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here are the first three designs for some promotional Brownbot stickers, having not ever designed a sticker before I’m keen to hear some comment and or suggestions on these initial layouts.

The stickers are going to be circular (65mm diameter), at the moment I’m leaning toward the centre one… Click here to email

Star Control Creators

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Continuing my hunt for why I like gaming, I’ve been playing Time Splitters 2 in my after work beer and chill out session, trying to work out why this game got such good reviews. The single player experiance sucks big time… I can only think that all the multiplayer options are the key, we’ll have to have a look at the next LAN.

After a little checkup on how the Ur-Quan Masters project is progressing (a modern day port of Star Control 2, one of the best games of all time) and I did a little checking who actually made the game in the first plac. Here is an awsome article and interview with the creators of the classic Star Control games. I’m quite the fan of both the first two games, as this article points out Star Control 3 had nothing to do with the original creators and sucked severly.

New Portable System

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Check out this awsome how conversion of an after market NES crammed into a lunchbox… I sometimes wonder why these people do it, but I love the dodgyness of them!

Makes me want to build some more home made periferals.

Rain, Bats and Cysts

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Rain rain and more rain… it’s f’n great!

We might finally see some green around here again, there’s 46cm of snow up at Falls Creek already, I’d better get the snowboard out soon :)

It’s been a pretty quiet week and weekend, nothing much happened except I got a cyst cut out of my back. It flared up out of no where about a week ago looking like a giant headless pimple on my shoulder blade. I instinctively gave it a good squeeze with no result other than some serious pain! It got pretty sore for a couple of days but then settled down, I figured I’d better go get it checked out anyway and the doc said straight away that it had to come out.

I came in the next day for the extraction, laid down on my side on the table, obviously with it being on my back I couldn’t see what was happening so I had to go by feel. The first feeling was definitely the anesthetic needles, it always amazes me how much those little buggers sting. Next was some pushing a prodding then something warm down the back of my neck, good more prodding and probing…. and some more, then the nurse says “well done doctor”… I was under the impression that this “procedure” was little more than a fancy pimple popping… at this point I was getting a little concerned!

I asked them “Did it come out in one piece” and the nurse proceeded to show me the it in a little sample jar. It looked like some alien egg sack, about the size of a tom thumb marble ( the larger ones ) white with bits of chopped out flesh all over it, I shrieked “Holy sh!t there’s half my back in there!”, they reassured me it wasn’t.

Anyhow a few stitches later I was done and dusted, it was a little sore the first night but seems fine now.

Caught Batman Begins that night, very bloody good, best comic adaption full stop. I’d go so far as to say it’s not really an adaption it takes the story beyond what the comic can portray… excellent.

Water Bottle Jet Pack

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Holy moly this is insane… I wish we had some game shows like this!!!

I love the pained look on the guys face as they hoist him back in the boat.

Monster Cheese Dog

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Yesterday was the Queens birthday and Zetty and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to make cheese dogs for lunch. It seemed like a simple task and we already had all the ingredients so we got to it, I decided to go one better and make a Hawaiian dog by adding ham and pineapple to mine.

Things got off to a shaky start with the monster stick loaf we were cutting the buns out of having sesame seeds on it, then I got the mongo last length (about a foot long), then Zetty went mad with a knife while I had my back turned fishing out the pineapple and cut the loaf from the SIDE and too deep.

Now I’ve got a foot long monster bun, with sesame seeds thats cut the wrong way…. unperturbed I soldiered on layering down a think layer of tomato sauce and mustard to “juice up” the mountain of dry bread. Banged the bunger (dog) in there another layer of sauce and mustard for good measure then the ham.

The ham felt wrong when I reached my hand into the bag, after several sniffs it only just passed the test. So I’ve got the slimy ham on there now for the pineapple, I only had a small tin of rings so I had to cut them myself… suffice to say they weren’t exactly finely cut.

I whack the cheese on there and throw it in the oven, of course it burnt a bit just to top the whole mess off.

Then I say down to bath in my burnt, sloppy, foot long, monster, sesame seed bun, slimy ham, chunky pineapple hot dog… the first 4 bites were nothing but bread, a few bites later it started to ejaculate sauces from below eventually pro-lapsing completely out the bottom.

X-Wing Collector Series

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With my recent gaming soul searching I purchased a copy of the X-Wing Collector Series to see if my memory of these classic games is as good as I think it is or whether I’m just full shit.

It arrived today and I quickly installed Tie Fighter (my favorite of the series and possibly my number one game of all time) at lunchtime and ran through the first level. This is a slight update on the original version running at 640×480 with texture mapping, on XP the hardware acceleration doesn’t work but you don’t need it.

I had a little session after dinner before getting into some RQ1 dev and knocked over the first Battle of six missions… let me tell you, it still kicks azz! For me it’s got the perfect mix of technical, stratagy and action, you dive you’re hand across the keyboard rebalancing your shields and selecting targets, you’re crappy old tie fighter only takes one or two shots so you’re always on the knifes edge. You jump when something shoots you and start some immediate evasive maneuvers… awesome stuff!

Intel based Macintosh

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Well I would never have believed it, Apple have announced that they are in the middle of next year bringing out x86 based Macintosh computers.

There is going to be a lot of wild speculation about this and a lot of people are already trying to say that Apple are going to turn into a software company but I doubt it.

Here?s an interesting tit bit from MacWorld ?Apple also confirmed that they would not stop customers from running Windows on the Intel-based Mac, although the Mac OS will not run on another PC.?

The bottom line is they make bloody good hardware, if you look at the premium some hardcore gamer freaks are willing to pay for a machine surely there is a market for them to slip into for weirdo?s that want to run windows on a Mac. Not just the top end either right through the range.

When I purchased my iBook over a year ago there was this niggle voice in the back of my mind saying what are you doing paying $2000 for an 800 MHz machine, the Intel equivalent was twice as fast on the clock speed back then, I?ve been impressed with the performance of the little girl but I can?t help but imagine how much snappier it would have been at twice the speed. I know PowerPC and x86 can?t be compared MHz for MHz, I guess next year we?ll really know!

I think the Intel move will keep Apple in the game, they?ve fallen a bit behind in the past year or so and as pain full as this move may seem I think in the long run it will put them in a more competitive spot in the market.

They?ve already released a Dev kit ($100) containing PC running on an 3.6GHz Intel P4 with Tiger installed on it and they?ve updated Xcode so you can compile the one binary to run on both PowerPC and Intel based OS X so the transition should go pretty smoth. The cool thing is all the code I?ve written on the Mac is already cross platform so it?ll re-compile without a problem?. Sweet!

Quiet Weekend

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It’s been a pretty nice full weekend, Daz organised a night out in Albury Friday night as one of his mates from Melbourne was playing a set.

Turned out to be a big one and a lot of fun, Morey, the Chimp, Zetty and I road tripped it to Ev’s place with a bottle of vodka and two 4 packs of V energy drinks. There’s something about drinking a bottle of vodka that gets you fired up.. we were pretty fired up before we headed down to the Bended Elbow for a few Stellas to solidify our state of pissedness.

We rolled on up stairs to the club after a few for the DJ set. Can’t really comment on the set as it was over before I knew, we partied on a bit there talking shite and caught Chicken and James there.

I swear it had nothing to do with me but at around 2 (don’t quote me on the time I’m guessing) the place really started clearing out, it was as if someone seriously cut the cheese on the dance floor! So we declared “this place is dead” and headed down the Globe for a few more refreshements (as if we needed them).

The Globe was sardinesville much as I remember it, we had the couple more drinks I stated previously, a mexican standoff, and then I was pestered out of the blue by some chick asking me if she should dump her (excessively drunk and cock eyed) boyfriend. After setting her straight on how I thought it was an inappropriate situation to do such a thing and how I was happily in a relationship I decided I was suitably refreshed I thought it was a good time to leave.

On the walk home we helped out a car load of kids who’d overheated their car and attempted to carry Zett as far up monument hill as I could??.

Yesterday was spent recovering, slept in this morning but as soon as I got up I got straight to work.

  • Managed to get wood for the South Africa BBQ we’re hosting this weekend
  • Have lunch with Caz, Terry, Mum and Dad
  • Upgrade the radio link to the feedmill with James
  • Crawl around under the house and seal up the holes in the floorboards
  • Prepare the Pit for the weekend
  • Touchup the KoalaBat animations and start reorganizing the level files
  • Fix up the RSS feed from BrownBot

Not a bad days work… made up for the couple of slack ones I’ve had of late.

Friday gaming news

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Here’s a weird game for you, Odama is “a charming, effective combination of real-time strategy and pinball”. Check out the Gamespot preview here, it seems you control a pair of pinball flippers at the bottom of the screen and bounce around a magical ball (the Odama) wiping out enemy soldiers who are trying to prevent your men from dragging a bell through some gates at the top of the level, you also have voice command over your troops who will also engage the enemy soldiers.

Sounds like cool fun to me I hope it makes a PAL release.

This article sums up the attitudes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in their next generation push, with a comment from each of the head honchos.

Microsoft and Sony locking horns down the same path as the current generation, with no mention of the spiralling development costs that is going to further stifle the creativity of the industry.

Nintendo are thankfully not playing the same game and are taking a vastly different path.

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