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The Bastard

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The Bastard is back in the country today and he sounds fired up! I fear for my liver…. for those that don’t already know we’re hosting a little BBQ to make sure he’s welcomed back to the “bubble” properly.

The poor little bugga almost didn’t make it back into the country on account of his house in Montreal almost being taken away by floods. Here’s an exserpt from the email I got letting me know they were fine.

hey poop

thanks 4 the concern but everthing worked out ok , the water got to within 10cm of going inside our house , we were pretty lucky , a lot of our nieghbours lost everthing. in fact we ended up coming out on top , lots of primo bits of wood and a picnic table ended up in our backyard , finders keepers….

Mario Kart DS

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It’s been a little light on updates here since our return, rest asured there are a heap of images on the way and some more articles on the way.

In nerdy news I’ve just put in my pre-order for the new DS version of Mario Kart which is the launch title for Nintendo’s online gaming service, it’ll work with any standard WiFi (802.11) gear (Airports, My house, work etc) so you can get your azz handed to you by 10 year old kids where ever you go, I can’t wait!

Mowlam’s hot new look!

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Check out this scan of the back page of the Free Press (our local paper here in Corowa, click on him for the full version), seems Mowli’s been keeping something secret from us. Stole the poor ole Chimp’s thunder after finishing 3rd at the worlds in Queensland last week.

Good work Chimp.

Mowli I hope you’re reading this where ever you are, when can I buy one? :)

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