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Most of you would know I’m not very fond of McDonalds, after eating that cabbage burger tripe for many years I had an apiffiny about four one morning whilest powering into a cheese burger after a big night out. “What am I eating this sh!t for?” then I stared deep into the “100% beef” patty!

That was it, from then on I have only had to eat it (under sufference) about half a dozen times, the less I eat it the more I dislike the company. You make up your own mind but I’m not supporting some internation scumbags who “Jazz up” the cabbage burgers with MSG and sugar so you eat them and then market them at kids.

Have a good close look at the burger image below and tell me you like them!

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Toad Muncher

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Toad Muncher is finished and submitted, I’ve entered it into the uDevGames Mac games competition, the total prize pool is over $30,000 so I’m hoping to do well. Voteing has started, don’t worry if you don’t own a Mac computer I’ve written it so I can re-compile it for windows as well.

Go grab your copy from BrownBot and then head over to uDevGames and vote.

Key features:

  • Unique OpenGL graphics.
  • Fun game-play thats simple for the novice and deep enough for the experienced.
  • Up too 4 players can play simultaneously.
  • 25 Multiplayer levels.
  • 25 dedicated single player levels.
  • Full USB joystick support.

If you’re thinking of downloading it and having a look I highly recomend you grab some other people to play with, the multiplayer levels are really fun once you’ve got a heap of APCs running into each other scrambling for toads.

Download the latest release from the links below.

PC Version – (6MB)

Mac OS X Version – (7.5MB)

Mud Love

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Last weekend I went along as the camp helper/bitch for Zetty and Ev’s teams in the Gravity 12 hour mountain bike race.

Zett was in a four girl team along with Megs, Justine and Roz. Ev was in a Muskateers team with Mitch and Tobby.

As you can see from the pics the weather turned to shit. It pissed down rain all day and the track turned in to a mud bath, 80% unrideable was the word, half way through they had to re-route the track to cut off the worst section.

Suffice to say I was quite glad that Chicken had pulled out on me and our pairs team had fallen through because the conditions were very very testing, poor old Zett was so pissed off with having to run half the track she could hardly speak when she got back and her poor little booties had turned up into elf shoes.

Anyhow they all endured and I helped them out by washing the odd bike and drinking beer… oh and had two hour nap in the car!

Their persistence paid off as both of their teams won their respective categories.

Personally I feel it was my calming presence that kept them all level headed in the face of such adversity and brought home the bacon! :)

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