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New Sound System

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Finally it arrived…. I’ve been waiting for bloody ages (a month and a half) for the Yamaha sound system to roll up and tonight I finally got to find out what I’ve been waiting for…

I’ve got some contractors in this week so I’ve been under the pump trying to keep the work up to them, luckily enough I got a big job out of the way early this arvo so I could do the bolt and scoot up to Albury and grab it.

My old Sony system has done me proud over the past 10 years, all that has survived from the original system is the speakers, unfortunately the amp didn’t survive the pit part we hosted last year so I’ve been running the old speakers from a $20 amp from the “Band Shop”.

It is loud…. I’ll give it that, but nothing else and it started cutting out one speaker depending on where the volume was… it was time for it to be replaced.

Here is the new 6.1 system all setup, man it sounds good, as I’m typing I’m listening to Hallucinogen “in Dub” in 6 speaker stereo mode… it rocks!

I demoed the system to Mum and Dad earlier, I think they were a bit over whelmed… or confused, I’ve told Matt to bring over his best sounding DVD for a thorough test tomorrow, I’m interested to hear how it stands up as I’m bloody implressed.

Quiet Night In

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We’re heading down to Melbourne early tomorrow so we’re having a quite night in.

We had a few visitors, fish and chips out of the freezer for dinner. We watched the Incredibles which is an awsome movie for anyone who has been into comics for some years.

Not much else happened, we just hung out with spiderman for a bit, watched Blokes World and went to bed.


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In my travels around the net this arvo I just stumbled apon this cool little flash game, not a borwser based one though.

It plays a bit like Load Runner, Prince of Persia (original) and a Mario platformer but with extensive use of physics and a strange stylised vector/poly 2D engine. It’s an awsome example of setting up some simple rules which opens the door to heaps of vaired gameplay.

it’s got some strange rules applied to it also, like you only get a minute and thirty seconds to complete each chapter, I’m guessing they intend people to play it at work so having a couple of minute limit is handy.


New Code Library

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I’ve just added a new section to the site that I’ve been thinking about doing for a while, it a code & solution library for things I’ve come across in my travels through the computer world.

I hope that it’ll put some new information back into the pool that is the internet, hopefully help out a few people the same way that other people have helped me over the years.

There isn’t a search option yet but I’m hopeing that google will handle that for me in the short term.

I hope someone finds some good info one day :)

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