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Guess game?

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Take a moment to carefully study the picture below.

Can you guess which office is mine?

If you guessed the crappy-looking portable, AKA hut, on the right, you’d be correct!

The “Dog Box” as it’s affectionately known isn’t all that bad Vijay and I are left to our own devices pretty much and Vijay only has to put up with me muttering to myself and my music.

The big office to the left had a rat infestation recently and when they poisoned the rats they decomposed in the warm roof dropping maggots on the office girls. Charming stuff . . . you should have smelt it. All the girls had oil burners going to mask the smell but it wasn’t all that effective. The smell of decomposing flesh and flowers!

Even the GM came in one morning to a desk covered with maggots, so we don’t have it too bad.

I’m not complaining – I like the dodginess. It saves alot of bullshit. I just wanted to show poeple the reality of where I work. It sounds flash on paper, “Senior Analyst Programmer with company car,” but the reality is somewhat different.

Lambuel and friends

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I was cleaning out my inbox this arvo and came across this link that Megan sent me. Lambuel guides you children through a series of fun educational exercises.

He’ll inform you on what to do if you find an a “Atheists”

Mont 24 2004

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Here I am at the Mont 24, it’s half past ten in the morning and we’re all sitting around either soaking up the sun or doing last minute adjustments to our bikes and equipment. It’s the calm before the storm I guess.

The trip down was pretty good, I don’t know why the drive to Canberra always seems so long? I crashed out pretty early last night but had a bit of trouble regulating my temp, I felt a little cold so threw over another sleeping bag but woke up (I presume) an hour later delirious and sweating!

The Four Question-marks after the big race(still smiling?)

Anyhow I’m feeling pretty well prepared and looking forward to getting out for my first lap! Mitch is first up and has to do the Le-mons start ( 800m run to the bikes ), Ev’s is out second, then me and lastly Munge. We’re aiming for the magic 24 laps… wish us luck.

It’s quater past one, I’m all gimped up in my licra and ready to go, Mitch came in in just over an hour for the first lap, which isn’t bad considering the congestion, he’s been coughing and wheezing since he got back, I think it’s going to be a little dusty out there.

Anyhow I’ve gotta go double check my bike. lets go!

Quater past nine now and I’ve done two laps, the first sucked pretty bad even though it seems to have been faster that the last, my lungs were trying to choke me with flem. The track is pretty good, a little longer than last year and almost all single track. It also pretty rough though and my kidneys have been acheing every lap, I’m bloody glad I’ve got 5 inches front and back (my new bike) this track must suck on a hard tail.

I’ve just talced my ass and balls and am retireing for a few hours, I’ve gotta do a double lap at 2am… oh what fun, it’ll be tough but once thats over I’ve got one more easy one in the morning and we’ll be done.

See you on the other side of pain!

This is where the journal ended, the double lap didn’t got too bad… the lap time looks bad but I had a little pit stop on my way back through and sucked down some power juice and lubed up my chain, then got a pinch flat half way round the track trying in my delirious state to put my drink bottle back in it’s cage.

You know how you always here about the mental toughness of endurance athletes, well I realise I’ve only brushed on the edge of a “real” endurance event and perhaps I’m more susceptible than others but man was I tripping out! It’s kinda hard to explain but I was looking and seeing the track but not really taking it in for a large part of my second lap and my mind was a swirl of bazaar thoughts, Boney M songs, Baby Got Back by Sir-Mix-Alot, wombats in Elvis costumes barrelling through the bush, the Pluges (a three lunged hunch backed family from Mt Beauty), Midgets, golden farting gnomes (this was actually a comp they had, you had to find the golden farting gnome. But I kept seeing them out the corner of my eye and they’d turn out to be stumps, sticks etc).

Anyhow I had to keep shaking my head and telling myself to concentrate on the track….

The temp was heaps better this year only got down to about 6 degrees, compared to -5 last year it felt balmy.

After the double lap (about 4:30) I washed up and powered in a can of cold spaghetti then jumped into bed, lucky for me Zetty was already in there and it was nice and toasty.

Woke at about 8 feeling pretty fresh, Munge was no where to be seen but by what the other guys said he was in a pretty bad state after his double lap, he’s a long distance runner and hadn’t done much preparation on the bike (which is a crappy 10 year old Mongoose hardtail). Mitch was out for his 5th lap and Ev’s was getting ready for his.

The last lap was really nice, we’d decided we weren’t going to push for an extra lap so I could take as long as I liked, though I ended doing a surprisingly decent time, it was easier to go fast and flowing over the rough stuff rather than plough though it slowly.

Mitch ended up stepping in for Munge’s last lap, who was still recovering from his overnight ordeal.

Once the whole team was back together we ripped into a couple of beers, a couple only mind you. I crashed out heavily after 2 beers and another tin of spaghetti and had to have a little snooze… when I awoke half the camp was packed up!

Anyhow the rest of the trip was getting home which was un-eventfull.

Here are the results

30th 4 Question Marks 20 24:00:28

1 1:05:41 4017 Andrew Mitchener
2 1:01:46 4018 Evan Leahy
3 1:02:00 4019 Peter Leahy
4 1:07:52 4020 Brendan Munge
5 1:02:13 4017 Andrew Mitchener
6 58:34 4018 Evan Leahy
7 1:08:12 4019 Peter Leahy
8 1:18:02 4020 Brendan Munge
9 1:09:13 4017 Andrew Mitchener
10 1:14:30 4017 Andrew Mitchener
11 1:07:14 4018 Evan Leahy
12 1:12:44 4018 Evan Leahy
13 1:15:43 4019 Peter Leahy
14 1:25:33 4019 Peter Leahy
15 1:26:05 4020 Brendan Munge
16 1:31:34 4020 Brendan Munge
17 1:05:45 4017 Andrew Mitchener
18 1:01:47 4018 Evan Leahy
19 1:09:21 4019 Peter Leahy
20 1:36:39 4017 Andrew Mitchener

All in all the race went really well, it was great that Zetty came over to help out, even though she ended up doing 3 hot laps for the girls she was still great support. It’s strange all common sense says that the race shouldn’t be fun but it is in it’s own way, I’ll be coming back again that’s for sure.

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