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Not wanting to blow my own trumpet too much but I was cruising through my IE favorites this arvo and stumled across my old online gallery.

I havn’t added a pic for ages but there are some nice old sketches on there… gets me a little more motivated to get some new stuff together.

Just thought it might give you propers out there somthing to look at on a lazy Friday arvo as you taper off toward the weekend :)

Touching the Rugby

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Some of us at work here have formed a touch rugby team in the local Wednesday arvo competition. For the poorly informed out there we all work at a rather large piggery, yes thats right a piggery.

The following picture is of our T-Shirt logos featuring “Pigachu” our mascot. We’re in the process of making a Pigachu suit for Hairy our number one supporter!

So far we’re managed two losses and a draw Go Porkemon!!!

I’ll get a pic of the team sporting our rude green and gold shirts once we get the logos on.

Wake weirdos!

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A mate of mine Trav aka Ozzy, The Chimp, Trevor Ostin emailed a couple of little mpegs today of some insane barefoot stunts he captured whilst riding in a wakeboard comp over in Renmark.

The funniest thing about these short bits of footage is not the guy hurlting through the air completly out of control, but it’s the fact that Trav pulled off the same feat many years ago “fully suited up” wearing the very same motorbike helmet Barnes is sporting in this pic in our photo album.

With any luck Trav will forward on a small mpeg for your enjoyment!

Spud Farm

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Times are pretty tough for Zett and I at the moment with all the renovations and so forth so we’ve decided to put all the spare underutilised earth around our house to good use…. we’ve gotten rid of all the grass around the house and are planting spuds to sell via the soon to be open Madprops online store to supliment our incomes.

Zett workin over the rotary hoe

The only problem with this plan is that spud farming is so labor intensive.

The solution was simple, when my nephews and Nieces come over naggin me for a go on the Gamecube, they have to put in the equivalent time in the taiter fields first.

Jack loves to rake

Jack playing the horsey game

Work you Maggots or the monkeys don’t come out to play!

Soon the money will be rollin in and I can relax for the summer. :)

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