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A New Toy!!

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Julie beat me to the punch on this but anyhow, don’t tell the kids but Zett and I have purchased a couple of sets of these bongo controllers and a copy of Donkey Konga for christmas. Just to make sure they’re safe we’ve been giving them a nightly work out.

They got quite a workout last when we unleashed “The Chimp” (After double fisting a half bottle of wine and a six pack of Stella) on them.

It’s a rhythm action game (like the dance ones) where you have to hit the left, right, both or clap with the music.

It’s one of those great games that breaks down the play barriers that alot of people have towards computer based games. It’s wierd how the people who aren’t playing start claping in time to help out the players. Great stuff.

We should have a great session of this tonight after a few sodas at the IT xmas function. We can witness the Mabster pund out some songs with his robot like minesweeper skillz :)

The Iced VoVo

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The Iced VoVo is quite possibly the strangest and gayest biscuit in the world!

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