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It took a fair bit of work but I’d say the Engagement Pit Party was a resounding success.

Unfortunately the weather was a little varied scaring a few people off and giving us a little shower half way through the party, not enough to dampen our spirits but enough to lube up the “Dance Floor of Trust” for some boot scootin action.

I’ve gotta start out with a huge thanks to Buggy for bustin his hump and drinking beer with me the day and morning before getting the pit ready, the bench seats, decorations, bar, fridge, new painting and “Dance Floor of Trust” really set a new standard for pit parties and there is no way I could have got half of it done without his help. Also gotta thank Zetty, my family and friends that chipped in to get the food, suits and finishing touches together.

The party got off to a nice slow start, simmering away with the beers and spit roast sliding down nicely, it really started to get underway just after dark.

The photos indicate that I propped myself behind the bar most of the night double fisting beer and punch into my head whilst wailing away with a pair of maracas, the finer details of the night elude me but I recall a fair bit of dancing and cheering… oh and the punch getting well and truly out of control.

At one point there was a mix going around with a layer of (spew like) finely chopped peach bits (pip and all). The standard reaction to this mix was violently spitting it on the ground, looking at the glass with puzzlement and asking “what the !@#$ is that!”.

God only knows what actually ended up in the final mix but it had a lot of Vodka and some Gin, Scotch, Bourbon, Espresso Coffee, Juice, Peach, Redbull, V, sparkling red wine and anything else sitting on the bar adding with a fist pounding long pour!

The dancing and drinking continued into the wee hours, the biggest efforts of the night were Daz, Morey and Lisa who watched the sun rise. They backed this up with a huge recovery session the next day which got looser than the actual party… but that’s another story.

To repeat the only line from my completly none existant speach, thanks to all our many and varied friends!

Mug Shot

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A Post at last

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Things have been very quiet on BrownBot of late, it?s not due to lack of action on my behalf, quite the opposite. Here?s a brief rundown of the last month or so.

It all started with a big night down in the pit to welcome Barnes home, my memory of it gets pretty hazy at the point where he ripped the top off a bottle of Canadian whisky and threw it in the fire declaring ?we won?t be needing that again?. The photos indicate that there was a fair bit of wrestling and swinging out of trees. Some how the kids swing ended up broken and cut up in the bottom of the pit?

We followed that up with a great cup day down at the races, had the best intentions of taking it easy, the free beer in the work marquee soon convinced me otherwise. Didn?t win a cent but had a great day out with the fillies.

Next was Trudi?s 30th birthday ?T? party bonfire celebrations over at Echuca, I donned a sweet pair of brown stubbies shorts, thongs, a bluey and went as a Truckie. Zetty was Tina Turner, Ev?s was Terrance (Terrance and Phillip from south park), Buggy a Trainer, Euan a Tourist with friggin tight shorts and Barnes was a 2 headed Tasmainian!. It was a great night with the Corowa crew ?last men standing? still kicking up the dust to the iPod at 3am.

The next weekend I took pretty easy?. It started with Nicka?s bucks do with the boys on Friday arvo and didn?t finish till the car ride home Sunday. Apart from the bodily abuse we had a great weekend with a lot of laughs.

We were back in Echuca for the wedding the next weekend, the wedding was a really great night. Many drinks, stories and dancing with many great friends.

Last weekend was reasonably quiet, we had a nice dinner up at Damico?s Saturday night and a few drinks back at ours with Trav, Jess and Morrey.

Amongst all these social engagements we?ve finally finished off almost all the kitchen, we?ve only got the alcove around the fridge to finish off now and we?re finally done. As part of this we?ve totally repainted the hallway, getting rid of that crappy apricot/pink colour that it was. It?s all stark white now with a huge thick red line down one side, it?ll come up awesome once we get the photo?s up.

We?ve also had the Banshee pulled apart, hull repaired and put back together, had our first boat ride Monday night, feels good to be back on the water. Also had a slide behind the jet ski that night and axed my arse on the flat bar slider trashing it (the slider) in the process. I did pull off my first 360 on the other slider straight after that though making it all worthwhile.

Meanwhile the ?HARVEST? has started at work so they?ve had me under the pump. Was in Sydney last week for 2 days finding out about the 2005 releases of visual studio and SQL server, which was nice but did make me realise just how much I have to learn.

All the while I?ve still been getting up early and doing RQ1 coding before work, it?s not as productive as it was at the start but I?m close to finishing it? finally

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