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Ueber Mich

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Evil TrudiTrudi ( the evil woman to our left ) forwarded me this series of links to “Ueber Mich’s” gallery, she madly in lust for this ueber hunk of a german home bloke… how can we compete with such manness.

Ueber Mich!It’s evident throughout the first gallery that Ueber Mich fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man and who would blame him!

I have know idea what “Bilder der woche” means but I think you get the idea. A picture tells a thousand words… Thats one huge nail gun!

Thats one huge nail gun!He’s also pretty handy around the garden I know I usually mow and whipper snipper with smilar attire on?

Be warned the images contained within these links show extreme mullett, really bad underware and a bad pair of jeans!

Last Props exclusive RQ1 Beta

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For all of you out there eagerly awaiting the full version of Rhys Quest 1 to be released, I’ve packaged up a zip of the most recent build.

This has many additions including

  • Parallax scrolling background
  • Complete Level 3 and 4
  • New Circulare boom effect
  • Different sized zaps for the different difficulty levels
  • New sounds
  • Probably more….

Oh and as for this being the last MadProps exclusive I’ll have BrownBot up for the next one. Which should pretty much be as it will be released I’ve got some work to do on the highScores and menus but after that it’s just adding creatures and patterns to make up a stack of levels.

I’m really happy with how the difficulty has balanced out everyone should be able to have fun now so go ahead and grab your copy from the link below. ( 2,962KB )

Plough and be counted 2

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In keeping with the movie review theme of MadProps, here’s a review of Dad’s “Plough and be counted 2″ DVD he got the other day.

Don’t be fooled by the DVD-R (burnt on a PC) disc and inkjet printed sleave, the production quality is top notch. The two hosts Les and Barry are hilarious and guide you through this spectacular spectacle.

The back of the case states:

See history unfold before your eyes in this magnificent Australian record event. Over 1909 tractors form around the world ploughing the same paddock at the same time on a property known as “Shaftsbury” Cootamundra NSW.

I’m not sure about history unfolding, but there definitely was a lot of tractors ploughing!

A must see for all tractor enthusiasts.

Edit: Having actually watched the DVD now with Dad I’ve confermed what I said before but with a worthy edition, you should see some of the rusty old farmers who dragged their tractors there to be participate. They ooze real character great stuff.

Home network

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For those of you that have had the privlige of visiting my shed would have noticed the old server rack with various wires, lights and gadgets in it. If you’ve ever wonder what all that dusty old stuff does here it is.

Earlier this week I got Jill’s house’s wireless link up(after fixing a power supply problem), extending my home network out to 3 nodes. The coolest thing is that it’s made from recycled stuff at work and tin cans so the most I had to outlay was $130 for a new wireless bridge at one end. So all houses have access to my broadband internet as well as access to each others computers/printers.

I’ve already got Rhys helping his mum look up GameCube game solutions for him (as he’s only 6 and can’t read that well yet) I’m looking forward too testing him out with a few house to house networked games. Just gotta find some for his age group, might have to write something myself.

The next thing I’m going to add is one of these ultra cool apple wireless bridges that’ll free up the lappy around the house while playing music and replace the 10Mb/s wireless network in the house up to 54Mb/s… Sweet!

The holiday that already seems so long ago…

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Been back at work for almost three days now and I already wish I was back on holidays.

Anyhow I wrote this one night half way through the trip from Cairnes and thought I’d better throw it up with some pics… enjoy.

First things first the temperature up here is great! It was a chilly 12 degrees when we left, and Ev’s picked us up off the plane in balmy 25 degree conditions. Here in Airlie beach is the first night I’ve had my jumper on. Mid 20’s and blue skies all but one day so far.

Touring through the Daintree

We spent the first night packed into a small onsite cabin in Carnes then headed straight up north to the Daintree first thing in the morning.

Raining in the rainforrest who would have thunk it!

We spent the next 3 nights at the Pinnicle Village which is a caravan park right on the beach between Port Douglas and Daintree Village, a nice place that worked out well for us as we explored both the jungle of the Daintree up to Cape Trubulation to the north and dove the Great barrier reef out of Port Douglas.

Evan and I never did find out weather the large system of dams near the entrance was a fish farm or an effluent treatment plant, either way there were a lot of brown trout involved!

We're not sure if they actually exist in the wild?

The 3 dives we’ve done so far were awesome, sensory overload is an under statement, the first dive was great we saw a White tipped reef shark that was a bit over a meter and a half long and he hung around for a bit which was a treat. The second was around this small reef island and we got surrounded by massive schools of thousands of small fish. The third was around an interesting reef section with fantastic coral and of course fantastic fish. We’ve seen most of the finding nemo cast and giant clams, parrot fish munching on the coral, too much to mention.

Aqua man and woman

Yesterday we dropped Ev and Megs off early then made our way down the coast to where I currently sit at Airlie Beach which is a nice little/not so little town right on the edge of the Whitsunday Islands, we went for a bushwalk today to a lovely beach looking out to the islands, the view is straight out off a post card for Summer Bay, deep blue through to turquoise colour water, mountainous islands and white yachts.

View from the SkyRail

We’re heading out tomorrow for a couple more dives can’t wait!

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