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To shave or shave not!

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This is my finest effort to date at trying to grow a mustache, as you can see it’s pretty pathetic… you’d think at 29 years of age I’d at least be able to grow a decent patch of facial hair.

I maintain a love hate relationship with the mustache, I love them for their dodgieness and hate them for my body’s complete inability to generate one.

I’d been growing it for a full week before I went on holidays, so it’s about 2 weeks worth of growth right now… I think it passes for a 14 year old hillbilly mustache, all I need is the bib and brace overalls with one button missing and a piece of straw to complete the look.

Anyhow it’ll do for dressing up in skivvies while getting trashed with the boys, maybe I can touch it up with some lash defining mascara!

Flat out RQ1 Dev

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Whoa what a busy couple of days, I’ve been hard at it but the progress is good. I spent all yesterday morning working on the sound effects, still needs a lot of work but it’s starting to come together. I’m having trouble finding/generating effects of high enough quality to match the new ones I’ve added, the new Ogg compression gives me sound file 1/10 the size allowing me to ramp up the quality.

I moved onto the graphics for the inter-level maps later on, then onto a fade effect for scene transitions. I’m amazed at how much “polish” this simple effect has added. Also added (Place holder) the inter level map, should keep people up to date on their progress.

The past couple of days I’ve spent creating new characters, I’ve implemented rough versions of the Skulls/Chestnut Mice, Rock/Wallabies, Spear-men, and the Boodirangs. I’m almost ready to flesh out the second chapter, am currently working on the Gargoyles, their looking pretty cool their going to be a intermediate boss characters like the Druids.

Well I’d better get back to it!

New Sound library

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It’s been 4 days since Zetty left for South Africa, I haven’t been up to too much had a nice MTB ride up the Nail Can yesterday and spent most of today in the car, My brother Evan and I went to Buxton (120k from Sydney) to pick up a motorbike he purchased over eBay.

The drive went really well, the Commodore makes highway cruising easy, coupled with the iPod and good company you could spend days on the road and not know it. We didn’t really stop any where noteworthy, just refilled (Petrol for the car and coffee for us) a couple of times and kept on keeping on.

Once we got back to Ev’s place we had to crank it up and take it for a couple o hot laps up and down his street, for an old pissy little 90cc 2 stroke it can haul me around pretty well, you could have some serious fun bumping around in traffic with this thing, you’d have to pretty much ring it’s neck to get it up to the 80km/h on the causeway but it’d do it :)

Ev plans to do it up nicely, I think it’ll come up pretty well, it’s got enough chrome on it to make a nice little cafe racer, you’d be turning some heads thats for sure to 2 stroke has a pretty distinced sound!

Once I got home, grabbing a delicious “Cotchies” chicken snitzel burget with the lot ( no butter ) I got stuck into some Rhys Quest Code, I’d done some reasearch into sound libraries on Saturday morning after coming to the realisation that WAV format files are just to damn big to use in a download-able game. What I found was this FMod cross platform library, with support for 3D sound ( not that I’m going to use it ) Ogg, Mp3, Wave, Mod and a heap of others. After a little playing around I got it playing an Mp3 file of mine, then an Ogg. I decided I’d use Ogg seeing as it has slightly better compression and is an open standard.

I was kinda dreading implementing it in Rhys Quest though, I’ve been pretty slack when it come to sound programming and I was a little concerned how abstracted the code was, to my surprise I was able have the whole thing changed over within an hour. It’s sounding pretty terrible at the moment because I’ve currently got a mixture of mono and stereo sounds of varying qualities, I’ll get them fixed up over the next few days and converted over to Ogg, should save me some download space :)

The only other RQ1 thing I’ve done is come up with some new characters while sitting in the car, I’m going to rough them out over the next couple of days and hopefully have them in with placeholder graphics by the end of the week.

Old on the New

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Spent the best part of the morning converting over my old Madprops posts to my Brownbot blog. There’s actually quite a bit of stuff in there it’s aded around 120 articles chock full of interesting links and stories.

Some of the pics and links are broken of course but there are still quite a few gems in there, it’s an interesting break down of the past couple of years of my life.

Flicking through it, It’s been a pretty good couple of years really! :)

New Paintings

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Last week I got inspired and created some new artwork for the loungeroom. Zett and I made up some canvases a few month ago so I grabbed a couple of those and set them up in the backyard with a ladder and some backing. Then I shot down the street for some water balloons and a 4 litre can of orange house paint.

Oh and I also grabbed a sauce bottle to fill the balloons with, after a couple of test runs with water on the concrete to find out how full the balloons have to be, Of course the first one slipped out of my hand as I was tying the end and squirted all over me.

I did manage to get a couple tied up and pelted them down from up the ladder, for the second one I wanted a different look so I threw the paint out of an old pot for the top of the ladder giving the cool swirly patterns. All in all I’m really happy with them, I think they look great in the room. Someone mentioned the other night that the colour I chose happens to be almost exactly the same “Liquid Amber” as my old Pooshoot(Peugot 504).

The Mystical Grogan

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This is a “Mystical Grogan”, these intense balls of concentrated…. magic, once shot release a beautiful star.

I added a star to reward the player when they reach the end of a level, they seemed a but too easy to get without a shell to break them out of so I came up with the “Mystical Grogan”.

I stopped short of putting a piece of corn in it :)

Weekend in Melbourne

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Had an awesome weekend last weekend hanging out with Euan and Buggy, we headed out a caught K-Oscillate (a great live Drum & Bass band) on the Friday night. They were really good if not a little repetitive, the night turned into an all nighter back at buggy’s. Great to catch up with everone and to finally meet this Tim character (and a character he is) that buggy is starting the breaks band with.

Woke up a bit rusty on Saturday but Euan had promised to cook us breakfast so we dragged our sorry asses over there and had some nice bacon and eggs which fixed us up a treat! He then took us on a photographic journey through America, Caribbean, some snowy place I can’t remember and Japan. It was really nice and I think Buggy enjoyed it but you couldn’t tell seeing he was asleep through most of it.

We sank a few beers and watched some DVDs at Eu’s then headed out for a counter attack at the Bush Inn, then back to Buggy’s for more beers and a very silly game of Monolpoly.

Sunday we did some more hanging out down Carlyle Street and in the centre on Melbourne. Unfortunately the “Centre for the Moving” Image was mostly closed once again so we had to resort to a couple of pints at the Young and Jackson, talking tripe about the weirdo’s that walked past.

A lovely weekend :)

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