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Destruction is fun

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With the commercialisation of home renovation over the past few years I’m almost ashamed to post up this picture (I also realise it’s about as interesting to most people as Trainz).

Anyhow this is it, there’s no going back from here, we’re ordering our new cabinets today so in about 4 weeks we’ll be throwing it all in…. might have to hotwire the new dishwasher in before then though!

Zetty and I whinding down after a big day destroying our kitchen.



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I was taking a dump at work this arvo and playing Solitare on the Pocket PC I’ve been setting up… through the mist this thought occured to me.

Solitare would actually be (thanks to Gatesey) the worlds most popular computer game…. and I recon I’ve only finished it 3 or 4 times!

I thought I’d throw up a poll and see how many people waste time on the PC devices…

Karaoke Hoe Down

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Oh what a night,
early September back in 03,
what a very special night for me,
I’m still trying to remember…. what a night!

Click here to go have a look a the photo album..

I’m going to need some help piecing this one together… One thing I definitely remember is have a hell of alot of fun!

As you can probably see from the pics we started out the night with a few drinks at Nick’s, then a civilized meal (cooked by Chunky) … at this point things got a little loose.

Chucky took off the apron and fired up the Karaoke machine …

Nick and I kicked off the singing with “I’ve got you under my skin” after that it’s anyone’s guess.

There was a “Love Shack” in there, a couple of “New Yorks”

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