit of a catchup we headed down the pizza shop on my two little cruisers. Now these cruisers are the old ones designed for kids with the long seats and the ape hanger handle bars, so two blokes had to share one (one sitting at the back, face in the arse of the guy standing ion the pedels, legs flailing either side testing out the strength on their hip flexers) while the other rode the slightly dodgie one with no brakes.

After successfully returning with pizzas in tact (but not exactly what all parties actually ordered) and slamming them down over a couple more beers we started a few rounds of Virtual Reality Street Fighter on my MAME cab.

What this involves is playing street fighter against the computer with your sleaves rolled up and a person on either side of you. Now what happens is every time your character gets hit in the game you get hit by the two other on lookers (mostly slinging slaps to the arms and a bit of shoving around), it greatly increases the intensity of the game and the difficulty, the bruises we all had the next day indicate that we were fairly wailing on each other.

Next we moved onto a bit of DDR Mario Mix with the girls, after clearing all the songs on Normal difficulty the girls headed to bed and we headed out for an urban assult checking out the old haunts around town on the cruisers, this time we grabbed a third bike to make it easy (good thing we did as we ended up covering some ground).

We burned around the Primary School for a bit then the Skate park (where Euan flipped his bike in a table drain) and RSL park before heading up to the high school. I havn’t been up there for many many years, it’s funny we all said it seems smaller than we remember, I guess that makes sence.

It was an awesome night, there’s something about riding around town late at night that’s fun, I’m not sure if it reminds me of the times we use to sneak out and roam around the town when we were young or it’s that the streets are deserted and quiet.

Unfortunatly we couldn’t sleep in too long the next morning as we had the bucks bus trip and we still needed to get a few things for it.

Will write about that night soon.

Photos from Reamo

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New Years 2005

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Just had a little look at what I’ve blogged about lately and bugger me the last four have been dodgie computer posts, how boring.

I’ve been holding out on posting about new years as I wanted to get some photos ready for that post but I fugure I can always blog the photos up on their own. Anyhow we had another great new years celebration, we spent it down in San Reamo (just on the mainland side of the bridge to Phillip Island) with quite a large group of friends.

The first night turned out bigger than we ought to have had before the new years party, not the first time it’s happened though and definetly won’t be the last, it’s all too easy to get pumped up seeing everyone after a long car trip. So the first night was a few beers that turned into down the pub till stumps. Next day the loungroom looked and smelt like a crack den with lifeless bodies littering the floor, a pungent sweaty aroma in the hot stagnent air.

That day was that arse scorcha where it was 45+ in Melbourne, thankfully we managed to “beat the heat” down the beach with some water cricket and a swim, unfortunately the heat made the afternoon nap I had planned impossible, we ended up setting up a makesift shower with the garden hose in a shady tree and drinking beer under it.

The new years celebrations were fun, they were best discribed to me as “passive aggressive” celebrations, to the detached passer by you would have thought it was just a bunch of people drinking and chatting in the front yard with a stereo and a couple of snake lights, in part you would have been correct. But underneath it all there was looseness, there was the Durchie mask photo shoots, the semi naked balette, agapantha whisperings, little adventures down to the park, Dick and Minges floor routine, oh and point where Dick found a blond haired hottie in a swag…. that turned out to be Minge (his wife).

Thank fully the next day was raining and much cooler, nothing else to do but head down the pub for a recovery session. The only productive thing we did all day was to grab some fishing gear for the expedition the next day, which turned out to be awesome fun.

Mowli, The Chimp, Zetty and I headed out a the crack of six thirty in Molwi’s new boat (nice blue half cab) with no idea chasing the running SNAPPA!

unfortunatly we didn’t bag any snapper, we did land some wrasse, mullet, a weird little gummy shark thing, a sting ray and a tiny little toad fish. We had a ball, definetly the most fun I’ve had fishing since the carp fishing comp Barnes and I had down at Chinamans Lagoon. Apparently Mowli went out again the next day and caught a heap of bigger stuff.

Awesome long weekend, thanks to Mowli, Maggot, Trav and Jess for hosting everyone.

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