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Rhys Quest 1 has gone GOLD!

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Yes, that’s right: I’ve finally packaged up a distribution zip of Rhys Quest 1…

Rhys Quest 1

Head over to our downloads section and grab your copy today.

Once you’ve marvelled at its brilliance/crappiness you can leave some comments or brag about your highest score here in this forum.

Go on, give it a go, can you score “as good as Poo”?

Warning: it is quite noisy and runs full screen so be careful at work.

DIY Bullshit

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Here’s a quick pic of how the kitchen looks at the moment…

A work of art

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Last weekend Rude ( Kvark, Mark ) put the finishing touches on the Beerolet Mark 4.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, this is the next evolution of PPDT (Personal Piss Drinking Transport)

The Beerolet

The fools who designed the Segway have it all wrong…. you cant even hold a can and drink on one of those things little known carry several slabs and half a dozen mates!

Keep an eye out for Beerolet coverage at Bathurst this weekend!

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