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Do you fart in your sleep?

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In keeping with Euan’s MadPlops theme this week I thought I tell this story.

Spoon, man!

The other Saturday morning I woke up alone, which I thought was a little strange as I’m quite fond of a bit of a lie in and a sniggle over the weekend. Didn’t think too much of it figuring Zetty was keen to get some uninterupted study in.

Then I noticed that she was more than a little agitated, storming around the house throwing dirty clothes around etc. So I inquired from safely under the doona as to the source of her iritation?

It turns out that she’d been snuggling up spooning me while I slept and I let a huge one rip almost removing the lower half of her body!

Apparently I fart in my sleep….

The Yak’s still at it

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Here’s a link to the Yak’s blog on the Llamasoft “Yak Yak” forum. Check out the screen shots, I can only imagine what the whole thing is moving like!

Drawing Competition

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You all remember Mr Squiggle. Well, seeing it’s a slow friday arvo before the long weekend I’ve decided to try out a little drawing comp in the same vein.

Save out the picture below (right-click on the image and select “save picture as”), then add your own touch via your favourite paint program (Paint in Start Programs Accessories if you don’t have one), be it upside-down or sideways, and post it in a reply via the (recently repaired) “Add inline image” button. Just make sure to name it something with your name in it.

Mab reminded me that there is no inline image button in a comment so send me the entries:

Mab’s entry

Measuring Space and Time

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This was linked off slashdot this morning, NASA has just launched a “Gravity Probe” to measure the earths distorting effect on space and time.

There’s a dickheads guide to space, time and probeing here..

48 Hour Game Contest

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Last week there was a world wide 48 hour game coding contest held, I was thinking about entering but some of the rules were a bit dodgie and I’m all fired up on Rhys Quest at the moment.

But here’s a link to the results where the downloads are, some look pretty bloody well done for a 48 hour comp!

Transforming Regurgitator!

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Here’s a link to an article on Regurgitators role in the upcomming ( Australian made ) Transformers game.

Sounds pretty cool, unfortunatly it’s a PS2 title…

Rhys Quest 1 Beta Test 1

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I’ve been hard at it the past month or so getting Rhys Quest 1 up to the next level (in more ways than one). I’m thinking very seriously about trying to sell this as an indie title at the end of the year.

Click to download the zipped beta (1.8Mb)
Click here or on the image to download the Beta test (1.8Mb)

I’ve made heaps of improvments, put a fair bit of time into the attack patterns, fixed up heaps of behind the scenes issues (timing, speed, sound etc) and updated all the graphics into either GIF or JPG format decreasing the download by more than half.

We’ve got a new enemy to deal with in this version.. the deadly Possum Rocket!

The instructions are in the readme.txt in the zip, don’t forget to charge up your shots for a “chain” hit (the treasure you receive doubles with each enemy you shoot with one zap).

Have fun I’ll be interested to hear some hi scores also (Lamby!) :)

Universal Scale

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This is defanitly out of left field but I thought I’d remind you of a not so little and often over looked fact, even though it’s one the most bloody obvious and in your face (look up past the street lights at night) facts we live with.

Weather you are religous or not you have to acknowledge the fact that (as far as we can tell with our current technology anyhow) live on a planet that has a moon, that planet is in a solar system with many planets, this solar system has a sun or star, this star is one of (don’t know the figure) shit loads of stars within our galaxy, this galaxy is one of shit loads of galaxy’s within the universe… are there more universes, who knows possibly?

The Earth from the Moon

Some Nebula taken by the Huble telescope
(The colours may not be normal visible light but it does exist)

So I ask you to do yourself a favour as you sit there at you computer be it at you office or home, sit back, take a deep breath expell those carbon dioxide molecules and re-oxigenate your blood that flows through your body the same as everyone elses pumping through your heart every second that you’ve existed and think of yourself at your desk, in a room, in a building, in a town/city, in a state, in a country, in a continent, on a planet, in a Solar System, in a Galaxy, in a universe….

The big punch line at the end I think is that it’s real. As real as the desk your computer sits on. It’s a fact that we live by….

We gloss over it way to much, it almost seem like it’s made up, a movie, this other thing that we kinda live by but never dwell on for too long in fear of going mad!

For me thinking about it reminds me how insignificant we are at a universal scale, we’re not even an ant running around under the universe’s feet… I think that makes our every day worries pretty small.

Some Sweet Partying

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Whooo… what a night, I’ve gotta stop getting so trashed at parties…

I remember having a great time but the details of which are hazey at best, I’ll try my best to recollect for you.

This is where it all began.

This first pic shows off the un-touched pit in it’s pre party state… beutifull isn’t it, thanks to Zett, Buggy, Euan and Briody for coming over and helping me put the finishing touches on it. I think everyone will agree the venue and the equipment performed better than expected.

That slide was a great source of amusment for everyone with a few people going down after being peer presured by the “SLIDE SLIDE SLIDE SLIDE” chant from the crowd. Not that I recall but at some stage someone forward rolled from the back yard onto the slide.. I woke up with a sore azz but who knows what that was from???

The first sip (At last count we demolished 4 bottles of Vodka and about a dozen cans of V/Red Bull)

I think we’d knocked off one of the vodka bottles before the first guest arrived, I think we were a little excited :) . Anyhow people started streaming in and soon the place was rock’n lots of catching up and drinkies, I’m not sure who kicked off the karaoke I think it was Jess and Maggot… it doesn’t really matter as Euan, Buggy and I all had a little warm up go also. We made a tactiicle decision to go back to music till everyone was a little more lubed up. The next Karoke session was great ( till the Upton show started then no-one else got a go! ) Buggy bought the house down with his free form version of “Gettin Jiggy Wit It” and Euan trilled with his rendition of “Space Odity”.

This is where things get very hazey and I assume things broke out into “General Trash Buckety Shenanigins”

And some “shag-nanagins”

Lots of lovely happy people pretending to be even happier for the camera… :)

And a bit more of that action….

Well you get the picture, you can get the gallery via the “Pictures” link at the very top of the page or here

Finally thanks to everyone for coming, it was the best party I’ve hosted yet… see you all soon.

Comfort Zone

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I’m consider myself farely self conscious about slipping into a life style comfort zone, but recently Zetty and I purchased a suite of new “comfort zones” for the house.

Let me tell you these baby’s are as comfortable as they look… I think Zett, Buggy and Myself all fell asleep in at least one of them at various stages over the weekend! :)

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