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Rhys Quest 1

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Some of you will know that I’ve been writing a little game for my Nephew’s and Niece, It was originaly specificaly for Rhys but he’s skills on the computer are increasing at an exponential rate and my coding efforts are patchy at best…when I started he had hardly used a keyboard now he’s kickin his dads ass at Super Monkey ball on the Cube and can get through the first few levels of Aladdin ( has found some stuff I didn’t know about ), he’s coming along quite nicly I think!

Anyhow I’ve put in enough difficalty levels to (Hopefully) make it fun for everyone…. you can download it in it’s half finished state Here… it’s about 4Mb

Be carefull if you’re at work as it runs full screen and is pretty noisy, I’d apreciate any feedback you can offer…

Oh the keys are Up, Down and Space and you can hold down the spacebar and charge up ( whilst you are charging the treasure is attracted to you ) Enjoy

The good old days

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I was stuffing around with this old Toshiba Libretto laptop last night, getting it ready for our trip over to South Africa ( going to download the photo’s onto it as we go ) and I thought I’d have a look at some old games that I had archived on my PC, when I fired up Doom2 on I stuffed around with the settings and it turns out that it’s got a sound blaster compatible sound card in it and it runs at only 75 Mhz… so all the old classic games that I grew up with should run pretty well!

I had a little search at lunchtime for a couple of classics and found this site it’s got all the games I rememeber and a few more…. Swoit!

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