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Motobike Trials Game

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If you’ve ever played ACross before you have to check out this cool little Motobike trials web game… Awsome!

Next Generation Consoles

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For a forum post over at Yak Yak I knocked up a visual representaion of my impressions of the next gen consoles. I thought I’d also incude it here.

XBox 360/Dell Optiplex – Not bad for a corporate desktop

Nintendo Revolution/Mac Mini – Nice and stylish for the home

Sony PS3/Inkjet Printer – Totally left field…Damn ugly, it’s unstackability makes me think it’ll be a real pain in the arse in the TV cabinet!

Obviously I’m leaning toward the Nintendo Revolution, though I think M$ has done alot more with this XBox… I wonder how massive this one will be?

I can’t help but think that maybe Nintendo are taking a few pointers from Apple’s success of late, the Gameboy Mini/iPod mini comparison and the Rev/Mac Mini… not a total coincidence I think )

Also on the revolutionary side of the Revolution, I’m hoping they open up their online distribution model and Dev kits to smaller developers so we see some new wierd shit!

Farewell barnes

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It?s been a while but I thought I?d finally put up the pics of the send-off we had for Barnes. These pics are of the Saturday night but I?d been out and in drinking with him almost every night that week. My liver was glad to see the back of him!

By all reports he?s doing fine over in Canada, he and Eloise have setup in her fathers flat and working. No other news as of yet.

Anyhow the Saturday night started off with a large table at Damicos restaurant, a lovely meal and a few drinks flowed as always there. Then it was down to the pub for a few more refreshments and to spin some shite amongst the drunk masses!

The usual jostle for position and subsequent drink spillages ensued while spinning a few yarns, nothing out of the ordinary just a few laughs while managing to get rather pissed? so pissed in fact that against our better judgment everyone rallied down to the ?Scab? (local night club ? very bad).

To my relief we were to late to get in :)

There was nothing left to do other than head back to our place for a fire in the pit and finish ourselves off! Before we lit the fire we thought it prudent to crack the new bottle of Vitblitz that Zetty bought home from South Africa recently. So we grabbed the ?Big 5? shot glasses and lined up a round (each person selecting their own big five animal) BANG? it may have been %60 alcohol but it went down like a greased oyster!

Then we bought out the big guns? The Herminator!!!!

No one knows the actual alcohol percentage as it home made spirit, I don?t think you?d want to know really. Lulled into a false sense of security by the Vitblitz we lined up a full round of Herminators! BANG?.. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I think these photos speak for themselves, before then after… I think Maz is saying somthing along the lines of “Shit the bed!!!”, this was the last we saw of Lamby for the evening :)

We then ventured down into the pit to light a fire and sip on a few easier drinking refreshments, everyone was well and truly on the way by now and some shenanigans ensued. Barnes was in fine form as he stoked the fire to ridiculous proportions! Zetty preformed with a huge pants down leap from the top of the bar… Spectacular!

A fitting send of for a good mate? I hope you read this Barnes and you?re doing well (you little bastard!)

Some Good E3 News

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I’ve been having a look through the first wave of E3 news this morning, here are a couple of my favourites.

The snazzy device pictured to the left here is the new Gameboy Advance Micro. Apparently this things about the size of an iPod mini with an extra bright backlit screen, compatible with all Gameboy, Gameboy colour and Advance games. This’ll be a must for any traveler.

The other big news is that Nintendo have teamed up with IGN/Gamespy to provide a lobby service for their online games, it seem that they’re focusing on the DS for their online stratagy first then extending that with the Revolution when it comes out, one really cool feature of the Revolution they’re toting is that it’s full backward compatable, right back to the original NES, they’re going to offer a service where you can download games from their back catalog. Sounds awsome, that the Revolution pictured on the right, looks very slick reminds me of a Mac Mini!

Free Play

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This cool Indie developer conference is on again, I headed to this last year and found it really good. There was a strange mix of computer freaks there, from the full on commercial game company people through to these art student projects.

One of the funniest was this “Digital Rocking Horse” call Virsual, Euan and I were having a little joke to ourselves “what if it’s really lame and you just sit on it a rock slowly back a forth”. Well that’s exactly what it is, it’s plugged into a PC and you rock on it to go forward and turn it’s head to stear yourself around this sparse virtual world collecting sparkly stuff. We got some serious daggers from the people in front of us as we struggled to contain our laughing when they showed a video of it in action.

All credit to these guys for getting paid for this… it must have been some government grant or something? Money well spent I’d say

Console case modifications

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Most of you would know about the PC case mod scene where people do up their PC rigs like hot rods with all these cool glowy things, clear panels and custom paint jobs. They usually look really cool, here are two of the funniest console based ones I’ve seen.

There is actually a SNES, Playstation and N64 crammed in there!

This on conbines a SNES with an XBOX

Touch Dic

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Although unfortunatly named I though was is a great application for the Nintendo DS, a dictionary/translator. This an English/Korean translator only, I’d love a Spanish version for our trip to South America later in the year.

Cream Cheese Array Of Doom

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Over the past month or so we’ve been seeing more a more mice around the place, people are starting to talk about the weather conditions being optimal for a plague. We’ve started seeing a lot of mice on the road to Albury when we’re driving at night, the other night I’d say I must have seen at least 30!

I’ve been bagging a few with mouse traps, I’ve been trying different types of bait as they tend to steal the cheese of the traps without getting caught, I tried peanut butter as eveyone suggested but again they managed to eat it off without getting caught. I found a mouse in the bin one day eating the stale popcorn so I tried jamming a piece of that on each trap with reasonable success.

I still had a few traps that had their bait removed without going off, I decided I needed extra and more sensitive traps so headed out and purchased another 4 of the more sensitive plastic traps, while I was gone I bagged another one on a piece of popcorn.

this was the last straw, so I created a the cream cheese array of doom to stomp out this infestation once and for all. So far it seems to have worked well I bagged 4 in the first 2 days and haven’t seen hide nor hair of a mouse since. Cream cheese is in my opinon the best bait you can use, it really welds itself to the trap.

Whats with the Spiderman?

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You may have seen the life sized Spiderman in a few pics on the site recently, I figured it was about time I explained his existance.

We were in Target grabbing a few things and on the way to the checkout I spotted Spidey upside down in a bargain bin, I immediately quizzed the checkout chick as to how much he was going for. He didn’t have a barcode or a price tag so her asked her supervisor, who also couldn’t give me a price so had to chase down a manager.

I suggested $50 was a reasonable price for a bargain bin life sized spidey but he wouldn’t budge on $60, so poor old Spidey was returned to the bargain bin. After thinking about it overnight we decided to really did need a life sized Spidey and sent my sister in the next day to pick him up, my sister is quite a bargain hunter and managed to talk to guy down to 2 for $90 but for some crazy reason didn’t think we’d need 2!

Anyhow we ended up with one and he looked great in the lounge room, he became quite a talking peice. I almost caved in and took him for myself rather than the intended purpose which was to serve as Buggy’s new house mate, anyhow we were heading down to Melbs the next weekend for a party so he kept Lamby and Sam company in the back seat on the way down and had been a wonderful room mate for Buggy since.

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