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Four Seasons

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I stumbled across this in a forum post on YakYak. It’s a little OpenGL based piece of interactive art, the image to the left does it no justice you have to see it move to take in the beauty of it.

Strange but wonderful, the guy said it took him a year to put together (he had to learn OpenGL in the process). He’s got some other projects up on his (ultra miniminist) homepage alot of them need a webcam so I havn’t been able to check out too many of them.

Also found a couple more pure art type apps from another artist here, the windows and java apps are down at the bottom of the page , the Gravilux was really interesting as you get to play with gravity in space… you have to try it to get it. Also the Myrmegraph where you play with ants and a feromone trail, its a bit like playing with a flocking algoithm.

The last two mightn’t be so interesting for most people but the seasons one should be interesting for everyone, enjoy.


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Had a quick look at this Skype VOIP, IM, Video client tonight after a little bit of searching for a Mac and PC compatible VOIP client and I must say I’m impressed.

The interface is nice and clean and it does all the usual things you’d expect if you’ve used MSN Messenger or alike, but it has one important feature that the others don’t have(appart from full Mac/PC compatability)… cheap international phone calls. You can call from the Skype client to regular phone number for very competetive rates (9c a minute to South Africa), we’ve gotta let Zetty’s current phone card run out first (17c a minute) but we’re going to give it a try, our testing from my Win XP PC at the front of the house to the iBook on the wireless network was flawless, excellent voice quality, I’m not sure how the network traffic flows with an online service like this seeing nomally both clients sit behind a firewall?

My interest has been sparked by my brother in law recently purchasing a web cam so he can chat to his family back in Wales through MSN and my recent experience playing Battle Field 2 with Euan with mic support, the freedom of voice communication is something we take for granted in most things we do, it’s strange how adding it to a few computer activities makes them so much better.

I look forward to sometime soon being able to sit back and crack a beer and have a few laughs with friends even when they can’t be physically sitting there with you.

Random images

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I’ve been mucking around on Googles image search this arvo, searching really generic words like “person”. You get a really weird cross section of the web, like a woman with really strange pants talking to a robot and the image accompanying this article is a hit I got searching for “chair”.

Check out what you get if you search for Zetty’s name, we’re such a photogenic couple :)

Free Play 2005

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Got back last night from 3 days of nerding it up at this years Free-Play, this years event (primarily the venue) was far superior to the previous year. The cinemas used for the lecture/discussion sessions worked really well with enough space for everyone yet not too hard to hear everyone also.

I attended some great sessions on the state of the industry and stories from other independent developers. The future seems a little bleak for the next generation of AAA title, with the skyrocketing development costs further stifling creativity within the industry.

One positive conclusion to come out of the industry veterans was that the way ahead is quirky PC games with an online distribution model, which is where I?m trying to head. Lets hope we can create a channel to effectively distribute some of these ?different? titles.

The E3.1b expo where I demoed Rhys Quest 1 and a handful of my old half finished games went really well. I had plenty of people through playing RQ1 once people ?got it? they seemed to enjoy it, it certainly highlighted the need for a tutorial explaining the game play.

To my surprise my old Racer project generated a fair bit of interest, even in it?s part finished state, people seemed to really like the over the top polygon based explosions and the McDonosoft concept got a few laughs.

The other exhibiters where mostly a mix of CG movies and mods for other game engines, the Dystopia guys have done an awesome job on their cyber punk styled mod, the ModDB guys where there demoing some interesting mods I hadn?t seen before, I met a couple of guys I?ve come across in the Indie Gamer forums, one guy has just released an ODE based car/race/monkey ball type game and was one of the only projects built from the ground up like mine.

All in all the whole event was excellent I hope it continues to grow, thanks to the organisers and the cool people that played Rhys Quest, look out for a new improved version soon. I want to up the anti for next year with some new projects and really freak some people out!


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Yep that?s right it?s a computer based golf game, it?s been many years since I?ve played a computer based golf game. The last time I played a computer based golf game I had a stand up, full punch on fight with my brother after one of us sent the other player into the water hazard when they were away from the computer in the toilet.

What sets this computer based golf game apart from the rest is that it doesn?t look like a golf game or play like one, it?s actually quite a bit of fun in a surreal computer kind of way. Go check out the public beta here.

Shooting Guards

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Tonight I implemented a new variation of the tower guard along with various other fixes and tweaks.

I’ve got the stickers and business cards off at the printers “hopefully” getting printed, I had a little trouble with the file format having never created something for a proper printer (Pantone and all that).

The demo is coming along well, I’ve got proper gamepad support working and seem to have ironed out the last of the performance glitches, just need to draw up a heap more pictures and I’ll be set.

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