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Emotion Eric

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Here’s an old website I just remembered this morning, it’s still a crackup!

Killing me softly with his song

Pooshoot 4 ever

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Here’s a piece I whipped up over the weekend – I’ve called it Pooshoot 4 Ever!

Click for a mega res version, do with it as you wish.

It started off as an engagement present but I thought it was a little T-shirty so I used something else and then played around with it and added the Pooshoot and the Peugot lion and the text so whallah!

I’ve started doing an art class once a week so have been feeling a little arty, look out for more of this type of bollocks…. :)


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Ozzy Writes:

Hi all,

Didnt do too well at Nowra…Conditions were a joke so it was a tough gig. It was almost a safety issue as the ollie onto Josh’s A-frame was huge and in rough conditions could have been very nasty if someone had of got it wrong.

I shouldnt feel bad though as Weatheral and Andrew Atkinson from the U.S. didnt make the final either.

All good though, will have another go at the goldy and go from there.




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I spotted my brother’s doppelganger in this interesting article about virus/worm writers.

Which one is my brother and which one is the Cyber criminal?

“Mind Melta

Nigger’s Bucks Doo

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Saturday morning at the crack of 7:30am I leaped out of bed ready for action, why would I get up at such a rediculous hour on a weekend? It was because that Saturday was reserved specifically for preparing our mate Nigger for married life… his Bucks day/night.

Not too sure what happened after I went to bed but Nige ended up looking a little worse for wear, these are his KT26’s

Anyone who has participated in a bucks event will know what an unpredictable thing these beasts are, you kinda strap in and see where you end up. The premiss for this one was simple and effective, we were picking up hired canoes in Albury and heading up to Jingellic to paddle down the upper Murray from Walwa for a few hours, ending up back at the Jingellic pub for a night of festivities.

Appart from a few holdups in the morning the canoe trip ended up being really good, we managed to demolish a few slabs on the way down and no body drowned.

After a nice steak we headed into the pub for the night… there was much drinking, talkin shite, some jukebox, pool and a poem thrown in for good measure. Things loosened up a bit after the bar shut, I crashed out though… a good day was had by all I’d say!

APTW 04 Stop 3

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Ozzy writes,

Hi all,

Stop 3 of the pro tour was held over the weekend at Melb and was a slider and kicker style event. The weather wasnt kind but a large crowd still turned out and they werent disappointed with heaps of great riding and heaps of nasty carnage off the kicker and the slaughter box!

After bombing out of this event last year I was keen to make up for it and did just that but only just. After arriving late with no gear for my semi (whole new story in its self). I had just enough time to put a board togther and throw my helmet on before going out and giving it some!

Rode well and scored a spot in my 3rd successive pro tour final this year. The final as per usual was out of control and despite sliding well fell on my double up and that cost me dearly going from a competitive position all the way to 7th.

Overall though very happy with the way I am riding at the moment considering the standard this season, hopefully can keep it going.



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