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You Rock Mowlie

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There’s a new banner in the “main street” of Corowa. Check it out.

Click to see a larger version

So far I’ve done a particularly crap job of covering Mowlie’s Olympic campain, he is actually over there and has played 3 of their 4 games. This morning was the Kookaburra’s first defeat in the comp going 2-1 to the Netherlands, lets get behind them and bring home the gold!

For those who don’t know him this is Mowlie wearing a lovely little gold number ready for the Olympics at our year 2000 celebrations.


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Not sure how many of you have checked this out before, but I revisited yesterday to see if it was as funny as I remember.

StrongBad and the Cheat

Yes it’s an absolute pisser! it’s an online flash cartoon, StrongBad is the main character and it basically consists of him responding to emails… comes of a bit like a cross between the talking goat from Adam Sandler and Ren and Stimpy

I highly recomend starting from the bottom and working your way through the lot, my favorites so far are Action Figure and Guitar… very very funny

This link takes you straight to the Strongbad section:

Free Software

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I stumbled across this software called Artrage for painting on your computer today.

I’ve had a bit of a play with it and it’s pretty good, it’s got a very simple interface and best of all it’s free. Download it and give it a go.

The other free piece of software I found is this awsome quirky little shooter called TUMIKI Fighters

The screen shot doesn’t tell you much you have to see it in action to “get it” it essentially a side scrolling 2D game that uses pastel coloured 3D (OpenGL) rendered objects. But thats not all that makes it unique, when you shoot down enemies you can catch the debris and it “sticks” to your ship and starts shooting again but for you this time. It’s a really cool twist and your ship can end up really massive ( half the screen ).

Again download it and have a look.

Hookers and Deviates Ball

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The view from our unit

Last Weekend we headed up to Mount Hothom for a big weekend of Snow Skiing and partying. The friday night we spent getting there, settling in with a few drinks then down to the bar down the road to chatch up with the rest of the crew.

Natters must have been very excited as he had us up at bloody 7:00AM (mind you the room was at least 30 degrees) not a problem though the mountain air does wonders for hang overs. We all headed down for a big days boarding, everything looked great untill I smashed my knee on my first jump which put me off my game for the rest of the day. The snow was a little icey to start with but it soon softened.

Once we got home we grabbed a few drinks and headed down to the spa for a relax before the Ball. We convened at the other unit for a few warmup drinks and put the finishing touches on our costumes, which I must say were excellent, everyone had a decent go.

Well can’t go into too much detail about the ball itself but I’m sure you get the idea from the pics, plenty of partying and weirdo’s thats for sure.

6UL DV8, Woozil Man & Cat Lover

Most people headed back first thing the next day, we were also touch and go for a while there but we eventually hit the slopes again, I’m glad we did because it was my best days boarding this season. It must have been the hang over, I figured I felt so bad already I couldn’t hurt myself any more… which I didn’t (on the day) dispite having some huge crashes, but man I’ve been paying for it the past couple of days!

What awsome weekend thank peoples :)

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