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The Space Party

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Some wise guy aparently said once that picture speaks a thousand words…

I’m not sure if any of the other attendees has much to add to this article but from what I can remember we had a bloody good time, we danced, we laughed we got drunk and I think there was a bath tub chillout session in there as well?






Thanks Nick and Kell for hosting a great night I hope the carpet recovered!

Jam’n Spoon are born!

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It all happened about 1:30 in the afternoon on Saturday the 5th of April 2003, returning home to Buggy’s after a testosterone filled morning of Latte’s up Chaps and a spot of shopping at Chadstone… Nick innocently had a small drum kit set up in his lounge, no one could have anticipated what happened….

Nick started to tap out a slow beat which set my foot tapping, then Euan start clicking his fingers… we look around the room at each other and it just clicked next thing Euan dashes to the Kitchen and comes back with two sets of spoons and we just started Jam’n….. Jam’n Spoon was born!!!

Jam’n Spoon hitting fever pitch!

Jam’n Spoon taking it down for a little.

Disclaimer: We are is no way affiliated with Jam & Spoon, the name resemblance is purely coinsidence… you can’t prove anything!

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