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Pro Tour Stop 2

3:26 am Filed under: General

Ozzy writes

Another update for the unofficial Wakeboard Pro Tour website…Madprops.

Last weekend saw APTW 2 at Mulwala infront of a huge and very vocal crowd. Some would say a home crowd but it was difficult to tell.

I’m sure the drunken louts yelling such memorable lines as “come on Osborne ya fuckin maggot” and “go bigger shit head” had only the most honourable of intensions!

That may have been an exageration as it was really only one drunken lout and he did mean well. Anyway, After riding really well in the semi’s I qualified 3rd into the final which was excellent.

The final however was hotly contested and after crashing on the slaughter box and then again on one of my easier tricks it was all over for me! I did manage to go one better than the week before and finished 7th.

If they can extent the pro tour until some time in June I should have reached N.O. 1 by then…



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