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Mystical Quokka Balls

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Been in a coding frenzy this week!


Monday night I threw together this little proof of OpenGL concept proving that I can create an application on both the Mac and PC from the same code. It doesn’t do much you can both play together (Player1: LEFT, RIGHT, > and Player2: Z, X, TAB ) shoot the “aliens” then escape to quit. It’s all 3D OpenGL graphics which I’m learning at the moment.

OpenGL goodness

Then last night I got stuck into level 2 for Rhys Quest, I think I’ve got it just about right, it may need to be a little longer perhaps. There’s a new enemy the Mystical Quokka Ball in this level and I’ve got the menu systems all worked out so you can save you difficulty level and screen mode.

Probably the most significant change is you can now move forward and back, it needed to extra movement to catch more of the critters that get released.


Let me know what you think?

Return to the Stars

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I picked a copy of “Return to the Stars” by Erich von D??niken for 50c in a bargain bin at a Chapel street op shop whilst looking for BBQ outfits about a month ago.

Having read “Chariots of the Gods” some years ago I pretty much knew what I was in for. He’s basically spent his life telling everyone his theory that the old gods that everyone worshipped/worships were alien visitors, and that they genetically manipulated “us” and that???s why we’ve evolved so far above all the other animals.

The inventor of the integrated circuit board
(They’ve definitely refined it)

He definitely ends up going too far but also raises some interesting questions about our origins. There’s a fair bit on who built some of the massive temples around the world and what they were for, I tend to agree with him there having been to some of the pyramids in Egypt it doesn’t really add up.

His other justification is the “sudden” technology explosion of humans, if you think of the technology changed we’ve seen in our time where does this come from? His theory is that we’re re-discovering things our DNA already “knows” because we got a boost of alien juice a few thousand years ago.

Interesting idea but personally I was thinking it’s more an “Akira” thing where we pass on knowledge and abilities in our genes to our offspring so we incrementally acquire more knowledge but also more capacity.

Philco Predicta Princess Swivel Television

Anyhow for those who are interested here’s a cool site that takes you on a quick tour of the history of media technology TV’s through to computers

The Dead Zone

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Bruce forwarded me this link yesterday, it’s an article about this girl’s motorbike rides through the Chernobyl dead zone.

It’s nice to read something straight from the horses mouth for once especially from Russia, they’ve got a perchant for dodgie cover ups (Chernobyl, that Sub, Serbian War, theater hostage rescues ), it certainly sounds like alot of people died unnecessarily for “Mother Russia” with this Chernobyl thing.

The deserted towns and farms seem very spooky, I’d love to cruise through there and have a look for myself.

Further up the Road to Olympic Gold!

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Assuming they get Athens ready for the Olympics Mowli’s looking good for representing Australia with the Kookaburras (Australian hockey team). He’s currently living over in Perth with the rest of the Burra’s and has recently been selected for their European tour.

He’s also been assigned a role as public liason with a column on the hockey Australia website, he’s obvously doing a great job check out this photo of him from the front page!

If that “Blue Steel” look doesn’t get more women interested in Hockey I dunno what will! He’s also got another great shot in his player profile

Way to go Mowli hope the European tour goes well, if only we could only get you blogging some updates on the Props we could keep up to date )

International Chimp

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Unfortunatly I havn’t got the boys blogging their own achivements yet so I’m putting them up for them.

Well last week Trav (aka Ozzy, the Chimp, Trevor) won the Asian/Australiasian Wakeboarding Championship over in China.

AA Website

I can’t find the results on the site as the english translation is pretty bad but this article also gives them a mention. It sounds like it was a huge event and they got the superstar treatment…

Has been an amazing event and have been looked after like kings! The people here have never seen foreigners before so we have been mobbed everywhere we go. Too much crazy stuff to go into right now but will catch up with most of you after I get back to Oz on Sunday the 9th.

Haley Smith also rode well and won the womens, due to this we won the teams event and another shiny gold medal!




The pro wakeboarding (well sport for that matter) isn’t all beer and skittles, it’s great to see Trav kicking so many goals of late. Keep up the good work Chimp!

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