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2D Physics

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I’ve been building up a idea for my next big game project, which is going to be a new version of my old parashoot game. The big extension of the gameplay is going to be terrain, I want to create a poly based semi destructable terrain (Hills, valleys etc) similar to the old bitmap base Scroched Earth. I havn’t developed the technology for this yet but today I found a bunch of great source code of GLUT examples of 2D and 3D physics and a polybased terrain.

Here is the link, the demos have Visual Studio projects in them also, I’ve had no problem compiling them once the GLUT libs were installed. I haven’t had much of a play yet but the sources are very well set out and easy to follow ( for a complex app anyhow ). I’m very impressed now all I need to do is finish Rhys Quest! :) .

New Powers

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Last night I started playing with some new magical powers to spice up the gameplay in Rhys Quest, so far it’s worked out pretty well.

I’ve extended the Charge Boom to incude all the savable creatures on the screen rather than the ones within a certain range of you, it’s working pretty well but it’s a bit hard to time… I guess this is a good thing it’ll be interesting to see how it goes after some extended play.

The other power I’ve added is the ability to store some of the charged power into orbs that rotate around Rhys creating a defensive barrier, this is working really well but I havn’t decided how strong they should be yet. It’s risky but you can ram the enemies if you’re stuck.

I’ll tweak things up a bit more tonight and hopefull have another Beta out by the end of the week.


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In keeping with the Mabsters band theme here’s another little band you may not have heard of, the “Throat-Singers of Tuva

Check out their website for up to date information, history and tour dates on this amazing group.

Who Could forget such calssic albums as “Sixty Horses in My Herd” and “If I’d Been Born an Eagle” this is by far the best Throat signing you will find.

If you follow this link through to Amazon you can download an MP3 track from their CD.

New RQ1 Beta

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Click here to download.

This new Beta contains the full Chapter 1 in it’s final form (unless of course I get so awesome suggestions, which I hope to). With the new revamped difficulty settings, new characters and updated sounds.

Download it, play it, play it on easy, play it on hard, get you nephew to play it and your Mum then send me an email(

Look forward to hearing some feedback!

I’m so ronrey

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Yeah… a rittle ronrey

Classic Game Designers

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I’ve been looking up a lot of the classic games that started the electronic gaming industry to play on the “Fun Box” (my MAME cabinet) and I found this great site that has a book of interviews with a lot of the designers of the originals.

A few must reads are

Some of these games from the early 80s really stand the test of time well and their variety inspires me, makes the modern games seem boring and all the same by comparison.

Anyhow have a read through some of the interviews, the guys seem really cool and most seem to have stumbled into success by doing what they enjoy… imagine that!

Feather-tail Glider

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Created another character for Rhys Quest on the weekend, It’s a Feather-tailed glider launcher. Don’t ask me where these ideas come from, My brother’s girlfriend Megan is a park ranger and has lent me a great book on all the obscure Australian mamals, I thought the Feather-tail was pretty cool and next thing I’m drawing them coming out of this weird plane thing.

The Gliders are shot out from the gun barrel at the rear of the launcher, the gliders save themselves once you’ve zapped them. The caged gliders in the are released once you shoot down the launcher.

They play really well adding another class of opponent, I’ve got a little more work to do balancing them for the easy level and find some new sound effects which I plan to do tonight.

I also added a wood particle type to make the plane explosions nice and chunky, which I can re-use throughout the game.


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Funny pic for a funny Friday!

New Baby Dragons

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I’ve been thinking a bit about the graphic style of the characters in Rhys Quest and after having a little look at some pixel art I thought I might try some again, I havn’t really done any true pixel art since my deluxe paint days and I forgot how much work it is. I had a bit of a go and decided that at this stage it’s going to be too much work to re-do everything in that style so I’m sticking with my original semi comic style.

It wasn’t a complete waste of time though as it got me thinking about how I could improve some of the existing characters, here’s the revised Baby Dragon.

I’m really happy with the results as I pushed the animation alot further in the process of re-drawing it they look great in game spitting their fire balls.

I’m going to tackle the explosions next then the Possum Rockets, otherwise I’ve been re-doing the first chapter levels to include the Krookaburras and Wombat rollers. Both are playing great and add some much needed variety to the levels.

I’m planing a quiet weekend so I really hope to have the first 100% complete Chapter complete by Monday, it’ll be quite a milestone :)

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