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Quick howdi ho

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Hello people just popping up a quick hello from a crappy web terminal ( must be shared dial up ) at a laundromat in Swakopmund Namibia. I’ve got some proper articles with pictures done up on the Libretto but I’m yet to find an internet cafe that knows how they’re own PC’s are setup… but there are some promising looking ones in town so check back in a couple o days.

The trip so far has been great, epecialy the past week and a bit traveling up through Namibia, you’d never guess that traveling through a desert could be so interesting.

We’ve had pretty good luck so far, our tent got blown to pieces a Luderitz, we’ve had 2 punctures and blew the bjesus out of one tyre without rolling the car…

I’ve just got my 5 minute warning so I’ll sign off for now…. going quad biking and sand boarding this arvo… seeya

Tripping again..

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I’m off like a brides nighty or rabbi’s forskin so it may be a little while till I post again, not that it’s unusual but I have a lagitimate reason this time.

Zetty and I are heading to SA (South Africa not the other) for 6 weeks of cheap beer, hermans (see picture below) and delicious dried meat products!!!



Click on the pic above to view it full size then use the NEXT link on that page to see more Herminator fueled antics!


We’re going to sqeeze a wedding, 3 weeks of 4X4 adventure through Namibia and a week or so down through the Cape (southern SA) into our leave, I’m sure I’ll have some really boring stories to try and tell when we come back, but as my other trips and stories have taught me… it’s never as interesting unless you’ve been there yourself! None the less I’m taking an old Libretto laptop and my digi cam to document our trip, depending on wether I find an Internet cafe that will let me upload straight off my lappy to the props you may get incremental updates or a big dump at the end…

For those who I won’t see or havn’t said goodbye to already seeya when we get back. Wish us a safe trip.

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