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Pit Party – The song list

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Ok people here we go here’s the song list for the Karaoke night.

Download your official invite here…. You can also download a printable word doc version of the song list here…

Reserve your own songs in this forum or email me.

Hits of the 80’s

  1. Best of my love – Emotions
  2. Breakout – Swing out sister
  3. Celebration – Kool & the gang
  4. Chain Reaction – Diana Ross
  5. Come on Eileen
  6. Don’t you want me – Human League
  7. Fame – Irene Cara
  8. Frankie – Sister Sledge
  9. Heaven is a place on earth – Belinda Carlisle
  10. I feel for you – Chaka Khan
  11. I should be so lucky – Kyle Minogue
  12. Karma Chameleon – Culture club
  13. La Bamba – Los Lobos
  14. Lion Sleeps tonight – Tight fit
  15. Owner of a lonley heart – Yes
  16. Papa don’t preach – Madonna
  17. Physical – Olivia Newton John
  18. Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater
  19. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
  20. Night Shift – Commodores
  21. Stand and Deliver – Adam & the Ants
  22. Super Trouper – ABBA
  23. I’m still standing – Elton John
  24. Uptown Girl – Billy Joel
  25. Wake me up before you go go – Wham
  26. Working my way back to you – Detroit Spinners
  27. You can’t hurry love – Phil Collins
  28. You can do magic

Made famous by the Bee Gees

  1. This is where I come in
  2. How deep is your love
  3. First of may
  4. Holiday
  5. I started a joke
  6. I’ve got to get a message to you
  7. Words
  8. How can you mend a broken heart
  9. Spicks & Spacks
  10. Stayin Alive
  11. Love so right
  12. Ordinary lives
  13. Nights on broadway
  14. Paying the price of love
  15. Immortality
  16. Islands in the stream
  17. Alone
  18. I could not love you more
  19. I.O.I.O
  20. Run to Me
  21. Too much heaven
  22. To love somebody
  23. Tragedy
  24. Night Fever
  25. More that a woman
  26. Jive Talkin
  27. You should be dancing
  28. Lonely Days

28 Greatest Memories

  1. American Pie – Don McLean
  2. Close to you – The Carpenters
  3. Crying in the rain – Everly Brothers
  4. All out of Love – Air Supply
  5. I’d love you to want me – Lobo
  6. Morning has broken – Cat Stevens
  7. Please don’t go – KC & the Sunshine band
  8. Rhythm of the Rain – The Cascades
  9. Streets of London – Ralph McTell
  10. Tell Laura I love her – Ray Peterson
  11. The house of the rising sun – The Animals
  12. Will you still love me tomorrow – The Shirelles
  13. Only you – The Platters
  14. When will I see you again – The Three Degrees
  15. Vincent – Don McLean
  16. Don’t give up on us – David Soul
  17. (Take me home)Country Road – John Denver
  18. Living next door to Alice – Smoke
  19. I love how you love me – Bobby Vinton
  20. Alone again naturally – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  21. He ain’t heavy (he’s my brother) – The Hollies
  22. Greenfields – Brother Four
  23. A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum
  24. I Got a Name – Jim Croce
  25. Diana – Paul Anka
  26. Jambolaya – The Carpenters
  27. Leaving on a Jet plane – John Denver
  28. Kiss and Say Goodbye – The Manhattans

Hits of the 90’s

  1. Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus
  2. All that she wants – Ace of Base
  3. Black or White – Michael Jackson
  4. Boombastic – Shaggy
  5. Could it be Magic – Take That
  6. Everybody (Backstreets Back) – Backstreet Boys
  7. Genie in a bottle – Christina Aguilera
  8. Gettin jiggy wit it – Will Smith
  9. Horny – Mouse T vs Hot ‘n’ Juciy
  10. Hurts so good – John Cougar
  11. I wanna sex you up – Colour Me Bad
  12. I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred
  13. Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  14. Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams
  15. Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac
  16. Macarena – Los Del Mar
  17. Manic Monday – Bangles
  18. Missing You – John Wait
  19. No Limit – 2 Unlimited
  20. Rythm of the Night – El Debarge
  21. Saturday Night – Whigfield
  22. Self Control – Laura Branigan
  23. Shoop Shoop song(It’s in his kiss) – Cher
  24. Should I stay or should I go – The Clash
  25. Things can only get better – Howard Jones
  26. Together on electric dreams – Georgio Moroder & Philip
  27. Turn back the Clock – Johnny Hates Jazz
  28. Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Pit Party – The song list

Unfortunately like it is!

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I am proud to be Australian but I seriously worry about the direction we’re headed.

Sometimes I think we in the “lucky country” have had it too easy for too long, so we’ve started to invent beaurocratic horse sh!t to make it harder for ourselves.

For example, I drove all the way to Albury last night to pick up our new lounge suite. Now, when I get there the guy says he can’t let me help him lift my couch into my trailer! Because of work cover, he has to have two “specially trained” people on site to load the furniture, and they only work between 9am and 4pm.

I don’t know how they expect the couches to magically get off the trailer and into the house!

Mad OH&amp S inspector
Mad OH&amp S inspector

Sh!t like this makes me wonder how the hell any business can get anything done. I can only image the kind of academic f#%kwit (I doubt they’ve ever had a real job) that made that up, really helping everyone out… thanks.

The thing that really sticks it to me is the fact that these “rules” seem to render the few free-thinking people left who want to actually get something done, unable to make their own decision on whether something is safe! Why the f%#k should I have to do what some idiots I don’t know decided is best for me?

Sorry about the rant but this goes way further that picking up furniture.

Glamorous Sport

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Zetty and I headed down to Portsea on the weekend for some SCUBA diving. Over the past 3 weeks I’ve been heading up the Albury twice a week for classes and pool sessions learning how to dive.

Saturday we dove twice off the peer which was OK, our max depth was only five metres and the water was a bit surgy, we did see some puffer fish and some cool sea horses though.

We also headed out on a boat to dive the “Pope’s Eye” that day which is a gun emplacement they started to build in the second world war but never finished in Port Phillip bay, this was really cool with heaps of fish and kelp. The highlights were the stingray and strange “fang fish” ( not sure what the real name is ). We got to about 12 metres on that one.

The Sunday we started early with a dive just off the side of the peer, they call it a reef but I think they’re full of shite, it was much the same as the peer.

To finish off we headed out on the boat again too what they call the “Portsea hole” this was our deepest dive at 18 metres, the descent on this one was really cool we had to follow a line down to the bottom but it was so deep that at one point that you couldn’t see the ripples on the top of the water or the bottom so you vision fades to blue it all directions and you’re just floating there suspended in nothingness apart from this rope line that comes from some mystery place above a continues below. I thought it was cool!

Unfortunately the other trainee in our group was a spaz and chewed up his air so fast that we barely got to the hole and we had to turn back, but that brief few minutes looked pretty cool. One cool fact that you would know unless you’ve been under water at 10 metres or more is that most of the colour (red, yellow) from natural light is absorbed in the first 10m so everything looks really blue, but if you’ve got an underwater torch you can introduce new light that shows up the colours again, it looks really cool as you’re not illuminating the things as much as re-colouring them with your torch.

I can’t wait to get up to the Great Barrier Reef later in the year and see some real stuff, It’s a great experience really like swimming in a giant fish tank, I highly recommend it to anyone with an affinity with water.

Euan’s Birthday

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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Mr Farty Pants!

Happy Birthday to you

Hip hip hoo har rar rar and all that, hope you’ve had a good day buddy, thats right tax dodgers Euan has as of today joined us 28ters Here’s the cake I made for him!


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A couple of weekends ago the Rutherglen Rotary held a mini Tri- Athalon.

Zetty and I scraped together a couple of teams out of the weirdoes we work with and friends to compete in the open teams event.

The event consisted of a grueling 22K road ride out the Stringhurst road and back, a deadly 200m swim in the 33 mtr pool and finished with a spirit crushing 5k run home.

Tri Girls(Leeaene-Run, Jess-Swim, Zett-Ride)

I lined up all Lycra clad at the racing grid with my brothers super slick racer, Zett lined up just behind me on Megan’s (somewhat poorly maintained but high performance ride) surprisingly I had no butterflies fluttering in my belly it was all rather casual.

Bang! and we’re of and racing I shot off the grid straight into about 8th place, sprinting down the first hill like a bat out of hell, at this point (500m into the race) things looked really good for me! This soon changed as soon as we hit the flat ground, unfortunately the serious oxygen depletion I was now suffering showed me just how inadequate my 2 ride training regime was, as I battled for air Zetty hadn’t gotten off to a great start, unfortunately she hadn’t follow one of Megan’s comprehensive list of bike quirks quite to the letter and lost the chain off the big ring in the sprint down the hill, this cost her dearly sending her back into the midfield.

My air problem hadn???t got much better as people zoomed past me, I must have slipped back to 20th or so before I got into a pack for slip stream and a rest, this is where I stayed throughout the rest of the race apart from a couple of pushes toward the end that didn???t last long as per the training mentioned before.

Due to the faster changeover for the teams I think we hit the pool in about 10-15th place overall ( including the pro solo guys ), unfortunately due to this Paul had to battle with the crowd from the lead pack in the pool, at points the water was such a froth of arms and legs he found it easier to walk a long with the pack. The girls were still going strong with Jess hitting the water a few minutes after us.

Chicken strode off on the run about the same position as we had hit the water and put in a great effort ( after having a late night on the booze ) taking 3 or so opponents finishing us well and truly in the lead in the teams event with a time of 1h:02m. Leeanne finished strong for the girls bringing them home in third place in a time of 1h:10m.

Tri Boys(Paul-Swim, Chicken-Run, Me-Ride)

For winning we received $90 and some dodgie medallions, we promptly b-lined for the Pub for a celebratery counter meal and a few beers( at 11:00am), by about 3:00pm Chicken and I were pretty much fingered so we retreated home for a well deserved sleep on the couch!

Written by:
Peter (Poo) Leahy

Pit Party

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Pit Party Invite

Click on the image or here to Download your official invite to the biggest Pit Party of the year!

I’ve also created this forum topic for party related queries and banta… see you there.

Ozzy APTW 04 wrap-up

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Travis writes…

Hi all,

Stop 5 of the Pro Tour wrapped up on the Gold Coast over the weekend and was easily the toughest all season.

Daniel showed everyone that he is the man pulling out the ride of the season to beat the 4 other contenders for the tour.

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Personally I was pretty happy with my ride landing a KGB and a 720 in the semi, despite this I still missed the final! This gives you some idea of the standard, both myself and Shawn Watson were beaten by Wayne Mawer who came from nowhere to make the final.

Overall the season has been a huge success for myself making 3 of the 5 pro tour finals and 4 of the 6 pro finals this season.

You son of a bitch!

The Pro Tour Standings finished as follows:

  • 1st Daniel Watkins 360 Points
  • 2nd Brett Eisenhaur 315 Points
  • 3rd Jeff Weatherall 305 Points
  • 4th Josh Sanders 290 Points
  • 5th Dean Smith 270 Points
  • 6th Shawn Watson 117 Points
  • 7th Shane Bonifay 115 Points
  • 8th Travis Osborne 112 Points

As you can see, finishing 8th overall in such a quality field of riders is very satisfying.



Mowli’s Continuing Journey to Olympic Gold

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Mowli Porn

Mowli’s been at it again, no not more Mowli Porn, although I wouldn’t put it past him to trade a few sexual favors for a shot at Olympic Gold. Mowli’s taken out the Player of the League for the Australian Hockey League.

Not only has he managed that but he’s scored a spot in the 2004 Kookaburras Squad . . . . Way to go Mowli!

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